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Global Resort Homes: We’re Headed to Florida & We Are Staying in Style! #GlobalResortHomes

Global Resorts Home Orlando

Love Vacationing in Florida?

We sure do!

This year, we are headed to sunny Florida and we are super excited to share that we are staying in the lap of luxury at a Global Resort Home in Orlando. If you’ve never heard of Global Resort Homes, please do pay close to attention because once you know about them–you’re going to want to stay here too!

Global’s team of over 50 professionals maintain and manage over 300 resort homes and Global’s Real Estate team consists of over 35 Real Estate professionals. Global’s dedication and commitment to its guests and homeowners remains and will continue to be the very essence of the company. Guests receive outstanding service while vacationing in beautifully furnished homes in resort communities with numerous amenities.


Let’s Talk Amenities!


A girl can fall in love.

With over 300 properties, you can rest assured that you will feel right at home.  All Global Resort Homes are close to Disney but each has its own charm and appeal.

From beautiful kitchens where you can celebrate with great food and good company to relaxing living rooms and game rooms to wind down.

Since all homes are so close to Disney, you can ask your reservationist about shuttle service from the parks to the resorts, which is a great bonus and money saver!

We are staying with Global Resort Homes to simply enjoy time-off, swim, cook and bake and enjoy family time together. All which will be a perfect get away from the busy days at the parks where we will also take advantage of.

Global Resorts Homes Orlando

Picture Yourself Here.

I can feel it now, the warm sun shining on my skin while I sit on the pool chair whilst reading a book. With a smile watching the kids have fun and splash in the pool. Where at any moment, I can put the book down and jump in and join them. Towards the evening, the adults can unwind with some mocktails in the hot tub while enjoying the night breeze.

Sounds perfect, right?

Well, with Global Resorts Homes it will all become a reality and I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it when I get back from a home away from home in Florida!

Global Resorts Homes Orlando

Vacation in Comfort.

Enjoy neighborhood amenities as well, like community pools and parks! Each home comes with your own washer and dryer for laundry, an abundance of TV’s and you can choose homes from 2 rooms to 7 rooms.

So, if you are planning a trip to Orlando in the coming new year, make sure that you book with Global Resort Homes for amazing value, privacy and convenience. I will be sharing my experience when I get back and will let you know if all my Florida dreams came true.

I’m more than positive that they will!


Check out the properties and BOOK NOW!


Global Resort Homes

For more information, please visit Global Resort Homes and to stay up to date, follow @globalresorts and like them on Facebook to see all that is Orlando and luxury stays at their resorts, here.

Do you prefer the comforts of home when you’re away on vacation?

Let me know, til next time–cheers m’deres!

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  1. Wow this house looks so nice! My family and I are going to Florida in July and been searching high and low for the perfect home and I think we’ve found it! Wonderful post Nancy! Hope you and your family have a blast!

  2. That is one slick house! I specially like the screened-in pool. It's now definately on the to-do list for Florida! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I absolutely Love these houses and will most definitely be renting one out for my vacation next summer! :)… Thank you Nancy for this post it was so helpful!

  4. Wow, that house is absolutely beautiful! I think this would be an excellent option when travelling to Florida. You have your own special place to go to to relax after a hard long day at Disney. My favourite part would be the private pool of course but as a mom, the laundry facilities! hehe!
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  5. I really like the idea of having all the comforts of home when on vacation with the little one. My husband and I have traveled quite a bit and would never have considered vacationing like that when it was just the two of us but it's funny how things change 🙂

  6. OMG this place looks so comfy and beautiful! Hope you have a great trip and can't wait to read about it!
    My recent post Holiday Party Entertainment Tips from Metro!

  7. Oh wow, this looks amazing!! What a fabulous way to enjoy your stay. I hope you have a great trip and I'm looking forward to hearing about it 🙂
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  8. These homes are absolutely gorgeous. I would think I was in heaven if I was staying in that home. Have a great time and enjoy your holiday!

  9. Me again! Just drooling over these pics! Forget about vacationing there…I want to LIVE there! LOL! Great post! We'll def be looking into this for our trip to Florida!!
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  10. Fancy! Looks way better than the place I stayed when I went to Florida, definitely checking out for next time

  11. It looks fabulous. My sister in law will be interested so I will forward this info to her as they have allergies and find only renting homes like this where they can prepare their own food makes sense for their family.

  12. that looks like a great place to stay – we have only stayed onsite at disney when we have gone. When the kids are a bit older we may look into staying offsite for a few days and take advantage of some of the other attractions in the area!

  13. Thanks for the share! We just got back from Orlando in December and also rented a house–it was beautiful and close to Disney. On the days when we did not go to Disney, we rested at home around the pool.

    I'll check out the company you mention in this article, as we are planning on returning in this year or next.

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