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Glider Gloves: Touchscreen Friendly Winter Gloves, Stay Connected–Even in The Cold! #HolidayGiftGuide


Glider Gloves.
Touchscreen Friendly.

Can you say I am in? As many of you know, I am a technology lover. I almost always have my phone with me and even in the winter, I have to stay connected. So either you will find me baring the icy cold air or you’ll find me in ill-fitting “touchscreen friendly” gloves. By that, I mean gloves that don’t fit me properly therefore don’t work properly.



Tailored to Fit.

When I was given the chance to try out the Glider Gloves, I was stoked. I looked at their sizing chart, printed out their hand diagram and measured my hand. Since I had two pairs, my husband did the same thing.

You measure the length and width measurement of your hand and you are given a size. There is a measurement table for both the Urban Gloves (which is a lighter glove) and the Winter Gloves that we were trying out.Glider-Gloves-HowDIW 

Break Them In.

The Winter style tends to fit more snug. It is made of 2% spandex material that will conform to your hand the more you wear it. The sizes available are small, medium, large and extra-large. The gloves are pretty snug when you first put them on, they are a nice thickness but, not thick enough that you are uncomfortable. 

How Do They Work:

Using special conductive micro-fibers woven into the liner, we are able to bridge the conductive gap your gloves create between you and your device. The result? Amazing touch response along your entire hand and fingers and allows for precise control and unparalleled touch response of your touchscreen device – no matter which part of the glove you use.




When using other gloves, I found that I would have a lot of space left between my finger and the tip of the glove. When you get into your Glider Gloves, there is no space left. That means that they will be more effective and you don’t have to stop browsing, playing and staying connected.

The grip on the gloves also make them great to hold onto your device and a nice grip while driving. Since I’ve used them, I haven’t had an issue in swiping or clicking with the gloves. That makes me one happy lady!



Perfect Fit.

If you’re wondering the thickness of these gloves and do they actually keep you warm, well don’t worry. The answer is thick enough and yes–plenty warm! You can definitely feel the thickness between your fingers but, you are also warm in the winter chill.

It isn’t so thick that you lose dexterity which I find is a HUGE plus with these gloves. My husband says that these are the most comfortable pair of gloves he has ever owned. They also have Urban Glider Gloves that are thinner but, may not be as warm for the winter. 


Thumbs Up!

Yes, call me corny but, I truly do give a thumbs up to Glider Gloves. As a techie, I’ve tried many types of touchscreen friendly gloves to never find the right fit, not enough control from finger to screen or too thin that I am freezing. These Winter Glider Gloves are by far, the best gloves I tried to stay connected. 

Glider Gloves-Deals

Get Yours!

Glider Gloves make the perfect gift for the techie in your life, whether that is your son, daughter, husband or wife–they will love them! So say good-bye to the winter chill and hello to your friends online!

The gloves retail for $29.99 and that is a deal! You can follow @GliderGloves on Twitter and you just might find a holiday deal! Click the picture above to like their Facebook page and get a 10% discount.

Head over to Glider Gloves for more information and to see the options that you have. Remember, you can stay connected and protected this winter season!

How do you stay connected and use your device during the winter?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. I am getting really tired of all these stores that sell gloves they "claim" are touchscreen friendly. Even Dollar Stores (and it's obvious they just don't work & are made with ultra cheap materials). I can already tell by the photo of the Glider Gloves that the micro-fiber materials in these gloves would actually apply to screen usage, they look extremely well made, & entirely functional for both technology & weather.

  2. I do like this idea 🙂 Not only for my phone but also for driving, I hate it when I drive off and my steering wheel is so cold that my fingers get frozen but gloves so far haven't been grippy enough for me. These sound like they'd be just right.

  3. These sound better than some of the other ones out on the market, will have to look into them. Thanks for the review!

  4. I'm a photographer and I wonder if these would also be good for photography. Fingerless gloves just don't cut it but I need to be able to hold my camera without it slipping.

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