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Disney Cruise for Adults: 7 Reasons Why It’s the Perfect Getaway! #DisneySMMC

Disney Dream cruise ship docked at Castaway Cay.

A Disney Cruise for Adults is the Perfect Getaway!

If you have been thinking about taking a cruise, you may want to consider Disney Cruise Lines. You may think of a Disney cruise as a kids only type of vacation but, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they offer. Take it from someone who has sailed with them with and without kids, you are going to love your experience on board any of their ships.

In February, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC) and for the second year in a row, it was hosted on Land and Sea. We always make sure to take time to plan our Disney vacation, so we were prepared. A portion is at Walt Disney World Resorts and the second half is onboard a Disney Cruise Lines ship. This year, it was the Disney Dream.

The smokestack of the Disney Dream with the DCL logo.

The Cruise Life.

I attended the celebration with Darasak, my brother Frank, and my sister Susana. We are huge Disney fans but, my brother had only been to WDW but, not sailed with Disney. If you have never sailed with Disney, check out these first-timer Disney Cruise tips. So, we were excited to experience Disney World and more specifically, DCL sans le kids.

It was a blast.

There may be tons of activities for kids on these cruises, but there is a lot for adults to do as well. The live shows and deck parties may include some of the Disney characters, but I guarantee you’ll love them too. You will not want to miss the Sail Away Celebration where you can drink and kick-off a great cruise. The best part is that not only can you enjoy the luxuries of fine dining, entertainment, and exploration–you can release your inner child.

Read on for 6 reasons why a Disney Cruise is perfect for an adult getaway. 

Disney Dream docked at Cape Canaveral.

Disney Dream leaving the port at Cape Canaveral.

Mickey and Minnie dance at the Sailing Away party.

1. Fun Activities for All Ages!

Before the ship sets sail, you’ll party hard with all the guests of the ship. Of course, you will party with Mickey, Minnie, and the gang if you want. While the characters are more for kids, you’ll enjoy the show too. It isn’t oozing kiddie Disney, the dancers and the characters just hype you up and it’s pure fun.

Though, it is hard to resist Mickey and Minnie! If you want to skip the sailing party, you can head over to the adults-only area and enjoy some cocktails at one of the bars.

Another option is to go for a dip in the Quiet Cove Pool or enjoy some time in the jacuzzi. Relax as you pull away from the port and hit the high seas.

The inside of the Disney Dream with jazz singers on the stage.

The nightclubs and lounges are the perfect places to enjoy a drink or dance the night away, and since you won’t have children with you, you won’t need to leave the party early. Instead, you can stay out as long as you wish before retiring to your room for a full night’s sleep.

If you want relaxation, you can venture down to the spa for a luxurious experience. You can book a massage, facial treatment, or any other treatment that you desire. At Senses Spa & Salon, you can find steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, aromatic showers, and heated loungers with ocean views. Just remember to make appointments well ahead of time to ensure a slot.

A cup of popcorn in the Disney Dream theatre.

If there’s one thing that Disney excels at, it’s their entertainment. Every night, you can watch Broadway-caliber show and musical. On the Disney Dream, we enjoyed The Golden Mickey’s, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney’s Believe. Though, we skipped Disney’s Believe since we had watched it on previous cruises.

Instead, we watched Black Panther and it was amazing. It was still in theatres at the time, so it was a treat to watch. We even watched an extended preview of A Wrinkle in Time. Of course, they have popcorn and snacks to buy!

A glass of white wine.

2. Enjoy Adult Beverages on a Budget

You can take part in lots of interactive tastings while on board. Like traditional wine tastings and even tastings of beer, champagne, bourbon, cognac, tequila, whiskey, and even Amari. You can even sign up for mixology classes and martini and mojito events. Chocoholics will also want to look out for their chocolate and liquor pairing course.

TIP: Check out the Navigator for adult-only activities and their times. Like wine or spirit tastings or singles mixers to meet new people.

You can enjoy libations on a budget because Disney allows you to bring your own wine or champagne if it fits in your day bag. Plus, there’s a duty-free shop on board that sells bottles at very reasonable prices. When you’re at bars, you can always ask your server for a specialty frozen cocktail available at a discounted price.

A Disney Cruise for Adults is the Perfect Getaway! You may think of Disney cruises are for kids only. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what is available on these cruises. Take it from someone who has sailed with them with and without kids, you are going to love your experience on board any of their ships. #DisneySMMC #DisneyCruise
Two delicious tenderloins with green beans and mashed potatoes.
Delicious truffle ravioli with cream sauce.
A salmon steak that is bread crusted on a bed of risotto.
3. The Food is Incredible!

We are a family of foodies. Therefore, we travel to not only indulge in new sights and sounds but, food too. Thankfully, Disney does not disappoint when it comes to the food options. Not to mention the service. It is beyond stellar, you don’t have to lift a finger. Believe me, the service is just as good as the food.

The best part is that there is always a restaurant open to enjoy a bite. Just check your daily Navigator for which one is open when you’re hungry.

TIP: Call and ask for the cake of the day, it’s always so good!

If hunger strikes at midnight, no worries! You can order room service 24 hours a day. They offer a well-rounded room service menu, which is better than most hotels. 

While casual dining and the main dining room are fabulous options, you may want something where there are no kids. Schedule an evening at one of the adult-exclusive restaurants on the ship, Palo or Remy. Palo is Italian cuisine, and Remy is French cuisine.

