Father’s Day Gift Guide: Here’s What Dad REALLY Wants + Giveaway! #LoveYourDad

Father's Day Gift Guide from Sears: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Fathers are a girl’s first love and a boy’s first idol. It takes a very special man to be a dad and for that very reason, they deserve the best on Father’s Day and every single day.

I know it’s sometimes hard finding the perfect gift to show how much you care about him, especially if he’s the guy who has everything! Here’s a guide that can help you find that gift that is right just for the type of dad he is! Plus, did you know that 60% of Father’s Day purchases are made 1 week before the big day–so don’t feel bad about shopping last-minute!

So, what does dad really want for Father’s Day? A recent survey conducted by Sears says that more than one-third of Canadian dads (36 per cent) agreed the number one gift they would most like to receive for Father’s Day is fashion-related. Some have their eyes on a new suit, perfect shirt and tie that fits just right or they may be after a new pair of kicks, either a pair of sneakers or trendy boat shoes.

That only means one thing, maybe giving dad a stylish new tie or a pair of socks that make a statement may not be a bad idea–fashion dad is here to stay!

Father's Day Gift Guide: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Dad Personas?

Sears has done a bit of digging and research and discovered that predominantly Four Key Dad Personas exist and have created fully shoppable gift guides, available in-store and online, at Sears.ca/LoveYourDad just for them!

  • Outdoorsy Backyard Dad
  • Cooking connoisseur Foodie Dad
  • On-trend Modern Dad
  • Fitness-focused Dad Bod

A little more deets for you, 66% of dads in Quebec and Atlantic Canada want outdoor goodies they can’t do without, like BBQs, patio sets and fire pits. Who can blame them? He excels at manning the grill and you will enjoy a new patio set by a fire pit, right?

37 % of dads in Atlantic Canada say they’d like to receive tools, a lawn mower, shed, workshop or automotive accessories. A whopping 90% of Canadian dads say that spending time with family on Father’s Day is what means most and is most important.

Closely following behind was getting gifts, hanging out with friends or relaxing by himself. We all need a little RnR! Below are my top picks for every type of Dad, any of these gifts will make them happy!

Father's Day Gift Guide: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Backyard Dad!

Well, backyard dad is always on the move, he is a busy body and you might hear the lawn mower early in the morning as he is getting his lawn just right. Later, you’ll find him donning his King of the BBQ or Kiss the Cook apron while grilling up THE perfect steak (I’ll take mine medium,) or veggie kabobs for the fam jam. In fact, 36 per cent of dads claim that on a typical weekend afternoon, you will find him firing up the grill. Have a grilling king? Here’s his top picks to enjoy his outdoor zen!

1) CRAFTSMAN C3 19.2 Volt Lithium-ion ½-in. Brushless Drill Driver $149.99; 2) Broil King Premium Rib Rack $47.97; 3) Napoleon Travel Q Portable Propane Grill $219.99; 4) Earthwise 20” 3-in-1 Corded Electric Mower $229.99; 5) Earthwise 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer $119.99.

SHOP more options, Sears.ca/loveyourdad.


Father's Day Gift Guide: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Foodie Dad!

When he’s not scouring Instagram for his next foodie hidden gem in the next city he is going to or staking out his next gourmet donut joint; he’s at home making cauliflower-crust pizza or your favorite, open-faced smashed avocado toast. Don’t worry, he’ll even top yours with tomato and bacon. Bacon makes everything better! Make Foodie Dad happy with these connoisseur-approved gifts. Gastronome approved.

1) Hamilton Beach Dual Zone 3-in-1 Griddle $71.99; 2) Henckels H.I. Classic 6-Piece Steak Knife Set $49.99; 3) T-Fal 2-Pack Pizza Pans$13.99; 4) KitchenAid Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set $479.99.

SHOP more options, Sears.ca/loveyourdad.


Father's Day Gift Guide: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Dad Bod!

Ahh, there’s something about a dad bod that is, well, irresistible. No matter what shape or form, we love them! You might find him on YouTube, scoping out the newest work-outs, new and healthy recipes to get him lean or the latest trends that will help him get fit! You can help him with his gains by getting him these gifts!

1) Juice Bullet $79.97; 2) Saucony Men’s Mystic Running Shoes $49.99; 3) NordicTrack C 600 2.6-CHP Treadmill $699.99; 4) Champion Men’s Power Train T-Shirt $25.00; 5) No.99 Wayne Gretzky Men’s Body Mapping Performance Golf Shirt $29.99.

SHOP more options, Sears.ca/loveyourdad.


Father's Day Gift Guide: Here's What Dad REALLY Wants! #LoveYourDad

Modern Dad!

The modern dad has style, he can be like Harvey Specter during the week but, super casual with cargo shorts, plaid button-down shirt and loafers on the weekend. He isn’t afraid to try the latest styles or trends and he looks good doing it. Keep him stylish with these gifts!

1) No.99 Wayne Gretzky Dobby Stripe Pants $29.99; 2) Point Zero Men’s Cotton-Linen Short-Sleeve Shirt $29.99; 3) Clarks Men’s Fallston Style Lace-Up Leather Shoes $59.99; 4) Point Zero Men’s Cotton-Lined Cargo Shorts $29.99; 5) No.99 Wayne Gretzky Men’s Cotton Check Shirt $24.99; 6) KGB Duffle$24.99.

SHOP more options, Sears.ca/loveyourdad.


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Ready to WIN?

To celebrate all dads out there, one lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a $50 Sears Gift Card. This contest opens on June 17th, 2016 and ends on July 2nd, 2016. It is open to Canada only!

Time to Shop!

There you have it folks, you are now armed with tons of gift ideas for whichever type of Dad that holds your heart! It’s still not too late and you can either shop online or in-store at Sears.ca/loveyourdad! Make sure to follow @SearsCA using #LoveYourDad and like Sears Canada on FB for the latest updates!

What are you getting the dad in your life this year?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!





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  1. My hubby is a Modern Dad. I always end up getting him new clothes. This Father’s Day it’ll be new shoes.

  2. My dad would be offended but he needs the dad bod one! To be nice though I’d get the modern

  3. My dad always says there isnt anything he needs.. So instead I get him stuff he enjoys. Lije pies, dutch licorice, treats he will be happy with on Fathers Day.

  4. We certainly have the Backyard Dad here he loves hanging out in the shed working on some gadget

  5. My Dad is definitely Backyard Dad! He loves mowing his lawn, leaf-blowing, weed whacking, etc. He would get a lot of use out of the Earthwise pressure washer for his outdoor needs!

  6. My Dad was definitely the Backyard Dad! He loved the yard to be well maintained and he loved to BBQ too!

  7. I would buy my dad a Juice Bullet. He wants to get into juicing so this would be the perfect gift for him from Sears.

  8. My dad is a backyard dad.. He is always working around the house and loves to sit back and relax on the deck!

  9. my dad hearts the backyard…a pressure washer would definitely come in handy with all the dirty jobs that he has to deal with!!

  10. My dad is definety the outdoorsy type therefor the present for the backyard dad would be more suitable.

  11. We got a backyard Dad and if the weather would warm up and stop the rain and fog he could get out .

  12. I have a Foodie Dad (although he is a composition of a lot of traits); I would get him a new pepper mill.

  13. My Dad is a Foodie Dad. He loves to BarBeQue, not just the usual BBQ fare of steaks and burgers but also things like blueberry cornbread, rotisserie turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and grilled pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

  14. My Dad is 92 and my Step-Mom is 93. Both are fairly independent, , but cooking has lost their interest. We given them gift certificates for the restaurant in their residence.

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