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How Our Homes Make Us Want to Sell Them

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How Our Homes Make Us Want to Sell Them

A home is like a lifetime project. Slowly but surely, we mold the home we live into the way we feel in life. It’s really why there is a trillion-dollar industry all around the world. So many of us want to make the space we live in to be a projected image of our personality. Just in America alone, people spent over half a billion on home decor.

Consumers spend a lot of money on various things like sofas, lamps, coffee tables, rugs, bath mats are more. For brands, this is a good sign.

A gradually growing industry means more competition, more customers and a lot more creativity. It’s what pushes the entire interior design movement forward.

However, you might be feeling left out.

Perhaps you don’t know what the fuss is all about because when you look around in your own home you feel disconnected. Rather than living and breathing in a home that satisfies you, you’re just annoyed by things that don’t reflect what you want or like.

Homes like this, make us want to sell them.

A Trend-Ridden Home

What should a home be? That’s such a broad question but delve deeper into it. The answer you will most likely come up with is that a home should be a safe haven for the owners to live how they want to. The keywords are ‘how they’ because so many modern homes all look the same.

Trends in interior design are just like fashion, unfortunately. Everyone wants to be seen as being cool and ‘in the know’. It’s quite a sad dereliction of one’s own happiness.

So what if you don’t have what the latest home design magazine says you should. Do you really care about what you want, or what is ‘hot’ and what is ‘not’?

In fact, there are many reasons that make us want to sell.

Some of the latest trends that have been quite bizarre are things like Tropicana wallpaper. Palm trees and massive jungle plant leaves on the walls in bright green shades look good if you’re in a tropical environment.

But if you live in rainy England, is it really something that would fit your home?

Fabric sofas are in and leather is out, apparently. Leather sofas make the home look more stylish and have dominant energy in living rooms. So is losing that prestige of your living room really worth going for a synthetic fibre sofa?

The Coldness of Industrial Decor

Homeowners that look around their homes and see quite a lot of metals, the sparseness of character, and feel a general room temperature that is cold, can thank two interior design styles for their woes.

During the postmodern era, straight edges were all the rage, and a kind of less is more movement began.

That was then taken to new heights with the minimalist style which also partnered with the Scandanavian style of fierce neutrals and lots of open space.

To even greater heights, this was then succeeded by the industrial style which took postmodernism to another level and incorporated industry-level metals.

Stainless steel and iron were the two main materials that almost every new dining table, chair, desk, coffee table and even sofa was made out of.

Don’t Forget Your Style

Wouldn’t you rather have a home that expresses the vast depths of your own personality and tastes? This is the problem with following interior decor styles that offer things mostly in the practical realm. For example, space and almost indestructible materials, but crush any sense of soul and creativity.

If you want an interior design style that offers you plenty of great materials but also plenty of opportunities to cover every angle of your character, then take a look at the Victorian style. If you want something that’s a bit more ‘modern’ then go for an eclectic style.

The Groaning and Moaning

Most homes have a great deal of wood used in the building of their structure. We interact with wood all the time when we’re at home, such as our wardrobe, bed frame, cupboards in the kitchen and of course the staircase.

We often tend to forget that our roof is also made out of wood. It bears the brunt of the wind, rain and the heat that slowly rises from within your home. That means there’s a lot of contracting and flexing in the wood.

This causes moaning and groaning sounds to emanate from the roof and make the home sound old and frail. Contact professionals such as a company like Noble Roofing which can come to inspect your roof. They will give you a quote and design a roof that fits around the home’s own design.

For example they could use a more modern shingle which has a slightly blue tinge to it, fits better and prevents wind from slamming into the roof so hard. With over 20 years of experience, they are aware of the modern desires from homeowners to have their roofs look contemporary but provide stability for the exterior. They can also take a look at the practical efficiency of the gutters and see if they can be updated or in need of repairs.

A Bad Landing

What’s the first thing you want to be greeted by when you come home? Preferably you want a mat that is soft but practical to absorb any rain from your shoes.

It should also be a good side so you don’t need to walk a narrow path to get to it.

Large heavy-duty rubber barrier mats do the trick. They’re large and they have rubber surrounded them so they don’t slip or curl up so easily. Ideal for heavy traffic areas, it’s made to be resistant to wear and tear and stop the mud and dirt.

There are certain things in our homes that make us want to sell them. They’re annoying and we don’t feel welcome in our own living space. One thing you can do is to find your own style and not follow trends in interior design.

Also, try to update your roof so it doesn’t transfer the elements from the outside to the inside your home.

There are many reasons that makes us want to sell. I’ve listed a few but, just know, you aren’t alone.

What are the reasons you sell your home?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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