All Hallows Eve: Happy Halloween

All Hallows Eve. Happy Halloween Everyone!

All Hollows Eve.
Halloween is a day when a kid can be whoever or whatever they want to be.

They can possess any superpowers that they desire and a time when they can let their imaginations run wild.

It’s certainly one of my oldest daughter’s favorite holidays, considering she can go out to gather treats that she doesn’t normally have, I can clearly see why it is.

It’s every kid’s dream, right?

Well, she didn’t get into it until she was about 3 years-old, when she got excited enough to help us pick out a costume and of course, interested in helping me sort the candy and indulging with all the treats.

She’s been Little Red Riding Hood, Uniqua from the Backardigans, Hello Kitty and Supergirl to name a few. One of her other favorite Halloween activities is going out to pick pumpkins, bringing them home to carve them and then baking the pumpkin seeds when we’re done! She also enjoys doing Halloween activities with her dad. They color and make witches and ghosts or any creepy ghoul they can concoct.

Our Halloween routine starts out by picking out a container for her goodies. Of course we always use something reusable, last year she used a pillowcase and it worked very well. Then we set out throughout our neighborhood and admire all the decorations whilst trick-or-treating. We keep going until she tells us that her little feet are tired. That’s our cue and after that, we get her a warm hot chocolate and head home.

Once we’re home we dump out all the candy on the living room floor and usually she ends up looking something like this:

All Hallows Eve. Happy Halloween Everyone!

I’m pretty meticulous as to what and how often she can have these treats and Gabs is okay with it, so much so that she’s started her own little tradition. She gets Ziploc bags and fills them for her Aunt & Uncle and grandparents and brings them over to them the next time she sees them. She came up with this out of the goodness of her own precious little heart and I’m grateful because that minimizes the stash by quite a lot.

The less sugar, the happier the parents!

This year will be little Mimi’s first Halloween and we are all looking forward to it! Especially getting her all dressed up, whether or not she goes out will depend on the weather, if it’s warm she will make the rounds with us. But, if it’s bitterly cold like last year she won’t! After all, she can’t trick-or-treat anyhow.

It’s just total Kodak moments for sure!

So, every year it has been special for Gabs and I’m sure it will be special for both her and her sister as the years continue to pass. How do you all handle trick-or-treating? Do you guys throw a bash every year and are you dressing up? I’m still debating.

Well, til then, cheers m’deres & Happy Halloween!


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  1. I'm visiting from the sits girls site and just had to say that I love the smiles in these photos! Thanks for sharing the joy!

    1. Thank you Shell! I'm so grateful she enjoys sharing! I always take pics of her when we dump out the candy, she's always überly excited!

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