10 Tasks You Really Need To Stop Putting Off

Grey agenda that says "to-do" list on a white wood table, a flower is seen from a bird's eye view. The agenda is to keep track of tasks that you really need to stop putting off.

10 Tasks You Really Need To Stop Putting Off

Putting off tasks (AKA procrastination) is something many of us are guilty of. Often such tasks can be important for our future happiness, but we delay them because of the short-term displeasure that they cause us.

It makes it so they’re even more challenging when we finally get around to tackling them. In some cases, a task may even be put off for so long that the opportunity passes.

This results in irreversible damage being done.

By learning to stop procrastinating and be more proactive, you can ensure that your future happiness isn’t sacrificed. There are lots of tasks that commonly get put off that can have serious consequences. Here are just 10 tasks that many of us are currently putting off.

1. Seeing the doctor/dentist

Got a toothache? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a strange mole on your arm that doesn’t look right? Many of us have these health concerns but refuse to see a professional.

This can have serious negative consequences.

A toothache that could be easily cleared up with antibiotics could eventually become an excruciating infection that can only be cured by root canal surgery or tooth removal.

As for health concerns like strange moles, these could become more dangerous if they are indeed cancerous. They can potentially spread if not treated early.

Always see your dentist or doctor the moment you have a health concern. Take time off work if you have to. You can even consider various forms of funding such as medical loans if you can’t afford treatment.

Your health should always come first.

2. Making Car or Home Repairs

Noticed a strange noise coming from your car? Or perhaps there’s a crack in the wall that you’re concerned about? Like health problems, many of us can also ignore faults with our cars and homes.

If not seen to, such problems can often get worse.

What could be an easy repair could turn into something expensive. Faults could even be delayed to the point that they become dangerous if it isn’t repaired.

Make sure to get these repairs seen to as soon as they become a concern. If urgent repairs are needed, get these done as soon as possible.

This could include foundation repair to prevent cracks as a result of subsidence. Maybe replacing a loose part under the bonnet to prevent that strange noise.

3. Decluttering Your Home

Clutter can make our home’s unwelcoming to guests as well as making it harder to locate items when we need them. Many of us put off decluttering because it’s a time-consuming and gruelling job.

Plus, it may involve making difficult decisions as to whether to keep items or not. This result in clutter continuing to build up, making the task all the more challenging when we finally get round to it.

Take time out to declutter could be necessary. You can even hire a declutterist to help you or get friends and family to motivate you. Now that’s a great way to stop putting off right now.

4. Breaking That Bad Habit

Bad habits such as smoking, gambling, overeating or spending too much time on social media can have negative consequences on our day-to-day life.

By letting these habits become more ingrained in our lifestyle, they can eventually become serious addictions.

The good part is that you can start taking measures to quit this bad habit. There are lots of ways to beat a bad habit from removing temptations to seeking therapy – start trying today.

5. Taking Up That New Interest or Hobby

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, take up a musical instrument or start a sport. Many of us put off these interests and hobbies until we’re old. At which point, we may no longer have the capacity to take them up.

Just like quitting a bad habit, this is something you can start at any point.

Start looking for someone to teach you online, or use YouTube video and how-to blogs to self-teach yourself.

6. Starting Savings Goals

A lot of us have expensive goals that we could be saving up for. This could include taking a vacation, planning a wedding, buying a home or simply saving up for retirement.

These savings goals can seem huge and far away, but unless you start saving they’ll never become a reality.

Consider starting a savings account today. There are online saving accounts with great interest rates that take minutes to set up. Although it’s worth shopping around to get the best rates.

Some savings accounts may not even require to contribute much to get benefit from the interest rates. This is one task that you really need to stop putting off.

It will do wonders!

7. Sorting Out Your Finances

On the topic of finances, there could be financial issues that need solving. Perhaps you’ve got debts that need consolidating? Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to switch bill providers?

Continuing to endure these financial issues could result in unnecessary extra costs in the long run. Especially when there could be ways to reduce your expenses.

A financial advisor could be worth talking to if you’ve got serious financial concerns. Alternatively, you may simply need to dedicate a day to sort out your finances yourself.

This is another task that we all really need to stop putting off.

8. Taking That Next Career Step

Many of us procrastinate when it comes to our careers. This could involve never asking for a promotion at work in fear of rejection.

Sometimes worse sticking it out in a loathsome job rather than looking for a new job.

There may even be a dream career that you never take steps towards. This is a form of procrastination that can sometimes last decades until it’s sometimes too late to make the next career step.

Start taking that next career step today. Whether it’s asking your boss for that promotion or applying to a new job. There’s no certainty that you’ll be successful, but at least you will have given it a go.

9. Catching Up with Friends and Relatives

A big regret that many people have is drifting apart from friends and relatives. This can particularly be the case with older relatives. You may not have much time left with them and so every chance to meet up is worth it.

Catching up with old acquaintances doesn’t even have to involve meeting up. 

A phone call or a message on Facebook could be all that’s needed to keep communication and stop you drifting too far apart.

10. Pursuing That Love Interest

Asking someone out on a date is never easy. However, this form of procrastination could be having the most significant impact on your future.

If you don’t ask them on a date, somebody else might.

You may regret not asking them and wonder what kind of relationship you might have had if they’d said yes.

There are subtle ways to ask someone on a date if you’re shy about being too upfront. However, being straightforward could give you that yes or no answer you need.

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If they say ‘yes’, you could have the chance of a relationship, and if they say ‘no’, you’ll at least be able to look back knowing that you tried.

Now we have gone through ten tasks that you really need to stop putting off, make a to-do list. Every day, do one small task and you’ll see that you will get closer to your goals in no time.

Do you have any tips to stop putting off tasks today?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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Grey agenda that says "to-do" list on a white wood table, a flower is seen from a bird's eye view. A banner reads, "10 tasks you really need to stop putting off."



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