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Prepare Your Baby’s Nursery with These Basics

A baby smiles with a blue teddy bear towel on his head and body.

Prepare Your Baby’s Nursery with These Basics

When a new baby is on the way, things get a little hectic, to say the least. It feels like the to-do list and the to-buy list are ever-expanding. The most important room to prepare is the baby’s nursery and to make sure all the essentials are there. Having a comfortable nursery with the right bedding, feeding, and playtime items is important. Plus, if you have a place for mom and baby to feed together, you’re all set.

A perfect place to visit that is a one-stop-shop for essentials (and special extras and treats) is a local trade show. One that focuses on baby gear and helpful things for new and experienced parents. An event like The Baby Show in Toronto features big brand names and local artists and craftspeople alike.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn while attending seminars and demos. Plus you can try out products, meet experts and ask questions. You can even connect with other parents. Even more so, there is entertainment, eating areas, complimentary massage and ultrasounds for expecting moms. After all, it can cost a lot to have a baby in this day and age.

Do make a list for what you need for the nursery because it will be difficult to keep track of it all. It’s also helpful to divide these among your personal Must-Haves and Wants to ensure you get the necessities first before spending the rest of your budget on things that you can easily do without – but are soo cute, nonetheless! You can always request items in the Wants column for your baby shower or baby’s first Christmas or Hanukkah.

Things You Will Need:

This is a big one and the need won’t stop any time soon. Quality diapers are easy to use, absorbent, nd not too bulky. Consider cloth diapers to be environmentally-friendly as regular ones clog up landfills at an amazing rate. They take a lot of resources and chemicals to produce. Make sure to pick up some baby wipes and diaper ointment for healthy bums, too.

Crib and Crib Mattress

A bed made for babies with raised sides around the entire perimeter to make sure baby stays safe all night. A crib mattress should be soft, supportive, and free of any accessories that your baby could get tangled up in while sleeping, even a blanket. Do consider a waterproof cover for the mattress that cannot be pulled off by your child. And dress your mattress with safe and soft fitted crib sheets – not loose ones that can be pulled up and manipulated.

Changing Table

This could be a must-have or a want, depending on whether you want to change diapers on the floor (and have changing mats). A changing table should have slightly raised sides as well to ensure your baby can’t roll off if you accidentally look away for a few seconds. Tables come with a comfortable surface and shelving to keep your changing routine accessories in, and dress it with waterproof pads.

Dresser & Hamper

Babies need a lot of clothes due to all of the natural accidents and spit-ups. Having a dresser to store it all right in the nursery helps. Plus having a place to immediately toss clothes away is useful when changing for the day or tending to a whoopsie.


Though they are traditional baby accessories, a baby left alone with a blanket is a no-no. Keep blankets around for spreading out on a play mat or using when holding your baby only.

Feeding Accessories

Look for bottles with newborn nipples if you’re using formula or pumped milk. Get a bottle brush for thorough cleaning. Stock up on burping cloths and bibs for spit-ups, too. For breastfeeding, nursing bras and a nursing pillow are helpful. A rocking chair is also a great comfort to spend time together.


Onesies and rompers are easy to change. Shirt and pants sets are also good choices when (hopefully) only one piece or the other needs a changing!

Did I miss anything?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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