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9 Ways to Feel Confident During Your Monthly Cycle

Ways to Feel Confident During Your Monthly Cycle

I don’t know about you, but being on my monthly isn’t exactly my most favourite time of the month. It’s easy to feel a little less fabulous and a lot more uncomfortable. The monthly blues can make us feel a bit down, less enthusiastic and not so confident.

Even though it is something that we cannot avoid and a part of a healthy life, it isn’t a walk in the park.

However, instead of being down and out every time, I decide to make that time of the month a little more comfortable for myself. Here are 9 ways I use to feel more confident, stay upbeat and get energized every month!

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A yoga mat, weights, tampons, apple watch, and water bottle.

1. Find a product you love

Ladies, the only thing that has truly made me feel more comfortable on my period is using Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons. They are the newest product from Playtex and I’m in love. I purchase mine at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Here are some reasons I love these tampons:

  • They’re 30% smaller than the Playtex® Sport® full-size tampons.
  • They offer the same 360° Sport Level Protection®
  • Protects from leaks.
  • Also, discreetly pocket-sized.

So, no matter if you’re sitting on your couch or out there for a run, you get the same protection. Being comfortable on my period means that I am covered leakage wise. I don’t even want to feel like it’s that time of the month and Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons do just that.

2. Do What Makes You Feel Good 

When Aunt Flo comes for a visit, it’s hard to feel confident and let’s face it; sometimes we don’t feel our prettiest. Even if I don’t feel like it, I still try to make time to stick to my routine. If I can’t feel good on the inside, I at least want to feel good on the outside.

I don’t go crazy, but I wear some comfortable clothing and put on a little lipstick or gloss. I do my hair or do my nails. If straightening or styling your hair makes you feel good, go for it! If doing nothing at all helps you too, do that. It’s up to you!

3. Get Active

One of the reasons why you feel so good after a workout is because physical activity increases endorphins. According to WebMD, regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety and feelings of depression, boost self-esteem and improve sleep.

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body and you’ll find you’ll feel more energized after a workout. I would take it easy and not go too hard while on your cycle but, a great sweat session can do wonders.

4. Don’t be afraid to rest

When it comes to feeling comfortable, during your monthly cycle, you need all the rest you can get. There is nothing FUN about it being that time of month, so take some time to watch your favourite show.

There is no judgement coming from me, believe me. I do it when I need to! There are some days I don’t even leave the couch.

Every cycle is different. Some months I have a lot of energy and no pain, others I feel lethargic and have major cramps. When the latter hits, I make sure to have a heating pad at the ready.

There’s nothing like that warm feeling on your stomach. It can soothe your muscles, ease your body’s discomfort and minimize cramps. I curl up on the couch, watch some Netflix or read a book.

5. Stick with Your Usual Diet

When you’re not feeling the best, you want comfort. That’s why many of us turn to comforting food to makes us feel a little better.

But, comfort foods are often ladened with high sugar and fats and can often give us the opposite of our desired effect afterwards.

The best thing to do is stick to your usual diet and try to eat foods that are high in nutrients, healthy fats and make you feel good.

6. Take Vitamins

It’s hard to feel confident when you feel like keeling over in pain. Some vitamins have been known to help with menstrual cramps. According to a Danish study, Vitamin B12 and fish oil are great for this!

It is believed to work because it reduces inflammation, therefore, decreases menstrual pain. While it isn’t officially a treatment prescribed, it’s good for your body anyway. It’s worth a try!

Magnesium is also another vitamin that can help since it contains nutrients needed to keep the body strong. Taking a daily multivitamin is a good habit to keep anyway, so if you already do–you’re good to go.

If not, perhaps talking to your doctor for a recommendation can help! If vitamins aren’t your jam, try eating foods that are rich in nutrients like halibut, mixed nuts, soybeans and yogurt. Quinoa, brown rice and my favourite, avocados–make a good choice too!

7. Treat yourself

As a woman, I don’t think there is a better time to treat yourself than when on your period. There is just something about dark chocolate that makes me feel better.

Then again, that goes to say whether I’m experiencing my monthly visitor or not.

Plus, it has been known to increase your endorphins. Just make sure that you enjoy it in small quantities so that you don’t take in too much sugar. There are so many other ways to treat yourself though!

