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Blog Bashing, Booting Balls & Baking

It’s Wordy/Wordless Wednesday!
Blog bashing, booting balls and baking!

It’s been a pretty busy week over here at Whispered Inspirations if you haven’t noticed–we have The Great Canadian Blog Bash happening right now where you can link up your posts, Twitter and Facebook! And where you can meet lots of great Canadians and celebrate Canada Day by blog hopping and entering TONS of giveaways!

If you haven’t entered our giveaway, there is still time!

It’s a great giveaway sponsored by great Canadian companies–Enter here!

And–you know we’ve been having a big party on Twitter since June 23rd following the hash #TGCBB!

Well, it was a busy week last week in the home of the Polanco-Chansavangs! We had lots of soccer to attend to, two games and a practice! My Peanut’s team is currently undefeated and they have 4 games left in the season! They are doing so well and having fun while they are at it! Here she is before practice and before her game!

 Hubby and I also have our own little home-based business that we run, Ambrosial Delights! We had a bridal shower cake order and I thought we’d share. It is a Red Velvet, 2-tier, butter-cream frosting cake. All parts are handmade and edible (organic available), I love doing it! Hubby is very creative and I give him so much credit for his patience and ability. And I, well, I  just ADORE baking! Here is the finished product and not to mention the bride-to-be and her guests loved it! Which is always awesome to hear!

So, today–it’s the last day of school, FINALLY! I am super stoked for this because I love having our Peanut home with us all summer long! We have lots planned and we are both thrilled! For the last day goodies, I was inspired by our bridal shower cake, I made similar cupcakes for Gabs’ classmates! Here is my PeanPean on her last day as a Grade 1, my baby has grown so much. But, she’s still my baby!

Where does the time go?

So, the kids loved them and even Mr. M indulged! So, it was a busy week filled with the kick-off of The Great Canadian Blog Bash, a lot of blog-hopping, soccer, snack making, the last school week and even my normal work! Which in itself was pretty crazy with all the patients being call-bell crazy!

But, guess what?

I survived!

And now, bring on Summer ’11!

It’s going to be great!

Do you guys have any plans? Let me know!

Til then, cheers m’deres,


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  1. It's midnight…..I am tired (although happily) from reading all the blogs listed in TGCBB….and I am soooo wanting a cupcake or slice of that cake!! LOL That way I could keep reading all the great Cdn blogs out there until the sugar rush dies!

  2. I love spending time with my daughter all summer long too!

    Your daughter is a cutie and has such attitude!

    I'm following you back. Happy GCBB!

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