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Who’s Got Knot Pain?

Who's Got Knot Pain?
Who’s Got Knot Pain?
Knot You!

I’ve recently had the pleasure to work with an amazing, beautiful and extremely kind woman. Her name is Joanne and she is a local Windsorite and owner of Knot You. She is fairly new to the online world but, her product is definitely first-class.

I was lucky to have been able to try out almost all of the Knot You’s, they come in all colors and the possibilities are endless! They are the brilliant invention of Joanne that was born from her empathy for other people. Her good friend had been in an accident and had suffered from pain for years, Joanne being a sewing enthusiast wanted to make her best friend a blouse she saw on TV, unfortunately the blouse would tie around the neck and would cause more pain for her friend.

So, what is the Knot You™ ?

They are little, fashionable accessories that sit on the back of the neck and act as a cushion that holds the knot away from the neck, thus removing any knot pain.

Who's Got Knot Pain?

Who's Got Knot Pain?

Now, I don’t know about you but when I wear a halter top or bathing suit, after a while the knot starts to hurt and dig into my neck. I also prefer to use halters because well, my twins need all the support they can get! I am, I guess what you can call–well endowed in the chest area.

So, the Knot You™ is perfect for relieving me from this problem and from pain that I know that I will experience. Not to mention they come in every color!

Every girl’s dream!

My sister, Susana, tried out the Knot You’s and she absolutely loved them! She liked their versatility and the way they can complement any outfit. She also loved how comfortable they felt or rather how she almost didn’t feel it at all!

Gabriella also tried it and she was over the moon with them, she loved how “cushion-y” they felt.

Who's Got Knot Pain?

The  Knot You™ are fashioned from handmade, quality materials and they are very soft and flexible. One of the best things about them are that you can customize them any way you want! They are reversible, machine-safe and reusable too. They make products for women (including bra-strap pads) kids and even men!

So, how can men possibly use these for you ask?

Well, they come in dark colors and even camouflage and they can use them for their hiking gear, binoculars, passports and money sacks!

What I loved the most about them was that they really add a bit of elegance to the back of the neck and to your outfit. They look almost like a bloom or blossom sitting on the nape of your neck.


I’m going to be using them for when I go away for vacation next week!

Buy Them!

You can buy it over at the Knot You™ page! Solid colors are $9.98 plus shipping and you can even design your own by incorporating two different colors of thread or reversible sides for an additional $1.98!

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  1. Oh My Goodness. What an awesome review. Again, I'm over whelmed. I appreciate & love everything u have done for me. All the best to u & yours, always. <3 Joanne xoxoxo

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