Curating Your Home in a Manner That Fosters Creativity

A woman writes in a planner, her hat is off and next to her. This article covers curating your home in a manner that fosters creativity.

Curating Your Home in a Manner That Fosters Creativity

There are many ways to inspire creativity. Many say that we need to go out in the world to enjoy that.

This can be the case.

But it’s also true that having the time to sit back, nourish ourselves, relax, and give our minds a break can also be a great way to get in touch with our creative spirit.

For instance, relaxing in your home hot tubs can be just as nurturing as thinking up what to paint while sat on a serene hilltop. It has the added benefit of totally reducing all of your body stress for the better.

Fostering creativity within your own home, then, demands a sense of pre-planning. Making sure your space is there for you.

A space where you can come to those creative thoughts through introspection and give you the tools to get started when you’re at your most energetic creative self.

In this post, we’ll discuss how that can be achieved and how it can even help your mental health.

A Healthy Place To Write

It’s important to have somewhere you can let out your thoughts when you wish to. This might involve a quiet place. Having somewhere you can comfortably write in peace will work wonders, too.

While journaling can seem like a very specific craft, there are no real rules to it.

You can focus on what you wish to think about, and how you wish to talk about it. You might construct sentences of prose, doodle, or just vent.

When you get your thoughts out on paper, you take them from emotional reactions and begin to construct something from it.

That can be a great exercise pursuant to good creativity because it allows you to have a totally private space in which you can develop your thoughts.

Keep a journal and pen on the nightstand next to your bed. Maybe have a small area of your home office where you can look away from the computer and write in your journal. Perhaps choose garden furniture you can relax in and also rest your elbows on while you write in the summer shade.

Just knowing you have this area, even if that’s a comforting chair and table next to a bookshelf, can help you reflect at the start of each day or at the beginning of each morning.

An Exercise/Meditation Room

It’s a great idea to have somewhere you can iron out your physical form each morning. Especially in winter, and of course, ideally, before you head out to work every day.

You don’t need a full room to take care of this, but it can help.

Perhaps your child has flown the nest and you have room to craft a yoga space. Maybe you can convert part of your garage into a home gym.

This might just sound like a good way to get in shape. Though you’ll be surprised how having a place to sit down and reflect, stretch properly, or work out hard each day can give you a sense of new life.

With a few candles in your meditation space, a cushion or two, some incense, and an air purifier slowly humming, you can really remove the stress that has been weighing down on your mind.

That in itself can prove to be a reliable effort.

Creative Wall Art & Decorations

Of course, curating your home in a manner that fosters creativity is not solely achieved by just writing your thoughts down and working out.

Applying your creativity to the space itself helps you define it as yours. This can also have the positive effect of reflecting your artistic vision back at you.

For instance, it might be that you use stencils to create uniform patterns around a space. Or design certain areas with a sense of fun and self-expression.

For instance, some of the best rooms to decorate will be your children’s bedrooms. You can have the most fun here.

A nautical theme could showcase stenciled anchors, rope knots hanging from the wall. Perhaps half a rowing boat turned on its side and filled with planks to emulate an independent shelving unit.

Maybe you wish to paint a wall art piece that greets guests to your home when they enter. Or maybe elsewhere in the home. You could paint your family tree in big bold colors with beautiful artistic interpretations of every person there.

It’s your home – within the principles of good taste, you can do pretty much anything you’d like with it.

A Hobby/Craft Area Or Room

Establishing a beautiful hobby/craft area or room for your most indulgent hobbies can be a great idea.

For instance, it might be that you really love arts and crafts. You just are tired of having to retrofit and then clean your kitchen table to engage in this daily.

Maybe you have a spare room or basement room you don’t mind storing some messy materials and find it easier to clean.

With a properly installed pointable desk lamp, you might be able to sew, knit, stitch, paint, or even craft nerdy models of large sailing ships at your own behest.

It’s a great time to introduce this hobby to your children too.

A place where you can unapologetically get stuck into the hobbies you find most nourishing can be helpful.

Even if you only attend to this a couple of times a week.

The old stereotype of the middle-aged nerdy Dad escaping to his model village and train set in the basement may seem quite amusing on the face of it. If it helps them feel connected or to foster their creativity, what’s the problem with this?

It might be that you have a similar interest you would just love to express but haven’t been certain of how to do this so far.

Online Resources Saved

It’s a great idea to curate your online usage in a manner that helps organize your daily life. It can also be worthwhile to curate the content presented to you in a manner that most appeals to you.

For instance, websites like YouTube have developed sophisticated algorithms. Ones that keep serving you up the kind of content you would most like to watch after they measure your viewing habits.

It could be that doing this for yourself can also help you have access to the kind of online resources you may need in your free time.

Bookmarking sites like Codecademy or Khanacademy can help you learn in your free time. They can give you more productive tasks to complete whenever you get online.

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It can also be helpful to curate the podcasts you listen to when you wake up. Plus, the news sources you’re interested in when allowing your home assistant to greet you.

Choosing sources that help you start your day with positive energy and an interesting deep dive into the creative topics you’re interested in can be more than helpful.

Our online lives are so deeply ingrained in our regular lives. More and more devices are becoming part of how we entertain and inform ourselves.

It can be healthy to organize this digital space in a manner most conducive to your productivity and wellbeing.

Room In Your Garden Environment

A garden can be a fantastic place for creativity. There’s nothing more creative than growing plants or vegetables in a purposeful manner.

You will quite literally be abetting the development of life and fruits from the Earth.

Not only this, but a garden can serve as a pretty fantastic wellness project for you and your family members.

There’s almost nothing more nourishing than getting out into a summer’s garden. Things like pulling weeds, planting flowers can be rewarding.

Many people think that this sounds like a lot of stress. Natural hard work of worth like this can alleviate your stress and help rebalance your energies like nothing else.

You can also consider your garden as a big art project. One where the elevation and color of flowers, the installation of features (like small fountains or ponds), and the means to protect your family (such as installing privacy fences) can be one of your most satisfying projects yet.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to curate your home in a manner that fosters creativity. Odds are, you’ll feel nourished by the effort.

Is your home arranged in a way that fosters creativity?

-Dr. Drayman

A woman writes in a planner, her hat is off and next to her. This article covers curating your home in a manner that fosters creativity.

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