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7 Tips for Picking Paint Colours

A bright blue wall with a blue table and plant and jar.

Tips for Picking Paint Colors

Did you know that colour is so powerful that it affects our response to places, objects or things? The mere psychology of colour can be subtle or in your face–physical and psychological.

For this very reason, choosing the right paint colours for your home can be a challenge but, it doesn’t have to be. Use these tips and you’ll have a zen-like home that you’ll fall in love with every day.

Adding colour can be overwhelming too, you don’t want to overdo it all at once.

So the best thing to do would be to start small. Pick a space that you think can use a pop of colour and start there! Once you use the tips below, you’re well on your way to styling your entire home!

Read on for tips for picking out paint colours!

1. Find Your Inspiration

Grab those magazines, pull up Pinterest and cut out or pin your favourite looks and styles. Colour palettes in whatever form it may be. Watch some DIY and home renovation shows to spark some creativity.

Pick out colours of that last vacation sunset you saw or the shade of your significant other’s eyes when the sun hits them so. Whatever moves you, add it to your portfolio of inspiration.

2. Decide on the Mood of the Room

How do you want to feel when you are in the room? Do you want to feel tranquil? Relaxed? Inspired? Is it a place where you will invite people over to or is it a more formal space?

Warmer, colours that contrast and somewhat brighter colours give a space a more sociable atmosphere.

While deeper blue-greens and neutrals will give a more formal ambiance. Colours are great but, reds and intensely bright colours can do the opposite and cause irritability or stress.

Neutrals are always a great choice as they give you a blank canvas to add pops of colour in your decor choices.

3. Consider Every Element

Take a look around your house and take note of what materials are in use. Do you have tiling or hardwood floors? Do you have a more modern and clean style in furniture or do you prefer an antique or even country-style?

Does wood make up a lot of your home’s style?

Furnishings are also kind of a big deal when it comes to picking your paint. They usually have their own colour schemes and it is something you should take into account when changing your paint colours.

Your furniture is an investment and it cannot be easily discarded because you want to change your wall colour.  Not to mention, you are not going to get rid of your grandma’s dining table for the sake of paint, right?

4. How Do You Light It Up?

What is on the floor is important when it comes to picking your paint colour because it anchors the room. It can change how the colour you choose looks like on the walls because of how light reflects it. That’s another thing that you should consider, lighting.

Ever notice that when you go to your nearest hardware store to pick paint, they always have different types of light to try the shades in? Light can do different things to colours!

The best bet to choose the perfect colour is to view it in natural daylight because it shows the truest colour. Incandescent lighting will pull out warm tones and yellows and fluorescent lighting will pull out a sharp blue tone.

Consider using bright or bold colour as an accent wall that gets hit with indirect light and avoid using a bold colour on all walls or a wall that is hit by direct light.

5. Test Out Your Color

When it comes to tips for picking paint colours, you need inspiration. Grab a poster board and paint it in your desired colour. Don’t be afraid to go bold and see how it looks like in your home, with your furniture, floors and lighting.

Choose neutrals like light greys, taupes, whites or go bolder and try a strong accent wall or ceiling.

Keep it simple and consider using a monochromatic scheme, play up the same colour in different variations.

6. Think About Finish

Consider how much traffic you get in the desired room. Do you have kids? For a kid’s room, a semi or high-gloss would be preferred as it can be wiped clean with no issue.

If you choose more of a matte or eggshell finish, you may have a harder time cleaning finger marks or other messes.

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The colour will look a bit different on each surface. Don’t forget, the light will affect it too!

But, you’ve already learned all about that!

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Do you have tips for picking paint colours?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I always pick neutrals , because I lack vision lol, I do like them when I’ve seen what other people have done

  2. I am so bad at picking colors!! I look at the little chips and think this I know what I like till I test it out!! Thankfully there is a guy at our local store that is amazing at helping me find just what I want!!

  3. These are some excellent points! we actually want to redo our bathroom by giving it a new paint color. I am really loving these pops of color. The blue is absolutely beautiful and would go with my beachy theme 🙂

  4. I am so bad at picking colors!! They look great on the chip but when on the way yucky! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Currently given thought to repainting in the living room so will make use of the information.

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