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Crayola Sketch Wizard: Grab Those Pencil Crayons and Get Ready to Draw ANYTHING! #HolidayGiftGuide


Crayola Sketch Wizard.
You’d think it was like magic. 

Gabby is an amazing artist, her drawing capabilities have grown so much and I know that she would absolutely love the Crayola Sketch Wizard. The Crayola Sketch Wizard allows you to draw almost any flat image or dimensional figure by projecting a ghosted image on paper, making it easy to recreate. You can draw pictures, photographs, your favorite action figures,dolls or even a pony!  You can even draw a friend or objects across the room!



What’s Included.
  • 1 Fold-up Sketch Wizard unit
  • 6 short Crayola coloured pencils
  • 1 graphite pencil
  • 5 starter sheets
  • 5 blank sheets

In the set, you will get everything you need to start sketching and coloring realistic images. The Sketch Wizard comes with a graphite pencil, six short Crayola colored pencils, starter sheets, and blank sheets for creating your next masterpiece. You’ll be amazed on what you’ll be able to draw!


They Will Draw What They Love.

The Sketch Wizard reflects 2-D images, 3-D objects and images from mobile devices on paper. Incredibly. That way, the images are super easy for kids to trace. Not to mention, it’s easy to take it with you wherever you may roam, since it folds up easily. This set is perfect for 8-12 year-olds to unleash their inner-artist. They will enjoy being able to draw exactly what they see!


Ready to Sketch?

This set is perfect for 8-12 year-olds who have a passion for drawing, even if they are just starting out, the set will definitely be able to help them improve! You can find and purchase the Crayola Sketch Wizard, starting at $38.49,  here

I know that this is definitely a gift that Gabby would love to use, she spends hours drawing and illustrating her own stories. She will love the ability to draw anything she sets her mind AND eyes to with the Crayola Sketch Wizard.

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Do you have a budding artist that will love the Crayola Sketch Wizard?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres! 










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  1. i think this is my favorite!! what an awesome and fun way to bring out your child's creative and artistic side

  2. This is cool. My grandson would probably enjoy this. He's not great at drawing so this would really assist him and help him learn.

  3. I've seen this on other websites and for any artistically inclined child this is a marvellous present.

  4. This is really unique. Crayola comes up with some pretty cool items. I know my son would have a good time playing with this.

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