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Our Juno Mattress Experience by Month

Mimi sits on the bed reading a book. Behind her is a teal wall with her travel-inspired wall art.

Our Juno Mattress Experience

As parents, one of our duties is to make sure that our kids get plenty of sleep. After all, sleep is essential, not only for recharging but, for multiple reasons like strengthening, restoring, and overall well-being.

In fact, our kids need more sleep than we do. If we are talking numbers, they need about 8 to 10 hours. If you have babies, well, they need even more!

For those reasons, it’s important to help them get the sleep they need and get it comfortably.

Mimi closes her eyes and tries out her new Juno mattress.

I recently had the opportunity to test out a Juno mattress from GoodMorning.com. The mattress is perfect for kids, designed for students, young professionals, and price-conscious Canadians.

We chose a Queen size mattress for my youngest daughter, Mimi. I’ve decided to document our experience from the day of delivery to 30, 60, 90, and 120 days later.

Day 1: Delivery Day & Unboxing

After picking out our mattress (it came super-quick), it arrived at our door. Having tried and loved the Recore and Douglas, I knew what to expect.

For those who have never tried purchasing a mattress online, it arrives in a pretty compact box and once you open it, it expands fully.

A industrial bed with a Queen size Juno mattress.

It’s actually really cool.

We brought it into Mimi’s room and opened the box. Then we pulled out the mattress and it began to expand. We placed it on the bed frame and then cut open the plastic. After that, it was set-up.

It’s really that easy!

Whether you order a twin-size or king-size bed, it’s just as simple. You can see it in our quick time-lapse video.

Mimi laying on her new Juno mattress.

The first night

When your kid wakes up and tells you the next morning, “Mom, I love my new bed,” you know that you made a good choice. Mimi has had new mattresses before and we didn’t hear those words before!

Truth be told, I took a nice little snooze on it. Strictly for testing purposes! *wink* But, for real, it is super soft, distributes weight evenly, and keeps you cool. Juno’s breathable top layer uses gel-infused, open-cell foam to keep you comfortable all night too.

Let’s just say, it’s an easy mattress to fall asleep on and super soft. That’s what I like the most, personally.

Mimi tends to overheat some nights and I have to have the fan going for her. She fell asleep without it and not one complaint the next day.

Mimi sits on her bed with her fave Canadiana socks on. She smiles!

30 days

We knew that Mimi’s older mattress had seen better days when she was telling us she was a bit sore in the mornings. Which led us to our Juno mattress experience and here we are 30 days later and not one single complaint.

Instead, she wakes up full of energy (lots of energy) and raring to go! Mimi moves a lot while she sleeps and some days, I worried she’d roll right off.

With Juno’s durable Total Support Foam, it properly supports her when she’s sleeping on her side, back, or stomach. Juno’s responsive bottom layer keeps motion transfer from interrupting her sleep.

So even when I come in and check on her and sit on the side of the bed, I don’t wake her. All I have to say is so far so good.

Plus, she isn’t rolling around as much, which leads me to believe that she is comfortable and tossing and turning less.

Mimi lays on her arms and tummy on the new Juno mattress. You can see the iconic Canadian liner.

60 days

Everything is still going well in the land of Mimi. What I love about the mattress is that it is adaptable with her frame. I didn’t have to go out and buy a new one. It’s compatible with platform, boxspring and foundation, slatted bases, and adjustable.

At this point, Mimi is sleeping comfortably and waking up happy. One of the best parts of the mattress is its price.

Let’s be real.

Starting at $249 for a twin and going up from there, you really can’t go wrong. It’s also made in Canada and I love its design. Actually, Mimi truly loved the maple leaves.

A close up of the Juno mattress.

90 days – going strong

At this point, sleeping on this mattress for Mimi has become second-nature and a part of her everyday life.

It’s safe to say that she continues to sleep well and whether she laying on her tummy, back or side and even diagonal–she’s all good.

I also need to note that she rarely uses her ceiling fan anymore. Which, to me, means she is staying just right. Not too hot and not too cold!

The liner is iconically Canadian and super-soft, you can’t go wrong.

Mimi jumps in the air from her Juno mattress.

120 days – one happy kid

We made it!

It’s been 120 days and this mattress is staying right here. It’s not going anywhere! Not one single complaint from Mimi.

While our kiddos little bodies are brand new, they still get aches and pain and ensuring that they have restful sleep is so important.

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Plus, you can do your own 120-night test with their warranty. The mattress is protected under a 15-year warranty. Once it arrives at your front door, you can try it at home for 120 nights with hassle-free returns.

Although, I don’t think you’ll be sending it back!

For more information, head over to GoodMorning.com and see which size works best for you. You can also check the Recore and Douglas that we’ve tested out too.

Do you have any questions about our Juno mattress experience?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A little girl lays on her new Juno Mattress and smiles. A banner reads, "Our Juno experience. Month to month details about our Juno experience."

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