Hit up the salon, get your nails done or buy or download a new book to dive into!

8. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated every day is important. So, it goes without saying that it is generally a good thing to do. It helps your body to continue to truck along and it does wonders for your skin too! Plus, being dehydrated can make you feel worse. According to the experts, dehydration can make you feel dizzy and fatigued. So avoid those icky feelings by getting enough H20!

9. Save your busy schedule for another time

When I’m not feeling the greatest, I try to clear my schedule and try not to be too busy. Not because I can’t handle being around people, but because I’m more comfortable this way.

I love being in my comfort zone, especially when Aunt Flow visits.

Of course, sometimes this isn’t possible and busyness will still happen and that is okay. When I can’t avoid it, I make sure to write down a to-do list. It makes me feel accomplished when I get things done!

Two boxes of Playtex Sport Compact.

Be Confident

There you have it, folks! I hope these 9 ways to feel confident during your monthly cycle help. Try some of these tips and let me know what you think! Being on your period doesn’t need to stop your life; however, you can cater to your own lifestyle while on your period.

Make sure you head to the Playtex website to learn more about the launch of these new tampons!

How do you feel more comfortable & confident during your monthly cycle?

Let me know, til then-cheers m’deres!

The name Nancy is shown with a dandelion fluff on the end of the y.

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  1. I feel like this would really help a lot of women. I remember when I was a kid, and my mom would skip doing certain physical activities during that time of the month. This will help them keep active.

  2. I have an exercise in quite a bit and I’m really enjoying how I feel. I think that’s the best way for me to feel confident during that time of the month.

  3. Very good tips that a lot of women should take advantage of! Finding your favorite product to use is an absolute must! It’s good to let us women know that we can still be confident when Aunt Flow makes her visits.

  4. These are all great tips. I think finding the “product you love” is most import, though. That can make all the difference in how you feel both physically and mentally.

  5. These are such great tips! The time of the month didnt bother me much when I was younger, but now I could use these tips! lol 🙂

  6. I’m kind of thankful that I don’t have to worry about this anymore but these are great tips to hand down to my daughter who will be coming into her own soon.

  7. I always have a really rough day two on my period. I make sure I have a few things I like to snack on and a good movie to watch to try to distract me from it.

  8. You really hit all the best points here! I was nodding my head with each new tip! I would point out a few of my favorites but as a collective – you can’t go wrong!

  9. I frequent the gym and always find it difficult to workout during my monthly cycle, even though it makes me feel better. I look forward to giving these tampons a try!

  10. These are definitely some great tips I need to remember! After going through Chemo and Hormone medication I stop having a cycle about a year ago, but it looks like mother nature is taking it’s course once again!

  11. I like to binge watch my favorite shows when it is that time of the month for me. I always spoil myself with my favorite treats.

  12. I think it is important to take some time for yourself when you have your period. I like to relax in a hot bath with a good book.

  13. I am totally with you on the Dark Chocolate! A little piece instantly makes me feel better. Great tips to remember when you are feeling cruddy from being a girl!

  14. These are all great tips! I always have to remind myself to drink more water, especially when I’m on my cycles. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Thanks for the great tips. I really hate when Aunt Flo visits. I just want to stay in comfy clothes and curl up on the couch.

  16. Exercise is a great way to ward off the icky effects that come with that time of the month. I know that my biggest worry during that time of the month is, leaks. Leaks are embarrassing and can ruin your confidence in a heartbeat.

  17. It’s very stressful for me when Aunt Flow visits that’s why I mostly sleep half of the time or eat my favorite snacks. Thanks for sharing these cool tips, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind! ^^

  18. Thanks for sharing your tips on staying confident! I am sharing these with my teen daughter, I think they will be helpful for her.

  19. Hi Nancy awesome tips! Starting 2 days are very difficult for any girl/woman, thanks for sharing useful tips. It’s tough but I try to get more active and drink a lot of water to make myself comfortable.

  20. Well those are certainly great tips,I’ve not had to worry about that since i was 26 when i had a complete hysterectomy due to Cancer cells!.

  21. Best tip is to spend time with your family, and friends. Go for a short trip and stay positive always. Less focus on negative things and be alert always.

    Ahh never forget jack (pet dog) .. the one closest to you after your hubby and kids.

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