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Everything You Need to Know About Komodo Cruises

Boats pulled up to the Komodo island in Indonesia.

Everything You Need to Know About Komodo Cruises

Just as Komodo cruises present an exceptionally unique experience for visitors, Indonesian residents find them quite fascinating. The almost imaginary wildlife and arid landscape and climate are particularly memorable. Komodo Island is hilly and surrounded by fast-flowing riptides and currents. It also lies under savannah-like brush. A great way to explore is taking one of many Komodo cruises.

While the Island displays an inhospitable attraction, it is home to the famous Komodo dragon. As well as different lizard species, hardy fishermen, huge mammals, marine life, and different varieties of bird species.

What to See and Do While in Komodo

Komodo is popularly known for its lizards and a unique landscape among the Indonesian Islands. Komodo gives you a chance to view some of the world’s most beautiful reefs even as you engage the local residents. The Komodo National Park includes numerous other small Islands.

The UNESCO has since declared it a world heritage center. A guide will direct you as you trek through the rugged and dry landscape of the park while watching the Komodo dragons which are said to be the largest lizards across the world. At the Park, you will also spot wild buffalos, pigs, the Timor deer, and birds.

The Komodo dragons form the highlight of your Komodo trip. Experts say they can grow up to three meters and more than 200 pounds. They can also eat up to half their body weight in one meal. They mainly feed huge mammals such as deer, pigs, and goats. The dragons like to lounge in the sun and tourists on a Komodo cruise will definitely spot them.

Visitors will have the opportunity to view the magnificent red beach. It has been named so due to the pinkish color of its sands attributed to red coral components. The spot is perfect for relaxing after a long trek or encounter with the dragons.

If you love water activities, then the beach is ideal and you can go kayaking, swimming, or even paddle boating with your friends. You could also go snorkeling and view various sea creatures such as seahorses, manta rays, and snake eels.

There are villages available on the highland which is a perfect opportunity for visitors to interact with the locals and get to learn their practices and culture. If you love handmade crafts, you can purchase them from the locals during your visit.

While Visiting Komodo Remember:
  • Smoking at the Komodo National Park is not allowed
  • Under the Komodo, the seas are spectacular and irresistible. You want to capture this on camera for the memories. Make sure you have a great underwater camera.
  • You do not want to come all the way and not enjoy trekking. Pack good walking shoes and plenty of drinking water.
  • You may want to trek all the way up some of the low peak hills. Bring a camera to capture it all.
Benefits of Taking Cruise Vacations

Cruise vacations offer a wide variety of options to choose from such as ocean and river cruising and expedition style cruises. Further, visitors can choose from the various ship sizes and styles. If you are traveling as a group, you can choose the mega ships. Pick a smaller and intimate ship if you are cruising with your spouse.

They are Convenient

If you are one of the many travelers who get tired of having more than one itinerary, then cruise vacations are for you. What’s more, you could even board the cruise ship right from your hometown all through to your destination. Of course, that depends where you are located.

It also depends on where you are cruising. If you are afraid of flying, then cruising should be convenient for you. The exciting news is that travelers do not have to make endless calls and confirmations after the cruise trip is booked.

Let the Adventure Begin

Forget about getting bored while on a cruise ship. The entertainment on the cruise ship is incomparable. It runs throughout the night and includes dinner theatre, poolside bands, comedy, piano bar acts, and musical entertainment acts. If you’ve been dreaming of a cruise, you may want to try one of the Komodo cruises if you are planning to visit Indonesia.

Have you ever considered visiting Komodo?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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