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The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney.
We’re Back!

We spent the week at all the parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We visited Downtown Disney quite a lot too! There is so much to do and though you may have a lot of days at the park, traveling with little ones in the Florida heat, you can’t make use of the whole day. You have to really plan out your day and stick to it! We did almost everything at the parks and rode all the big rides at the park.

Mimi absolutely adored the 3D shows and there was a Michael Jackson one too! I died!

Gabriella was tall enough to go on the Tower of Terror, Space Mountain and the Test Track to name a few.

It was great!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

We stayed at the Swan and Dolphin and the resort was beyond all expectations! It was super clean, modern, lavish and luxurious! Best of all, it is on Disney property and easy to go to all the parks.

All in all, it was a great trip! I promised my family that I’d post all the pics (hundreds, OY), so if you’re curious and have me on FB, take a peek! I have to thank Hubby for everything and for my sister, little girls and family who made it all so very special. It is truly a special place, the look in Gabriella’s eyes alone was the best part. Though I have to say Magic Kingdom was my absolute favorite, the fireworks were spectacular, the projection presentation on Cinderella’s castle was surreal and meeting all the Disney Characters and Princesses was awesomesauce.

I felt like a kid again.

We will be making it back soon for Mimi too so that she can remember the trip. If you are going to Disney soon, look forward to my tips coming soon! One of the best things to enjoy the parks and your time to the fullest is PREPARATION!

The Magic of Disney, Orlando Florida!

I’ll leave you with a few more shots and if you’ve gone to Disney, what are your favorite memories?

Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres!


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  1. Welcome back Nancy, we are planning a trip there but we might stay out of the parks. Can't really stay in the parks, so we're taking the cheap route. Disney is ridiculously expensive! We are probably staying in Kissimmee. Any tips?

    1. That's alright, it is always cheaper to stay out of the parks. But, if you do stay in a resort– make sure you purchase a refillable cup from your resort, you can fill it with drinks all over the Disney parks. So useful!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time together, and that's what it's all about. I tried Chicago style stuff pizza last week and although it was amazing, I could only eat one slice…single slicing it its unusual 😉

    1. It was great and though the Chicago-style pizza was delicious, it is VERY heavy. My tum tum didn't agree very well and I definitely one-sliced it too. As good as it was, when I go back to Chicago, I don't think I'd have it again. SO HEAVY, BUT SO GOOD. 😉

  3. My favourite memories of Disney… I have many but the most memorable so far has been seeing the expression on my daughter's face when she first saw Snow White. She ran up to her, said she loved her and gave her a hug and a kiss. This coming from a very reserved girl who doesn't talk to anyone besides family members and close friends. She came out of her shell after that. And we had to line up every time Snow White made an appearance. About 5 times during the week! LOL

    Love the photos of your daughters meeting the characters 🙂
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