Become a Certified Nurse: HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test!

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Become a Certified Nurse

HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test

HESI A2 exam is one of the most important exams for a person who wants to become a certified nurse. HESI A2 is the exam that the candidates have to pass when they want to get into a nursing school. This is an entrance exam that is designed to test the knowledge and caliber of a candidate before they are given admission in a nursing school. Becoming a nurse is a big responsibility and getting through the course of a nursing school requires a lot of effort and knowledge.

To pass the HESI A2 Practice Test Sample Questions and Answers, a person needs a lot of practice. Hence the HESI A2 Practice tests come into the picture. These practice tests help the candidate succeed in their examination and get into a prestigious nursing school. If you are someone who is looking for the best HESI A2 Practice Tests and do not know which one to choose, we can help you. Here is a guide that will guide you through all the major points you need to consider while picking HESI A2 Practice tests.

What is HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test?

HESI A2 is the entrance exam for the students who need to get into the nursing schools. HESI A2 practice test is the sample papers that the candidates can solve to practice for their upcoming exam. These practice papers are designed just like the actual exam papers and are available at various online and offline platforms.

Practice Test Pattern

The pattern of the practice tests is just as that of the exams. The candidates can choose to take practice tests for different subjects at different times. The total length of HESI exam is 5 hours and 15 minutes.

The students get:
  • 50 questions in math that have to be solved in 50 minutes
  • 50 questions in Vocabulary that need to be solved in 50 minutes
  • 47 Questions in Reading to be solved in 60 minutes
  • 50 questions in Grammar to be solved in 50 minutes
  • 25 questions for each Biology, Anatomy and Physiology and Chemistry to be solved in 25 minutes
  • 25 questions of Physics to be solved in 50 minutes
The Objective of HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test

The objective of the HESI A2 Practice tests is to prepare the students for the upcoming HESI entrance exams. These tests help them practice the mock question papers so that they can easily crack the actual examination.

Study Material

The study material to prepare for these tests is available online at many portals as well as offline. You can easily visit their official website and download the syllabus. Once you have the syllabus, you can study each of these topics from different books.

The major topics that are tested in the HESI A2 exam, as well as the practice test, are as follows:

  • Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading

Each college might choose to exclude any one or two of these topics from their paper. However, most of the questions come from all of these topics. You can take separate tests for each of these subjects.


A lot of HESI A2 practice tests are available online for free and some can be purchased for a minimal fee. You can also get some HESI A2 practice tests on the HESI website for free.

How to Make the Most of HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test

The best way to make the most of the HESI A2 Practice Tests is to take them regularly. The only way through which you can understand how your preparation of the exam is going is by testing your knowledge. It does not matter whether or not you have finished your syllabus, start taking the tests on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, make a note of all the mistakes that you have made in the tests so that you can revise them later and be prepared for the upcoming examination.

The Advantages of HESI A2 (Health Education Systems Inc) Practice Test

There are numerous advantages of taking the HESI A2 Practice Tests on a regular basis. Some of them are given below:

Helps you in accessing your progress

The biggest advantage of taking the HESI A2 Practice Tests is that they will help you in keeping a tab on your preparation. These marks will help you access the amount of hard work that you still need to put in to be perfect.

Gives you an actual feel of the test

Many times, people get nervous while giving the actual examination even though they have prepared well. These tests help the candidate become more confident with the paper and work efficiently under pressure.

Increases your speed

Since you are solving the paper in a limited amount of time, you will start solving the questions faster and this will increase your speed. Additionally, your accuracy will also increase over time.

Helps you in improving your weak subjects

These test results will let you know what subjects are your weakest points. Hence you can make sure to work more towards improving them for the exam.

Gives a better understating of the question paper pattern

Every question paper has a definite pattern. If you already know the pattern of the question paper and the kind of questions that are being asked, you can work better and prepare accordingly.

The reason that the candidates choose to take the HESI Practice Tests is that they get enough practice before the main examination. If you cannot go and buy expensive online test series, there is a lot of cheap as well as free study material available at various platforms.

Get the best chance to succeed

The applicants can also look at the previous year’s question papers in order to understand the kind of questions that might be asked in the exam. The students should focus on getting the highest score possible. The schools judge the candidates on a lot of different factors but the marks are considered one of the priorities. Since HESI A2 is the first step in your nursing career. It is important that you prepare for it in the best way possible with the help of practice tests.

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