East Lansing MI HVACR and AC Repair Services Near You

Older AC units outside of an old building. This article covers Lansing MI HVACR and AC Repair near you.

East Lansing MI HVACR and AC Repair Services Near You

Have you ever hired AC repair services? Most homeowners find these services indispensable to keep their air conditioners functional throughout the summer months.

The most frequent issues happening to these systems involve the compressor, fans, evaporator coils, condensate lines, etc.

Fortunately, experienced repairmen are skilled at locating the source of the defect and choosing the most effective method of fixing it. 

Have a look at the most popular AC repair services requested by East Lansing residents.

Compressor Issues

The largest part of homeowners in East Lansing has dealt with a compressor issue at some point. In order for individuals to recognize whether their AC units require a compressor repair, they must understand how the compressor works.

Basically, the compressor is considered to be the heart of any air-conditioning unit. Go here for some useful advice on checking an AC compressor.

The responsibility of this crucial part is to pump the refrigerant through the entire unit. The coolant’s role is to capture the heat, while the compressor is in charge of producing cold air.

The mechanics of this part are complicated, but homeowners can still recognize whether it demonstrates signs of malfunction by feeling a difference in the indoor temperature.

Usually, compressor problems are related to low refrigerant. 

When the refrigerant is low, the AC keeps running without making your home any cooler, and a bubbling sound can be heard from the lines.

If you happen to identify these warning signs, waste no time contacting AC repair services. The sooner you hire a repairman to fix your compressor, the lower the risk of having to replace it. 

Fan Issues

Another type of AC repair often requested by residents of East Lansing is linked to fan issues. While the AC fan isn’t as complicated as the compressor in terms of mechanics, it performs a double function of pulling hot air from the room and pushing the cool air back indoors.

Unless the fan is performing its function, the unit won’t run without it. 

Homeowners can easily check if the fan is experiencing a problem by inspecting the outdoor AC unit. While looking at this unit, it’s rather obvious whether the fan is running normally.

For example, it might be running slower or faster than normal, along with producing weird noises. These symptoms serve as indicators of potential motor, belt, capacitator, and power issues. 


Another common air-conditioning repair type is fixing a refrigerant or water leak. There is a myriad of AC repair experts in East Lansing, such as https://www.myhometownheating.com/ac-repair-east-lansing-mi/, helping customers beat the heat.

Water leaks are almost impossible not to spot, as you’ll notice a water puddle underneath the unit. The reasons why such leaks are common include an obstructed condensate line, a dirty air filter, an old drain pan, etc. 

Furthermore, the condensate line runs on the outside of the AC unit, which increases the chances of becoming obstructed by all sorts of yard debris.

Conversely, a dirty air filter might lead to a leak, as it has the potential to make the coils freeze. The older your unit gets, the more damaged the drain pan becomes.

The function of the drain pan is to collect condensation, which leads to the creation of rust. 

Refrigerant leaks occur as a response to low refrigerant levels that reduce the pressure and force the coils to freeze. AC repair experts will identify the leak’s source, fix it, and charge your system with the correct refrigerant amount. 

Drainage Issues

Fixing drainage problems is another common AC repair type. As already mentioned, the cooling process results in condensation.

In normal conditions, condensation doesn’t flow in the same direction as the equipment. Nevertheless, it increases in the event of a condensate drain line clog and high humidity levels outdoors. 

High condensation levels affect the performance of air conditioners and might cause damage to their components.

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Anyhow, technicians are trained in inspecting drip pans and condensate pumps. They clear the lines of clogs and impede future clogs by treating the lines for algae growth. 

A professional will fix your issue in no time while ensuring the system keeps your home cool all summer long! 

So call one, if you need one!

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Older AC units outside of an old building. This article covers Lansing MI HVACR and AC Repair near you.

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