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Mobile CyberCrime is On the Rise: Here’s Some Tips to #BeAppSafe!


CyberCrime is On the Rise!

Smartphones are a part of our every day lives. In fact, most of us use them to do everything. That goes for paying bills, transferring funds and shopping–literally everything! In some cases critical to our jobs, apps can access and use an incredible amount of our personal information–without our knowledge or permission!

More About #BeAppSafe Initiative:

To show Canadians how to use their mobile apps safely, TELUS and Public Safety Canada have come together and created the #BeAppSafe initiative. From now through to the end of March we’ll be providing some helpful resources, such as these tips and this fun quiz where you can enter to win one of 10 tablets.


Instances of cybercrime among Canadian smartphone users have grown exponentially in recent years, doubling from 16 per cent in 2012 to 32 per cent in 2013. In a joint effort to thwart cybercrime and protect Canadians, TELUS and Public Safety Canada have launched the #BeAppSafe campaign to inform, educate and inspire action among Canadians to secure the personal information they store on their mobile devices.

Canadians’ personal and professional lives are increasingly dependent on their smartphones. In fact, 54 per cent of Canadians say they value the information on their smartphone more than the device itself. Increasingly, people use their mobile phones for services and experiences like online banking, fitness tracking, social platforms and gaming, yet more than half of Canadians are unaware that apps like these can track information such as their physical location.


Be Safe.

I know that I use my phone for everything and I am cautious of where I download apps and to not go to untrusted sites. Luckily, I’ve never been a victim but, I try to make sure that I am being as safe as I can. TELUS offers great tips on how to #BeAppSafe.

With 75% of Canadians using smartphones, it’s imperative to learn how to get protected. Make sure you take TELUS’ quiz, it’s quick and easy and you’re entered to WIN 1 of 10 tablets. Can’t go wrong with that, take the quiz, here.

Is your data protected?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I try to be careful what I download. I may be behind the times but I don't have every app going on my phone for safety reasons.

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