TIP: Dining at Palo or Remy have dress codes, see Remy’s here

Though the cruise is all-inclusive, dining at Palo will cost $30/person and Remy will cost $95. Make reservations early or before you even board the ship. Their food is amazing and the atmosphere is serene and romantic.

Atlantis Resort balcony with marina.

A look at Atlantis resort from the balcony of the casino, a seahorse holds up the roof.

The lake in Atlantis resort.

The aquarium with sting rays at Atlantis resort.

The Atlantis resort aquarium with various types of fish and sharks.

Atlantis resort is shown between palm trees while water trikes are underneath.

Atlantis resort in all its beauty and the cerulean lake is below.

A gentleman sits in front of a huge art piece in Atlantis Resort and enjoys a glass a wine.

4. Excursions are Amazing!

While you can take many different types of cruises, from East and West Caribbean, Alaska, Bermuda, California, Canada, Europe, TransAtlantic, Mexico, Panama Canal, and the Bahamas. You can see all the options, here. On this particular cruise, we sailed to the Bahamas and Castaway Cay.

TIP: Find an adults-only excursion. Adults-only activities range from snorkeling tropical reefs to touring historic sites to dining under the stars to an open-air cabana massage on the beach at Castaway Cay.

On this cruise, we ported in Nassau, Bahamas and we decided to spend the day in Nassau. I stayed aboard the Dream and Darasak, Susana and Frank (my siblings) went to Atlantis resort. They chose the Atlantis Beach Day & Discover Atlantis excursion. They enjoyed a self-guided tour of Atlantis and spent the day in the cerulean waters of the Bahamas. You can see all the excursions available in Nassau, here.

The Disney Dream is ported in Nassau.

The Nassau, Bahamas port.

Atlantis Resort from the Disney Dream.

The port of Nassau is lined with sailboats and private yacht.

A couple hold each other while overlooking the port of Nassau.

5. A Chance to Reconnect and Reflect.

The ship is incredibly beautiful. There are plenty of places to sneak off and take in the beauty of the sea and the ports you visit. There is nothing like enjoying a beautiful view while sipping on an adult beverage.

You can even hit the adult deck and escape the high energy of the mini-golf and basketball family area for some quiet and a chance to reconnect with your partner, family, or friends. This quiet time allowed us to reminisce and even think about Disney vacation packages that we could take advantage of for our next Disney adventure.

The smokestack next to the Aquaduck slide that wraps around the whole ship.

6. You Can Let Your Inner Child Out.

Darasak and I have been to Disney alone and without the kids a few times. While most people think it is catered to kids, it appeals to everyone. Including adults and the inner kid inside. A Disney cruise is no different and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. We sang along at the shows, hugged and danced with Mickey and Minnie and posed with them. See all the characters onboard, there are lots.

I unabashedly wore several Minnie ears wherever I went. Yes, with no shame! All in all, we had a blast. All while going at our own pace, staying up late, and enjoying all the adult offerings too. We all have an inner kid in there, we just have to let them out once in awhile. Believe me, there is no better place than on a Disney cruise. 

Castaway Cay family beach with snorkelers.

7. Private Island Indulgences!

One of the stops during a Disney cruise is on the island of Castaway Cay. There is a family-friendly beach there, but without children, you will be able to relax on the sand of Serenity Bay.

Imagine leaving the ship when you are at port without needing to bring bags of supplies with you. Instead, you can pack only the necessities that you need, mainly passport, money, and sunscreen, and enjoy the adventures that you want to go on.

What is the adult perk?

Serenity Bay is the adult’s only beach that offers magnificent views and the silence that comes from having no children around. It is a beautiful beach to relax, enjoy adult beverages, and get a tan. Check out these tips and trick to enjoy your time in Serenity Bay

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing things to do either on or off the ship, and you will love every minute of it! You’d be surprised how many things you can do at Castaway Cay for adults!

So, don’t discount a Disney cruise when you are leaving your kids home. Trust, the magic will still be there for you to enjoy! To book your cruise, visit Disney Cruise Lines!

What is the first thing you would do on a Disney cruise?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. Disney Cruise for adults? Now you’re talking! While I might feel bad for my kids not accompanying us on a cruise, I feel we as parents are allowed some us time! Adult beverages and a movie theater sounds like a great time!

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  7. This sounds like so much fun. I’ve been on two cruises but that was before kids. I’d love to try Disney just because I know the kids would be so entertained that we’d get our alone time too.

  8. Oh wow. That sounds like a great experience. These are more than enough reasons to love the Disney cruise.

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  10. Because I travel alone, I love the adults-only area. If I took the kids with me, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I love taking Disney Cruises alone, as a couple or with the kids. They cater to everyone.

  11. Because I travel alone, I love the adults-only area. If I took the kids with me, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I love taking Disney Cruises alone, as a couple or with the kids. They cater to everyone.

  12. We have never considered taking a Disney cruise. I have been seeing and reading about these cruises all the time now. Something to consider and look into.

  13. I have been toying with the idea of a Disney cruise. I am hoping that we can do one for our big family trip next year.

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  15. We did the Disney Cruise last February for my daughter’s fifteenth birthday and it was the best time ever! The girls stayed with their grandparents while my husband and I enjoyed the tequila tasting. We all had a blast and enjoyed the fact that there were so much to do as adults.

  16. OMGoodness, I want to go to Disney so bad and now that my oldest is out of school and a college gal I think this would be the perfect time for me and hubby to sail away. So much to see and do and the food wow, looks so awesome. I bet you guys had an awesome time and I love the pictures!! :0)

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