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Forget Screen Time and Keep Playtime FUN with MEGA BLOKS + Giveaway!

MEGA BLOKS - Lifestyle - Big Building Bag (mom and son)

Fun with MEGA BLOKS.

Did you know that 83 percent of Canadian parents run out of ideas to keep playtime fun and engaging for toddlers and two-thirds rely on-screen time to fill the void? Playing with our kids has become more of a challenge since kids obviously demand 100% attention (as they should) and with our hectic lives, it is easier to give them games or an app on a tablet to keep them busy. 

I am guilty as charged when it comes to this and I have relied on a screen to keep them busy when I need to get things done. But, I am also apart of the 90% of parents who feel that screen time is less beneficial to my child’s development. While screen time can teach them things, there simply isn’t a replacement for creative and interactive play.

MEGA BLOKS - Infographic

Why Tech Won’t Teach Your Child.

Yes, a child can swipe a screen to drop and drag blocks to stack, but what they are missing in virtual block stacking is the deep learning of such concepts as:

  • How to widen the base to support a taller stack .
  • The feeling of teetering as they get higher and the stability decreases.
  • The time, persistence and patience that slows the process because if they fall, you can’t simply hit the “undo” button and start again – you have a mess of blocks and a big job ahead of you to start afresh.
  • Social encouragement – if you have a sibling they will be more likely to help you or play with you, even if only to cheer you on and talk while you work. Heads down in a screen means less verbalization with those around you, and a more solitary experience overall.

For more information and to download the Early Childhood Education Toolkit, created in partnership with leading parenting expert Alyson Schafer, that includes easy hints and tips for parents to get the most out of playtime, download it here.


MEGA BLOKS are Here!

With their new line of construction toys that promote cognitive development and a whole lotta fun, your kids will forget all about those screens! They create stimulating experiences from stacking tall towers to discovering new shapes and sizes with toys like the Big Building Bag and Block Scooping Wagon and much more!

MEGA BLOKS_Scoopin Wagon (1)

Block Scooping Wagon – ages 1 to 5 years ($39.99)

Little builders can expect lots of fun surprises with MEGA BLOKS’ brand new Block Scooping Wagon! This colorful classic combines wagon play and construction fun with an element of surprise. The wagon picks up blocks as your little one pushes the wagon over them. The blocks spin around inside the clear compartment as a child pushes the wagon along on its big sturdy wheels. This wagon certainly makes clean-up part of the fun!

Mimi has always loved playing with building blocks, in fact, she still does. She has always been a very independent player and she can literally play with anything. She imagines the objects to be whatever she wants and off she goes. She particularly loves the wagon to put all her things in and the blocks and she can be mobile. She will bring it into my office and play there while I work and then I take breaks and we play and that’s just on busy days!

Friendly Farm

Friendly Farm – ages 1 to 5 years ($39.99)

It’ll be a big day of fun in the country for little farm hands thanks to the MEGA BLOKS Friendly Farm. Its eight panel-style blocks help children build taller and faster. Re-arranging the panels lets them build the farm in different ways. Imaginative play for children continues with detailed blocks that bring the farm scene to life. Including a barn, stables, a chicken coop and characters, little hands can open up the world of Farmer Block Buddy™!


Helps Their Imagination.

I love that the building farm has characters. While Mimi is perfectly fine without them, it only helps the play experience that much more! Especially, how cute are they too? So much fun to have your very own farm and animals, right? She especially loved the tractor and wagon, in fact she loved them all! Though Mimi is in the older range for these toys, I like that they are chunky and easy for little hands to handle. 


megabloks-learning-alphabet-bus-81254-7523First Builders.

MEGA BLOKS has an array of First Builder Toys that are great for 1 to 5 years old! There are plenty to choose from, like Mike the Mixer, Speedy Sam, Stack ‘N Roll Forest Friends or like this ABC Spell School Bus!

Grab a seat on the friendly ABC Spell School Bus by Mega Bloks First Builders! This interactive play set includes everything you need to introduce your child to the wonders of learning, building, and imagination! Build this friendly, smiling school bus with the provided wheelbase, brightly colored First Builders blocks and sticker sheet, and help your child match letters with pictures of everyday objects. Big colorful blocks designed specially for little hands makes learning their ABC’s fun for your little one. With over 40 pieces, including two sturdy building plates with wheels, little ones can build the bus any way they imagine. Ideal for ages 1 to 5.

  • Teaching tool for lots of learning fun with letters
  • Over 40 pieces with colorful letter stickers to decorate your little learner’s school bus
  • Sturdy lid doubles as two building and stacking base plates
  • Compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builders sets for endless building possibilities and family fun


Big Building Bag – ages 1 to 5 years ($19.99)

MEGA BLOKS original hero product, the award-winning Big Building Bag offers amazing play value and endures hours of fun. Its bright-coloured blocks encourage hands-on exploration as children imagine and create. These unique blocks are big and easy for little fingers to assemble. When playtime is over, return the blocks to their eco-friendly bag and stash them in the toy box until the next adventure.

MEGA BLOKS - Lifestyle - Blocks (family)Give the Gift of Interactive Play!

During the holiday season and into the new year, trade in the screen for time spent playing with your child through interactive and creative play. I know life gets busy, heck, I am always busy but, I always remind myself to stop and take notice of the little creatures that we created! Time is fleeting and having toys that matter, that help them grow and that are fun to play with together is irreplaceable!

Plus, children become good playmates through practice and with parents’ help. At an early age, it’s normal for them to prefer solitary play. Parents play a key role in helping them expand their world to include peers and helps them into their school years! 

Enter to Win This Giveaway  


Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a First Builders ABC Spell School Bus! This contest is open to CANADA only and opens on December 19th, 2015 and ends on January 3rd, 2016!

During the holidays, you’ll find me on the floor building with Mimi, blasting some music and creating worlds that are far away! For more information and to find all the toys, visit www.megabloks.com! You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do your kids love building blocks?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. My son is just getting to the age where he is able to put things together – I think he would love these blocks!

  2. They already have and love mega blocks. these are some they don't yet have and ones that would be very useful as they grow and learn!

  3. My niece is just starting to build with things like this and I know she'd love the chance to build with these whenever she wanted because they'd be in her room! I'd love to get auntie brownie points for this one. 🙂

  4. She loves to play with her wooden blocks and I can see her really loving building things now with these!

  5. I think my nephew would enjoy Mega Bloks because they are colorful and allow him to use his creativity to stack and build things.

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