ShesConnected Conference 2012: Reasons Why YOU Should Attend! #SCCTO

C/O of ShesConnected

Why You Should Attend ShesConnected Conference 2012!

Many people have asked me what the benefits are of going to conferences and most particularly, why choose ShesConnected?

Well, I have SOOO many reasons to list as to why you would want to choose SCCTO but, I’ve highlighted the top ones for me personally. To be quite honest, ShesConnected will always be very fond to me and I will try to be there every year!

You can check out my experience with it last year, here.

It’s NEWBIE-friendly!

All newbies are welcome, whether you are a veteran blogger or just starting out, ShesConnected is for you! ShesConnected was my very first conference that I attended last year, it will always hold a special place in my little blogger heart because though I wasn’t brand new, I was brand new at conferences.  ShesConnected allowed me to experience something out of the ordinary.

It helped me meet experts and people who have been there and done that. That in turn kick started my journey to work towards what I wanted to do with Whispered Inspirations and what I wanted to offer YOU, my readers. So, even if I went to SCCTO completely alone and nervous and all, I felt at home. I was welcomed by Donna and lots of my Twitter and FB blogger friends I talk to everyday.

It’s like seeing OLD friends, no joke!

I can gladly say that going to SCCTO really helped me build my blog to what it is today. Along with lots of hard work, trial and error, building and maintaining connections and stepping outside the box are all steps that you can learn at SCCTO.

So come one and come all, no matter where you may be in the blogosphere!

C/O ShesConnected

Meet Brands!

Even if writing is your passion and you may not want to work with brands directly, it’s always amazing to meet the people behind the company. Beneficial to establish connections that can potentially be long lasting. You know that in any business, it’s who you know and there are many sides and dimensions to a company that may benefit you when it comes to the direction you want to take your site or blog to.

What’s even better is that every single brand and sponsor at SCCTO is there because they WANT to talk to you and build relationships. I’ve maintained quite a few from the conference and have gone on to Ambassadorships. To top it off, we still chat regularly.

Learn the Essentials…

There are 5 Blogging Tracks: Blogging Relations, Monetizing Your Blog, Content Strategy for your Blog, Blogging Niches and Technical.  1 Social Media Track: Social Media Strategies. 1 Agencies and Brands Track: Special content track exclusively for agencies and brands. 3 Business Tracks: How to run your business, Get funding, Learn from successful women and how they made it.

There are so many panels that you will learn so much from. What I find that is amazing this year is how well-rounded the sessions are and they are not all brand-driven and can cater to any type of blogger. You can check out the 2012 Agenda to get a better idea, here.

It’s What You Make It!

All in all, besides learning there is so much fun to be had. We have two parties in the works for after-hours at #SCCTO. The first being the fabulous ShoesConnected Party sponsored by Town Shoes. Last year it was super glamorous, fun and who doesn’t love shoes and wine?

The second party is for all you 50 Shades of Grey lovers and is sponsored by Benjamin Moore. The party is themed and guaranteed to be a blast!

Mingling with your bloggy besties, maybe even tearing up the dance floor, having a few mocktails or cocktails and winding down after a long day of learning is so worth it. I think getting away for a few days and focusing on your business and blog is amazing but, also getting away to focus on yourself is a great thing too. So, in closing, it’s safe to say that it makes for a fun-filled, learning getaway!

Be prepared for lots of fun, lots of networking, lots of learning and an amazing experience!

I hope to see you all there and please, if you see a little shortie with @WhispersInspire on her tag–Come on over and say hi,  that is unless I get to you first!

Cannot wait until October!

Are you attending or thinking of attending ShesConnected 2012?

Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres!

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  1. Definitely something I'd love to go to someday when I get a chance! So much to benefit from by going by the sounds of it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I will definitely be there and can't wait to see you again!!!
    My recent post My Little Pony: Royal Pony Wedding

  3. I'd love to go but with my son and no family to babysit I am always never able to attend!
    I'd love to go this year but it's my birthday on the 20th!!!
    Have fun!!!
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  4. I'm hoping to attend. Just deciding on driving or train and finding a roomy! Hopefully I'll see you there! 🙂
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  5. Oh, I have to stop reading these SCCTO posts! I made such great friends and learnt so much last year and am unable to go this year *boo hoo* – someone please send me money – taking donations if anyone is feeling generous so that I could attend with you awesome ladies!! 🙁

  6. Yup! You know I won't miss a chance to hang with my besties and learn a bunch! Can't wait!!!
    My recent post No Wheat!

  7. I'm going! I have no idea what I am doing, or what to expect….but I am going! Life should have some new adventures every and now and then.

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