What Will Disney World Look Like Post COVID-19?

A picture of Disney World during the fireworks. You can see Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey as a silhouette.

What Will Disney World Look Like Post COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly thrown the world through the wringer and that includes major tourist attractions like the Disney theme parks all over the world.

Disney World, the largest of the parks, will start a phased reopening on the 11th of July. But what changes should you expect?

Limited Types And Numbers Of Guests

Disney is going to seriously limit its capacity when the parks reopen with the estimates being around 20% on the start date.

That does mean that you can probably expect lower queues for the rides and attractions that are running – we’ll get to that.

As well as this COVID-19 travel restrictions will mean that you’re not going to see the usual influx of international tourists. Tourism for Disney World is usually 80% international.

This won’t be the case when the parks reopen in a couple of weeks. People also aren’t currently able to book new holidays.

Instead, the company is only catering to those who have already booked. The earliest you can book a Disney World holiday in the UK right now is for 2021.

Mandatory Requirements

While there will be areas around the park where you can remove your mask, for the most part, both guests and staff will be required to wear masks as they travel around.

If you have already booked a trip, then it is going to be worth research which masks trap the least amount of heat.

Similarly, temperature checks are likely going to be put in place too.

There is also going to be absolutely no guarantee that you get into the park on any given day.

It will likely operate on a first come first serve scenario. That’s going to be particularly tricky because a lot of the parks are not opening at the same time.

No Waterparks

Unsurprisingly, Disney has opted not to give a date for when their water parks will be back open.

Social distancing in the massive wave pool at Typhoon lagoon is probably close to impossible and wearing a mask in an environment like this could be potentially dangerous.

It makes sense that Disney is just avoiding this headache completely for the time being.

It’s equally possible that these will remain closed until the virus is in the rearview mirror which might not be until next year.

Interestingly, Universal has opted to open Volcano Bay although limited attractions are running.

Missing Attractions

A lot of attractions will not be running through the first weeks and months when Disney reopens.

Character interactions will not occur although characters are going to wander the parks. As well as this, there won’t be any of the famous fireworks displays.

This is going to limit the reason to stay in the park after the sun begins to set but again it’s all to do with social distancing.

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The crowds for the fireworks are absolutely stupendous. Limiting capacity won’t stop people gathering to watch the sky behind the castle light up with glorious displays of colour.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key changes if you do have a trip to Disney booked this year.

How do you think Disney World will look like post COVID-19?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A picture of Disney World during the fireworks. You can see Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey as a silhouette. A banner reads, 'What will Disney World Look Like Post Covid-19?"

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