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Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Master Suite at 1464 Moon Valley Drive at Champions Gate! #globalresorts


Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Master Suite!

By now, you must have taken a virtual walk-through 1464 Moon Valley Dr. and one of the best things a parent can have during vacation is relaxation. While sometimes we hope for it, vacations can take a lot out of you. After you’ve enjoyed the sunny state at the parks and beaches and spent time with the family in the game room or in the pool, it’s time to relax and unwind.

Here’s 5 reasons you will love the master suite at 1464 Moon Valley Drive at Champions Gate!



1. You’ll Sleep On a Cloud.

I know some people say that they cannot sleep well anywhere but their own bed. Well, for me that is partially true but, when you stay in this Master Suite, it is like sleeping at home. I have a King bed at home but, I have to say this bed can only be described as delicious. The sheets were a high-thread count and it felt amazing on the skin. I had amazing sleep the whole week and as a Mom, it was much-needed. Not to mention, your own flat screen where you didn’t have to watch cartoons on, you could actually watch grown-up people TV–ahh, heaven!


2. Double Sinks.

You may not think that having double sinks is a big deal. After all, I have double sinks at home but, what I don’t have at home are marble double sinks in my own en suite that I don’t have to share. I don’t need to wait my turn to brush my teeth or get ready in the mornings thus making my day that much brighter and off to a great start. I’m ready to face a hot and steamy day at LEGOLAND or one of the parks since I slept on a cloud and had these double sinks. So, yes, they are awesome.



3. Your Own Soaking Tub.

Yes ladies and gents, grab that glass of wine, run that bath with bubbles and turn down the lights because after the kids are in bed–it’s time for you. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it is to soak your achy body parts after 8 hours at the park or a long day of swimming in the sun. It can really make for perfect ending to a great day. Best of all, no interruptions!


4. This Shower. 

This super wide shower is perfect to just relax and get squeaky clean. After soaking in the tub, I jumped into a hot shower and finished feeling absolutely rejuvenated. This is perfect to wash off the chlorine or beach sand. Though I shared it with my little ones, it was the perfect way to get them clean and ready for bed after a day in the pool. You know, the killing two birds with one stone, thing.


5. This Toilet.

Yes, you may argue that it is just a pretty ordinary looking toilet and I’ll have to agree. But, besides the fact that it’s completely private and you can do your business with the door closed and locked (that in itself is extraordinary when you’re a Mom) but, it’s a portal to an oasis. An oasis that you can enjoy by yourself and no one is none the wiser.



Pool Anyone?
Yes, this oasis.

You have direct access to the pool and deck right from your en suite bathroom. It’s perfect for sneaking away for an early morning swim or late night swim. While swimming is fun with the family, it’s great to be able to swim without the kiddos. That way you aren’t worrying about them going into the deep end and you can really just lounge around and enjoy yourself.

Those are my Top 5 reasons while you’ll love the Master Suite at 1464 Moon Valley Drive and  I can bet most of the homes in Champions Gate. Best of all, it’s about taking a little me time and thanks to staying in a vacation home with family, you’re able to take well-deserved time away as a couple and just plain recharge your batteries.

Do you take time for YOU on vacations?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!




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  1. I have never seen a tub in a hotel room as nice as that one. It is nicer than the one we have at home!

  2. omg !!!! take me there now please! its breath taking. i wish i took time for "me" on vacations but i never take vacations lol. man i need a getaway! something like this and just renting a vacation home would be awesome

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