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Top 7 Islands to Visit in France

A group of boats float in the Porquerolles waters.

Top 7 Islands to Visit In France

France is full of many beautiful islands that tend to be overlooked. Tourists typically frequent the main parts of the country. Paris, Marseille, Nice and other major cities where airplanes and trains are constantly traveling to. That is where people tend to go.

But what about the picturesque islands that you can only visit by boat? Now those are the true gems of France and these eight Islands are where you need to go for a wonderful boat holiday.

The beautiful island of Martinique has turquoise waters and large, green hills.

1. Martinique

This French Island is ideal not only thanks to its perfect location with the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. This also makes this island ideal any time of year. The cuisine of Martinique is something that you need to experience for sure. With a mix of French, Creole and Caribbean influences, the food and the general culture of the island make it a veritable French treasure. You may want to boat out to this island and never leave!

A couple relax on a yacht.

2. Ile de Porquerolles

This small island is located at the southern coast of France, is close to Spain and only a ten-minute boat ride away from the mainland. Despite knowing its location, once on the island, you will feel as though you are in the Caribbean. Beautiful teal waters and white sand dunes are what Ile de Porquerolles is all about! Once off of the boat, you can easily bike around the island and choose to stay and camp outdoors in one of the islands famous campsites. Remember to check the availability of the accommodations before you go as this tiny island is popular and many places will be sold out in advance.

The beautiful bay of Guadeloupe is lined with sail boats.


3. Guadeloupe

While this island may seem quite large, the reality is that it is actually two islands- Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. The two islands are connected by a bridge so, once you arrive at one, you can easily get to the other! Guadeloupe is still fairly overlooked when it comes to mainstream tourism so the island is great to visit when you are looking for a true, French Caribbean experience rather than a pure sightseer type trip.

The island of Corsica, showing off the coastline.

4. Corsica

This small island needs to be on your list of places to visit by boat and you should plan that trip as soon as possible! The amazing geography and beautiful cliff side towns are a sight to see! The island is rich in history as well as charm so, once you are off your boat, you can explore the culture, enjoy the food and relax on the French-Italian coastline.

The bay of the Ile de Re at night.

5. Ile de Re

Between perfect sand dunes and peaceful pine forests, it is obvious why Il de Re is a popular vacation location for Parisians. The island is quiet and tranquil and has many spots that are more picturesque than you could possibly imagine. The golden beaches are perfect for walking all day. There are cycling paths are great to bike on and explore the island. In addition, the waters are crystal clear for boating on or taking a serene swim.

The island of Porquerolles is lined with sail boats and navy blue water.

6. Porquerolles

This island is a favorite of many celebrities and for good reason- it is simply gorgeous! The island of Porquerolles is actually a nature reserve that is protected by the French government. The island is closed to the public and has very few full-time residences. This low population has kept the island practically untouched, preserving its gorgeous coastline. You can take a ferry or private boat to Porquerolles and then enjoy the silence and crystal clear night sky.

A sail boat is shown in the Ile de Brehat.

7. Ile de Brehat

With a population of only 400, this tiny French island is known for its gorgeous Mediterranean plant life. From fig trees to tropical palms, eucalyptus to mimosa plants, walking through this island will certainly make you feel as though you are on vacation. Ile de Brehat is also popular thanks to its pink granite rocks which speckle the island. Boat over to Ile de Brehat and plan on staying a while to explore!

Whether you are taking a trip in your own boat or hitching a ride on a French ferry, these islands are destinations that you must visit.

A true French getaway should be peaceful, exclusive and definitely coastal. Get in your boat and go! Traveling does not get any better than that!

Have you ever visited the islands in France?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. My son was blessed to go to Paris, France – Spring break 2018 – many tirelessly hours of fund-raising – but what we do for our children. Upon return, he had over 500 photos – they were breathtaking. A trip of a lifetime. Would absolutely love, one day, to see my three ultimate dream vacays – France/Greece/Italy. Being a family that is overwhelmed with great architecture and history – aaah to dream. Now, there has to be water to dip our toes in also and well as great food and adventure.

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