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The Worst Things About Traveling & How to Make Them Better

Woman points to a destination on a map. She is surrounded by a camera, glasses, computer and coffee.

The Worst Things About Traveling & How to Make Them Better

You’ve seen pictures of freshly showered 20-year-olds doing yoga in front of a Balinese temple. It would have you believe that traveling is a serene, clean and happy undertaking. And it is… most of the time.

Traveling can be calming, soul-enriching, exhilarating and adventurous. Similarly, it can also be sweaty, groggy, exhausting and disorienting. So, in the spirit of being 100% transparent, this blog post will list some of the less-than-great aspects of traveling. Don’t worry though, we’ll offer up solutions to help you avoid these drawbacks.

Sweaty, Stinky Clothing

Traveling often requires you to physically exert yourself, whether it’s running to catch a train or hauling luggage up a flight of stairs. Since you’re essentially wearing a roster of the same clothes over and over again, they can get awfully gross. Awfully fast. Compound that with the fact that most people travel in hot months, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for being uncomfortable.

The Solution: Pack Merino Wool

If you want the best shirts, the best underwear and the best socks to take travelling, choose merino wool. Its unique fibre structure makes it breathable in even the muggiest weather, and the material actually has antimicrobial properties, meaning that your clothes won’t smell bad, even after days of wear.

Long, Uncomfortable Flights

Your legs are cramped, your seatmate is hogging the armrest and the headphone jack for the in-flight entertainment is on the fritz again. These are just a few of the common complaints with air travel. First class may be lovely, but for everyone else, long flights are a miserable bookend to a trip.

The Solution: Dress Comfortably, and Catch Up on Sleep

To make the best of a bad situation, dress as comfy as possible.

Style be damned.

Kick off your shoes and lean back. If possible, use the time to catch up on sleep, even if that requires you taking melatonin to get the process started.

Jet Lag

For long flights to different time zones, can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Along with the dryness of the aircraft, can combine to make you feel pretty crummy. Those first few days at your destination should be filled with wonder and adventure. Instead, they are sometimes spent in a groggy haze. You often fight to sleep through the day and unable to sleep through the night.

The Solution: Stay Hydrated

It’s hard to battle against a change to your circadian rhythm, but you can at least battle the uncomfortable effects of dehydration that air travel causes.

If you’ve ever felt nauseous, foggy and headache-y during jet lag, it’s probably due to dehydration. To that end, drink lots of water. Drink way more than you think you need during your flight. You’ll be much better on the other end.

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Travel is one of the most wonderful things a person can do for themselves. It opens up new ways of looking at things, and ushers in a deeper understanding of the world.

Sometimes, it can be uncomfortable. Just try these solutions on for size, and hopefully, your next trip will be an easy one.

Do you have any extra tips?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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