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It’s Panda-monium with @TELUS and the World Wildlife Fund! #WWF


Panda-monium with @TELUS!

2013 is the Year of the Panda.

Since TELUS has a strict policy against filming endangered species and didn’t want to film live species they opted for the next best thing!

For the first time, TELUS’ advertising will feature computer generated imagery (CGI) critters instead of live animals. To create their adorable CGI pandas, they used existing images and videos of pandas to build a digital model that was refined, groomed and textured until its skin, hair, facial expressions and movement were as lifelike as possible. The entire process took nearly six months.


So cute!

With the CGI critters, they can now feature rare and popular animals and not have to worry about what the animals will do while the camera rolls. Though they won’t stop filming live animals altogether, having the CGI critters opens up an entire eco-system of possibilities!

Also, when filming live animals, TELUS goes to great lengths to ensure animals featured in their ads are treated with great care. They apply a comprehensive code of conduct anytime they film animals, which they developed in partnership with animal-advocacy organizations like PETA.


The World Wildlife Fund!



Since 2000, TELUS has contributed more than $200, 000 to WWF.

Not sure what the World Wildlife Fund is?

The WWF is the largest international conservation organization in Canada, with the active support of more than 150,000 Canadians. The WWF is creating solutions to the most serious conservation challenges facing our planet, helping people and nature to thrive.

Committed to animal welfare

Across Canada, habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, climate change, and unsustainable harvesting have put more than 500 species at risk of extinction. In an effort to preserve wildlife at home and abroad, the WWF aims to: Tackle the global trade in endangered animals and reduce the effects of climate change on species, such as polar bears.

*COUGH* Panda!

Check out TELUS’ totally cute and new commercial featuring their newest critter, the Giant Panda. I absolutely love the facial impressions and the fluid movements of this CGI critter. Glad to see and welcome this cute critter to the TELUS family and my girls are too, they absolutely love pandas!

I am blown away by TELUS’ continuous acts of corporate social responsibility and by this CGI Critter initiative, it makes me appreciate a company that cares about the ennvironment and the well-being of the creatures that inhabit it.





Adopt a Panda. Save a Panda.

My girls were super stoked and absolutely proud to be the new symbolic parents of two Giant Pandas! They both have their critter collection going and their new pandas are very much welcome. TELUS sent over two adoption kits in my girl’s names and they are over the moon.

What’s in an adoption kit?

  • A personalized adoption certificate.
  • High-quality wildlife plush and collector card.
  • Recycled gift bag.
  • Details on the work this gift will help support.


Check It Out!




These are the awesome Adoption Certificate that you can purchase as a gift that goes a long way! One that you can feel proud knowing that you are helping save wildlife and protecting vital habitat that helps the whole entire world!


Information is Golden.

In the Adoption Certificate Booklet, you can learn about the Giant Panda, where it lives and why it is endangered. This makes for teaching kids of all ages the importance of knowledge and awareness and how much it can effect the world that surrounds us.


Celebrate Wildlife!

TELUS was amazing to send these to my girls and teach them about awareness but, anyone can purchase these as gifts and help such a worthy cause.

You can visit WWF and send this Giant Panda or many other critters that your loved one may like. I love this Panda, it looks so cute yet lifelike with the fur and details! It’s a great bonus to recieve in exchange to a great cause.


How do you feel about TELUS’ policy to protect endangered species?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. What a great team up! Always warms my heart seeing people that care about animals especially the ones that are extinct! Panda’s are one of my faves would break my heart to see them gone! Great post Nancy & your kids are too cute!

  2. Interesting, I love that they are protecting pandas and they did a wonderful job making him look real in the commercial. WOW! We have been planing on giving back some way these would be a great place to start and knowing your supporting a great cause all the better!

    BTW your girls are adorable!
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  3. Love this and I love TELUS! Little One was given an adoption kit too! Great post, Nancy!
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  4. What a great campaign. I worked for TELUS for 6 years inthe Investments department (they invest the employee's pension money) and I loved working there. It is so nice to see TELUS partner with WWF. Great cause.
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  5. First every time I see your kids I think "my gosh they are so cute".

    I love that Telus has done this! So cool. Those little stuffed Pandas are super sweet. I must go adopt one!

  6. I love this!! And I love all that Telus does to get involved. It's so important, especially when it comes to WWF! Thanks for sharing 🙂
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