Helpful Garage Organization Ideas You’ll Regret Not Trying

A grey and white garage with double doors. This article covers helpful garage organization ideas you'll regret not trying.

Helpful Garage Organization Ideas You’ll Regret Not Trying

You enter your garage, take a look and sigh, seeing the chaos in there. Your tools are lying everywhere, from left to right.

Bikes are squeezed in the corner, barely able to stand thanks to the old cardboard boxes stacked next to them.

And in the middle of it is your car, parked at a slight angle so as to fit in in all of this mess. 

You’ve seen enough and decide to clean up your garage and make it much more space-efficient. To help you with that, below you’ll find some helpful garage organization tips you won’t regret trying.

First of all, take an inventory of all that you have in your garage and move some of your equipment and devices to your shed.

Then, invest in storage cabinets for your leftover tools and throw away things you no longer need.

Finally, add some hangers and shelves to your walls. Explore the tips and make your garage more organized than ever!

Read on for helpful garage organization ideas you NEED to try.

Move Unnecessary Things to Your Shed

If you want to make your garage more organized, you should take an inventory of everything you have.

Look at each thing, and ask yourself if it’s really necessary to store it in your garage.

Although some things like backup tires might be necessary, there are probably many tools or devices that might be better off in a shed.

For example, there’s no need for you to keep your lawnmower or garden-related tools in your garage.

The space they’re taking would be better used for things necessary for your home or car maintenance. It might even turn out that some of these are in your shed instead.

If that’s so, simply switch the storage area for these items, freeing up more space, and enjoy a much more organized and tidy garage.

Throw Away Things You Don’t Need

Next, you’ll want to throw away the things that are unnecessary or that you simply no longer need. You might have received some tools as a gift and never used them.

Similarly, you might rely on your local garage repair service in Scottsdale, AZ, and their professional tools, so you don’t need a bunch of those stored in your garage.

Or, maybe some of the things you have are just broken, and you never bothered fixing them. 

If this is the case, get rid of these things and make your garage look less cluttered at the same time.

You can even donate your unwanted items to someone who might need them more than you do, such as a friend or charity organization. 

Some of the things you consider irreparable might, in fact, be able to get a second life in someone’s hands, so you might try to sell them.

Simply post your stuff on sites such as eBay or Craigslist, and hopefully, someone else will find something useful in it.

For example, where you see a broken-in-half skateboard, someone might see a perfectly fine set of skateboard wheels.

Invest in Storage Cabinets

Inadequate garage storage systems are always a problem in the garage. Even when there’s sufficient space in there, it usually gets filled with clutter, making it hard to store things.

To avoid having this problem, invest in storage cabinets for your basic tools and devices.

For example, place your air compressor on the wall, right next to your garden tools. Put tape measures, hammers, and screwdrivers inside a cabinet on the opposite wall.

Put your barbecue grill in a corner, preferably next to a shelf where you can keep your grill accessories (alcohol, lighter fluid, etc.).

Finally, hang your bikes from the ceiling if you have the space for them. 

With all these storage options open to you, you’ll be able to find what you need much faster than before!

Add Hangers for Bikes and Shelves for Other Equipment

If you have bikes or other equipment in your garage, you might have noticed that they take up a lot of space.

Instead of having them lying on the floor, add wall hangers so you can hang them up.

This way, you’ll free up some much-needed storage space, and your bikes will be easier to reach and maintain.

Moreover, storing your bikes above the ground makes them less susceptible to grime and dirt most garages are full of.

Similarly, add shelves to your garage walls. Keep your spare car parts and other miscellaneous equipment you use more frequently on these shelves.

They’ll be much easier to reach when needed, and they shouldn’t deteriorate as fast as those simply left on the floor.

Ready to Start?

Your garage is one of your most important storage areas. It’s where you keep your tools, vehicles, and equipment.

Because of that, it needs to be organized so you can easily find exactly what you need.

With a little bit of work and planning, you can turn your messy garage into an organized and space-efficient one.

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Just take an inventory of everything you have there, declutter your garage, and invest in storage cabinets for your remaining belongings.

Besides that, try to keep the rest of your things like bikes or spare parts on the walls. You can do that using wall hangers and shelves.

This way, your garage will be clean, organized, and ready for use. Good luck!

Do you have any other garage organization ideas to share?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A grey and white garage with double doors. This article covers helpful garage organization ideas you'll regret not trying.

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