Unplug for the Holidays Because Sometimes, the Best Present is Being Present. #HolidayMode

Holiday Mode

Get Into Holiday Mode. 

We live in a digital world and we are more connected virtually than ever before. If you know me, you know that I love ALL technology and there is never a gadget that I don’t want to try! Life is even busier during the holidays, in fact, it’s the busiest that it has been for me in a very long time right now. While I have a lot of work, I am grateful for it but, I am looking forward to it slowing down a bit.

It is so easy to get caught up in being busy that we often forget that connecting with people IRL (in real-life) is so important. Truly, the best present you can give any one you love is to be present.


Get Unplugged.

That means putting down your device and start connecting with your family, friends and anyone you meet. It’s one of the best parts about the holidays. Whenever I am out in the busy holiday bustle, I take the time to greet people and spark conversation. We all need a little connection from time to time, even though we may not even know it.

TELUS is bringing back their absolutely spectacular encouragement to get into holiday mode this year. They believe that during the holidays there’s no greater connection than the human connection. Even though they help millions to connect every single day, that one-on-one connection between people cannot be replaced.

Something we do a lot of is have “coffee dates” we head to our favorite coffee shop or even just set up a little “cafe” in our dining room and we sip hot chocolate and just talk. We talk about life, our goals, dreams and sometimes just about the mundane. Our girls love our dates and we wouldn’t have it any other way. During the holidays, we take time off and we spend time with family, eat good food, watch cheesy movies, sing, dance and laugh–we laugh a lot! 


Get Your Devices Ready for Holiday Mode.

As you know, I am part of Team TELUS and I’ve puffy heart loved them for many, many years. They have come up with a genius and super cute way to make sure your devices are set into holiday mode with these super cute knit-sweaters and a fireplace that is set afire by your device. You can get your knit-patterns for the sweaters or print out your own fireplace to make it at home, here. The fireplaces are available at your nearest TELUS in limited quantities. 

After your devices are all tucked away, nice and toasty inside the sweaters or if your phone is providing a warm glow as it crackles, you are ready. You can do something with friends, surprise a loved one, spend quality time with your family – it’s entirely up to you. Our fireplaces are going to get good use this year, let me tell you that!


Expect More.

I love that TELUS is a telecommunications company who wants to inspire their consumers to unplug and spend quality time with friends and family. To me, that is very telling and to be quite honest, it speaks volumes about a phone company. They really are like no other. My work days tend to be spent alone, of course I have my supervisors Lincoln and Maverick to keep me company but, most days it’s just me in my office.

I often find that my days turn into evenings and I have to remind myself that I have to step away. What is ironic is that I work long days just to spend more time with my family. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. That is why when we take time off of work, I step away without feeling an ounce of remorse. Life is not about things but, people.


Need Gift-spiration?

Once the holidays arrive, you will be prepared to go into holiday mode. But, if you are still looking to find some gifts for freinds and loved ones, TELUS has an amazing list of the HOTTEST gadgets that anyone on your shopping list will love. TELUS has a great Holiday Gift Guide and you’ll even find a recommendation from yours truly there. 


My TOP Recommendation.

I absolutely adore my Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones. Music is my life and you will always find me listening to music or watching some Netflix when I have down time. You can move up to 30 ft. when you are wireless and even take hands-free calls with the built-in mic. You don’t know what you’ve been missing til you put a pair of Beats on. You can find out more about them, here.


Make sure you head over to www.telus.com/expectmore to get inspiration or find out more about how you should be expecting more. Plus, you can get your knitted-sweater patterns and print out your fireplaces!

Tell me, how do you plan to get into Holiday Mode this year?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. I am going to get into holiday mode by watching Christmas movies with family, and attending several holiday parties!

  2. I’m going to get into Holiday Mode by putting a “fireplace” on the television and decorate the TV as if it were a fireplace of sorts.

  3. We've been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies to get into the Christmas spirit. Thank you!

  4. I am going to print off their fireplace surround to attach to the TV and pretend the fire log channel is a real fireplace!


  5. A great gift for some one. I get caught up in the tidal wave that is my grand children. I just kind of go along and have fun with the children.

  6. I sing in a choir so I've been singing Christmas carols since September preparing for our Christmas concert. I've been in the Christmas mode for while now.

  7. Every year I take the kids to the 'Christmas in the Park' lights display. That seems to set the holiday season off with some family fun.

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