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Turning Life’s Memorable Moments into Art with Posterjack


Helping turn life’s greatest moments into art to treasure forever.

For me, photography is one of the ways that I capture the greatest moments in my life. In fact, I think I have always been behind the camera. I have watched my girls grow not only with my eyes but, through the eye of a lens. While I always try to embrace and live within the moment, I feel that capturing those unforgettable moments are a must. 

Some days, it is the everyday moments. I took the picture above before I left for a business trip. I snapped one each of my girls so they’d be the first faces I see when I was away. We had been watching music vids while I finished packing and they were getting ready to wish me good-bye. I felt compelled to snap a picture and I am glad I did!

I aim to capture all those smiles, the sad and happy tears, monumental to everyday milestones, the moments that take our breath away and landscapes that I never wish to forget. These instances are truly memories frozen in time and at a stand still can evoke incredible emotions that are meant to be felt. 

Well, Posterjack takes those special moments and turns them into works of art. They truly care about providing art work that is held to the highest standard. Quality over quantity and everything they make, they make in-house. They were the first among many companies that offered Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Wood Prints, Gallery Boxes, and Photoboards.



The #12PrintsProject.

This year, Posterjack has challenged 6 amazing bloggers and little ole me to tell our 2015 stories through photographs. I fell in love with the idea because though every month is filled with memories and awesome moments, there is always one that sticks out and I find myself printing it out to keep. 

So, I will be sharing a picture every month, one that touched me, the story behind it and showing you how I turned it into a work of art. Posterjack doesn’t want us to go at it alone and are inviting you to join us. 

Starting in February, you can enter by sharing your favorite photo from the previous month and the story behind it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can tag Posterjack and include the #12PrintsProject hashtag to enter to win a $100 voucher code! A winner is drawn every month! Please refer to Posterjack for full rules, here.


Let’s See Your Best Shot!

I am excited to share my year with you all and I will be following the hashtag to see all of your pictures as well! Make sure to follow Posterjack on their accounts to stay connected!

Facebook: Posterjack

Twitter: @Posterjack

IG: @Posterjack

What are your favorite moments to capture?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!







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  1. what a cool campaign to share photos and stories. My favorite photos to share are of my kids. There is always a big story behind each one.

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea to get your families photo into a lasting piece of beautiful art. Sometimes just a plain picture on a wall is boring.

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