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4 Career Opportunities Inspired by Becoming a Mom

Mother with curly hair bending down to hold her child's hand.

Career Opportunities Inspired by Becoming a Mom

When you become a mom, you find that so many things change. Your priorities change, you feel differently, and your lifestyle isn’t like it used to be. Once you have a baby, a lot of women decide that the career they once had is no longer suitable. It might not interest them anymore, or suit with their current lifestyle changes. But, a lot of moms have no choice but to work. Sometimes an option is to consider a new career. Many of the following career changes can be inspired by becoming a mom.

Here are some of the options you might like to consider.

1. Midwife

Many women, once they have experienced childbirth, love the idea of helping other mothers bring their children into the world. They feel like they have an understanding of the situation and feelings they will be going through. It can be an extremely rewarding role to take.

There are plenty of routes you can explore to be qualified. There is even an online midwife program that you could try to help you earn your certification while you are currently working or taking care of your kids at home. It may be shift work, but you will always feel grateful to support women going through a life-changing experience.

2. Childminder

Maybe you like being around children all the more now that you are a mom yourself. The big issue moms find with working is that they have to consider childcare options. If you could make childcare your job, then this could be a thing of the past. Many people look at ways to become childminders once they have had children themselves. It is a great way to earn a living while still being at home with your children. Plus looking after other children will also mean that your children socialize with others at the same time.

3. Teacher or Teaching assistant

The worry for a lot of moms when it comes to their jobs and childcare is the thought of school holidays. They can be a huge drain on you financially as you book your kids in camps and pay for someone to take care of them. While they are still young and at home with you, you can consider a career change. A great option is becoming a teacher or a teaching assistant. This way, you get all of the school holidays off with your children and still earn a decent wage. Definitely, one to consider for sure.

4. Work in at a Daycare

Finally, why not consider working in childcare for your kids at a facility? Daycares are a great starting point for children, and an option many parents consider for childcare. So working in one as an assistant may mean that you feel you are spending time with your children, while also helping other children. Many moms have no choice but to go back to work and perhaps work long hours. Daycares give parents peace of mind and being a part of that is something to feel good about!

Sometimes our priorities change and sometimes means that career opportunities do. If you are in this decision-making situation right now, these are some great options to consider. I know that when I had Mimi, I worked towards a different career and I am so happy that I did.

Take advantage of the time you have, you can definitely do it!

Have you ever changed careers after having kids?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!






Mother leaning down holding her child's hand.

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