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6 Tips to Stay Cool and Safe in The Heat

Two little boys run in sprinklers. This article covers 6 Tips to Stay Cool and Safe in The Heat!

6 Tips to Stay Cool and Safe in the Heat

Today is a record-breaking day.

All across Ontario, we are experiencing a heatwave that is setting records. Toronto may hit its hottest day EVER today at 38.3. Here in our small city of Windsor, we’ve experienced our first hit of the heatwave and today is like no other.  

We are expected to hit 39 to 40 degrees today.

A level two heat alert was issued earlier this week, which means that there will be over 4 days with the humidex value hitting 40.

What the Humidex Means for Us:

  • 30 to 39: Some discomfort.
  • 40 to 45: Great discomfort; avoid exertion.
  • Above 45: Dangerous.
  • Above 54: Heatstroke imminent.

1. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Drink up and load up on all the cool stuff. Fill up those BPA-free, reusable bottles and chill them in the fridge. (Make sure to keep the fridge open as little as possible to waste less energy and to avoid making more heat.)

Add some in the fridge for days like today that are extremely scorching.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day and choose foods that have high water content. Watermelon is always a great bet! Fruits and veggies can never go wrong for hydration.

2. Stay Out of the Heat

But, if it is unavoidable–make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated. Avoid strenuous activities in this heat and humidity.

Find some shade, take breaks, and ditch the hats when you have the chance. Heat escapes from your head so be sure to remove them once in a while to cool off.

3. Keep It Low

By that, I mean take your day’s activities to the lower parts of your homes. Heat rises, so your basement is always cooler.

Bring the kiddies down with some coloring books, some fruits to munch on, movies, and just lounge!

4. Take Advantage of That Cold H20

Take a nice cool shower, this is a great way to lower your body temperature and get cool quickly. It also doesn’t hurt that you waste less energy with cold water!

Once you are out, fill a spray bottle and mist yourself occasionally if you are still warm.

If you are outside or do not have access to respite indoors, take advantage of splash pads for a quick cool off. On days like these though, it is always best to stay indoors.

5. Be a Fan-atic

If you are environmentally conscious and want to rough it out with using a fan. A 7 foot ceiling fan is a great option if you have lower ceilings in your home.

But, if you must use the AC, make sure that the windows are properly closed and the drapes are drawn in order to keep the cool in and the hot out!

Be sure to be conscious about using your air conditioners, give them a break throughout the day. The last thing we all need is a power outage that will leave us ALL in this heat.

We all remember the power outage in 2003 so, just be responsible. It is better for all of us and Mother Nature too!

6. Stay Out of Enclosed Spaces

Avoid being in closed cars and NEVER leave children or pets in your car. Not even for a minute. It takes just minutes for a closed car to heat up to dangerous levels.

Watch for signs of overheating!

  • Skin pallor.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Lethargy.
  • Headache.
  • Confusion. (mental status)
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling faint or passing out.
  • Difficulty breathing.

Be aware of this heat m’deres and always be safe! If you think you or anyone is experiencing signs of overheating or stroke, do not hesitate to call 911.

Summer is a great time for warm weather but, sometimes it is best to enjoy it indoors!

How are you beating this heatwave or are you taking it for a ride?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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  1. So I hear! In a way you are very lucky but, the sun is still beautiful. Even though we can fry eggs on the driveway. LOL.

  2. Wishing we were in a heat wave now…..This whole month has been a storm, its nasty again today….but a great day for making cupcakes with the gradkids

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