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Where to Start a Group Bike Tour in Barcelona

A little cafe in Barcelona with a bike parked beside.

Where to Start a Group Bike Tour in Barcelona

If you are traveling as a group, you will find the bike tour Barcelona is exciting and lots of fun. You will explore the beautiful city together, and this experience can be a great bonding time for your group. Even if you have traveled alone, you can find other like-minded travelers and join a group to travel around the city together. Here are some pointers on where to start a group bike tour in Barcelona.

Parc Ciutadella

Breezing through the Parc Ciutadella is a great way of energizing your team for the day ahead. To make this outing even more exciting you can meet at the city center and ride down the medieval Born Barrio labyrinth of trees. The ride will take you towards the beach and then through Parc Ciutadella. You can stop here and explore the park for 1-2 hours as you rejuvenate over some hot or cold beverages. Keep away from beer though because it is illegal and also not safe to cycle while drunk.

Christopher Columbus Statue

You can meet at the Christopher Colombus statue and then cycle down to the Barceloneta beach. This is an easy tour because you will just follow the cycle route that has been clearly marked. Before long, you will start seeing the coastline. The coastline can then act as your compass, and you should be at the beach in a matter of minutes. For the best experience, cycle right down to the Parc del Forum from where you can easily see all the beaches of the city. You can then settle down for a plunge into the warm water and later grab lunch before heading back the same route. You will need around 2 hours for the round trip. Of course, that does not include the amount of time you will spend at the beach.

Placa de Espanya

This is one of the greatest starting points for a tour of taking on Montjuic. From this vantage starting point, you will take in the breathtaking view of Palau Nacional. It houses the Catalan Museum of Art. Getting to Placa d’Espanya is quite straightforward – just take the middle lane of the Avinguda del Paralleland then take the left once you get to the palace.

From here, just keep going up until you get to the castle. The endpoint of this tour is the amazing and breathtaking Montjuic that has lots of dramatic vistas. This is a rather tough route, so it is best to go for a bike that has some gears that make climbing easy. As you start making the descent, take time to take in the amazing views and do not hesitate to make occasional stops for group photos.

Take in the City

Barcelona is indeed a magical place or to put it more accurately, a biker tourist’s paradise. There are lots of great biking tours one can take and in fact, you can create your own unique itinerary. If it’s your first time visiting, make sure to map your routes against conspicuous landmarks to avoid getting lost in the city.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Have you ever cycled through Barcelona?

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Bike touring in Barcelona is fun. Even if you have traveled alone, you can find like-minded travelers. Here's where to start a group bike tour in Barcelona. #traveltips #barcelonabiketours #travelguide


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