‘Owl You Need is Love’ Valentine Treat Bag Holiday Printable

"Owl You Need is Love' Valentine's Day treat box for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Treat Bag Holiday Printable

Owl You Need is Love!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s a day of friendship and love. Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become bigger in school.

Long gone are the days that you just exchanged hand-made Valentine’s Day cards. Now it is also handmade cards and store-bought ones with cute designs.

I know that it’s been common practice to send treat bags full of goodies of Valentine-themed gifts like pencils and erasers throughout the years at my daughters’ school.

While it isn’t mandatory, it is a fun way to celebrate for kids. So, if you want to make it extra special for your littles or their entire class and make it inexpensive—this is for you! 

These make great little carriers to pack ahead of time and fill with delicious treats. As you can see, it’s super cute and though it looks elaborate, let me tell you, it is super easy to put together. 

Valentine's Day tutorial on how to make a Valentine's Day treat box.

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Feel free to click the image above and PRINT the template off or you can CLICK HERE to print it off. If you prefer a smaller size you can always change your settings when printing.

I recommend using a thicker stock paper that is glossy. That way it holds better. Just make sure that the paper has some flexibility.

You can even use the image and print it at your nearest print shop or online.

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However you celebrate, whether it’s serving the family Valentine-themed breakfast or Valentine baked treats, I hope these treat bags make you and those in your life smile.

After all, ‘owl you need is love’, right?

If you make these using the Valentine Treat Bag Holiday printable, be sure to tag @whispersinspire to let me know. I’ll show you some love!

Are you making treat bags this year?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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"Owl You Need is Love' Valentine's Day treat box for Valentine's Day.

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  1. This is way too cute. I think we are staying away from chocolate treats this year, but this would be a cute way to package a small gift like movie passes for the kids!

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