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Crayola Paint Maker: Create Your Own Custom Paint in Minutes! #HolidayGiftGuide


Crayola Paint Maker!
Get Creative!

My girls are absolutely obsessed with painting. Since I can remember, we have always used Crayola paints and paper. On nice days, we spend our days outside working on their easel and painting what inspires us. Painting the world around us is not only fun but, it helps children to improve their creativity and dexterity.


Inspire an Artiste.

With Crayola Paint Maker you can create your own custom paint colors in minutes! The mixing guide can help you to create your color or you can make up your own. The  interactive kit has everything you need to make up to 15 unique paint colors. Whether you like making wild colors or if you like the more traditional shades, this kit will help you through every step of the process!

Paint Maker Includes:
  • Paint Maker unit.
  • Components for making 15 paint pots.
  • 10 sheets of paper.
  • 15 paint pot labels.
  • Color recipe. 
  • Chart.
  • 1 paint brush.
  • Crayola Paint Maker
  • 15 paint pots
  • 73 mL bottle of paint base
  • 75 color strips
  • Color mixing guide


Fun and Imaginative. 

What I think is a great aspect to the Paint Maker is that your child can create their own paint color and they can come up with a fun and unique name for the paint color they created. It is easy to mix and easy to clean-up! I know that Gabby would absolutely love making her own paint colors and would come up with some amazing shades. Mimi would love to paint with the colors that Gabby creates!

See It In Action.

Create nearly endless color combinations with 75 color strips in three colors (red, blue, and yellow). Each color is imprinted onto a paper strip to help reduce mess. A brush and 10 sheets of paper are included so kids can experiment with their new color creations. Additional paint pots, labels, and paper are available in the Crayola Paint Maker Refill Pack (sold separately).


Give the Gift of Color!

The Crayola Paint Maker is one of the many gifts that you can get at Crayola. The Paint Maker is mobile too, it has a fold-up design for easy storage and cleanup. This set is recommended for ages 8 and up. Perfect for the child in your life that loves art! You can buy the Crayola Paint Maker starting at $17.54 and up, plus you can purchase the Crayola Paint Maker refill, here

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Do you have an artist in your life that would love the Crayola Paint Maker?









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  1. My grandson has been asking for this,it looks like it would bring hours of fun.Thanks until now I was not sure what it was

  2. This looks like fun! My grandchildren love to paint and this way when they ask for a specific colour they can just create it themselves.

  3. This also sounds very interesting for artiscally inclined children that are a little bit older. Again I think that maybe 8 is a little bit too young.

    1. It is a great kit to get kids started. 🙂 The age recommendation comes from Crayola but, I guess it is all relative! 😀

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