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6 Tips to Create More Space Around the Home!

Vintage classic brown leather suitcase. Travel concept

Tips to Create More Space in the Home!
Tell me that I am not alone!

Okay, so surely I can’t be the only one who spends countless hours trying to find more space around my house, simply to get rid of clutter, right? I can’t be the only one who loses sleep over how to best organize all the stuff we own…the toys, books, magazines, clothes, candles and all the other knickknacks.

Over time, I’ve learned a few tricks to maximize space. Some of these I’ve been told by friends or family, others I’ve intuitively developed using a bit of common sense. Here are six of my favourites!

1. Merge Creativity with Practicality.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box reaps serious rewards. One of my favourite tricks is to display storage spaces like art. If you have a few vintage suitcases, fabric baskets and hollow ottomans, stack them in a corner of your bedroom. It’ll look great and visitors won’t even realize they’re crammed full of junk.

2. Use What You Have!

Similar to the last tip, this is all about using common items and turning them into pure storage gold. One of the best I’ve seen in recent times was little terracotta gardening pots hooked onto a towel rack. You can always try painting a few cans (remove the label and wash thoroughly first) and bunching them on your desk for clutter. I’ve even seen a wiry branch being hung to store your jewellery. Most of these recycling ideas can be found on Brosa’s website; view all of Brosa’s tips here.

Closeup of a rustic kitchen wall. One shelf with canisters, plates and a basket. Hanging on the wall below are wooden utensils, frying pan and towel.

3. Take a Vertical Leap!

Often we neglect to think about stacking or organizing vertically but this can be the most effective. I get frustrated with different-sized kitchen ware – the chopping boards, colanders, pot lids and such – so I put in towel rack bars with hooks to house all of them. It is similar to this hanging storage above. It might not look the most attractive, although I’ve grown to like the rustic look of copper, silver and wooden items. One thing is for sure, it gets the job done.

4. Label Logically.

One thing I’ve become far more aware of is to label, label, label. It’s all very well creating the most pristine, organized house in the world but, it’ll all be for nought if you can’t find what you’re looking for. I have a friend who keeps track of all her possessions by writing them down in a spreadsheet. However, I don’t have the patience or diligence so I simply label the heck out of everything. It helps immensely. Trust me.

Bed is shown with storage underneath frame.

5. Think Big!

What I mean by this is to think about your largest bits of furniture like your couch, bed, desk–you get the idea, right? If you’re in need of an upgrade, conduct some research and consider investing in storage-rich options. For example, there are now beds with hollow bed frames, great for your extra duvets or linens. There are also couches with ample storage that feature hinges to reveal compartments underneath.

6. Fill in the Gaps.

One recent trick I discovered was to go around each room and systematically find gaps where I could place a hanging shelf or some form of storage. This came about after I realized that products existed for every nook and cranny. All I had to do was decide the best spots for my belongings. I installed a protruding box above the bathroom door. I placed it between the top of the door and the ceiling. Also, some hanging shelves on my study wall and an over-the-door organizer on the back of my bedroom door.

How do you make more room in all of your spaces?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. Actually last year we finally found the time since the kids are on their own to do a good cleaning and organizing and used many of these tips you wrote about.When you are a family with kids there never seems to be enough space to store everything.

  2. We keep things minimal. I don't like clutter so I'm always purging. Having functional furniture with storage spaces has been great too!

  3. We live in an old house with very little closet space so i have learned to be very creative in hiding our stuff over the years!! lol

  4. Great tips I like the vertical leap , I get stressed out with a whole bunch of stuff mashed together

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