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9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

It’s getting cold outside and that means most of us just want to slip into our warmest clothes and hibernate. Every winter, we ask ourselves that question. Should we shave in the winter or not?

It’s so simple to want to skip the razor during the colder months. Our first thought is that no one will really be seeing our bare legs or bikini line all the time, so why not just skip it?

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean that you can’t show off those gorgeous legs though, ladies. Especially with the busy holiday season coming up and your fully booked social calendar filled with parties and dinners. Don’t put that mini dress away just yet and discover these tips and shaving essentials that will keep your legs smooth all winter long!

Let's Get Started!

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

1. Find THE Perfect Razor for You.

This is the most important part to achieving soft and supple skin this holiday season. You can opt to saving time in your routine and choose the Schick® Intuition® Advanced Moisture razor. Since the razor’s pivoting head and four blades are surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid containing Shea Butter, it moisturizes while shaving, with no need for shave gel. This one is my favorite but, if it isn’t yours, you have options!

TIP: When cleaning up areas like the underarms, shave from the bottom up allowing the razor to glide over the skin. 


2. Stay Hydrated.

I know it sounds simple and it can definitely get repetitive but, keeping hydrated by getting enough water daily does wonders for your skin. Just as much as you should drink water everyday, your skin needs hydration too. Up your moisturizing game and see what a difference it makes. Find what works for you best, whether you have sensitive skin or prefer less oily formulas. But, stick to it, your skin will thank you!

HOLIDAY TIP: Before you head out to the party, apply an extra dose of moisturizer before you leave. 

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

3. Get Up Close & Personal.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that we let everything go, right? Feel smooth and sexy for the holidays with the new Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor. It has 5 Curve-Sensing™ blades on one end and a bikini trimmer on the other.

Yep, this 2-in-one razor shows love to all your lady parts. Whether you want to keep it neat or bare, it has you covered. The trimmer gives you an easy adjustable solution to obtain a customized trim length anywhere on your body. 

The best secret to smooth skin is to maintain your shaving routine all-year. For tricky spots like your knees, bend slightly to pull the skin-tight before shaving. For the bikini area, shave horizontally, from the outside to the inside of the upper thigh and groin area, using smooth even strokes.

TIP: Apply a moisturizer thirty minutes after shaving to replenish and hydrate skin long into your night of holiday fun.


4. Invest in a Humidifier. 

I know you must be wondering, “Wait, what? How does THAT help my skin?” Well, put it this way, the cold months of winter are when the air is most dry. A humidifier keeps moisture in the air thus your hair and skin benefit. Plus, if you are prone to get colds or if you’re like me and have problems with your sinuses all year-long, it can help ease your discomfort. Win-win, by my books!

5. Warm Water is Best.

Even though you may be cold during these months, opt for lukewarm or warm water to gets your suds on. Really hot water can strip your skin of its natural and essential oils and leave you with very dry skin. The more wet your skin is, the more plump your hairs will get and the easier it will be to shave. Plus, it helps your shaving gel retain the moisture!

TIP: Skin is at its most sensitive immediately after shaving. If you must moisturize immediately following shaving, select a cream formula rather than a lotion.


6. Exfoliation is a Must.

Winter is tough on our skin. If you haven’t added exfoliating to your beauty routine, winter is a great time to start! When you mix dry heat with super cold temperatures and pair it with heavier, dense fabrics and tights, you are almost guaranteed to get dry skin. Establishing an exfoliation regime can help you to prevent itchiness and yucky flakes. While shaving is an awesome way to exfoliate in itself, using a moisture rich scrub to buff away those dead skin cells does the trick.

TIP: Be sure to always exfoliate BEFORE you shave!

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

7. Always Have a Shaving Lotion Handy.

The key to smoother key during the cold months is hydration and moisturization. Having a shaving gel like Skintimate® Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel handy can do wonders. The lotionized moisturizing shave gel is formulated with a luxurious Moroccan Oil blended with Vitamin E, Olive Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil leaving skin feeling soft and silky. Not to mention, it helps your razor slide across your curves for a close and easy shave.

9 Beauty Secrets to Smoother Skin + Tips to Get Holiday Party Ready!

8. Traveling? No Worries!

The holidays often bring us out-of-town or out of the country. Depends where your family is or if you are getting away from it all. Regardless, you want to look and feel your best wherever you go! The Schick’s® 3-pack Hydro Silk® disposables are perfect for traveling, the unique Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum infused with marine extracts hydrates for up to 2 hours after shaving!

The 5 Curve-Sensing™ blades with unique Skin Guards help to protect skin from irritation. Plus, they are so easy to pack and store in your luggage and they’re disposable too. With these, you are good to go!

9. Don’t Experiment.

I know that we often want to try out new products that we’ve heard raves about but, resist! It’s always best to stick to products you know and have used before. But, if you are going to try something new, try it one week ahead of your holiday soiree so that you don’t end up with too much of something or a visible reaction. So, plan ahead if you’re planning to try something new!

There you have it ladies, now you are armed with tips and secrets to achieving smooth and sensual skin–all-year long! Plus, you don’t have to put away that mini-black dress or festive midi-skirts! Go ahead, get holiday ready and show those legs off!

To get you even more ready and stoked for the holidays, Schick has launched this fun little app that will add holiday/festive frames to your profile pictures on Facebook. They got you covered if you are getting away for the holidays, partying it up or getting ready to stand under the mistletoe. Try the different frames, here.

As always, visit Schick.ca for more information or head over to your local Shoppers Drug Mart to get party ready!

How do you get holiday ready?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!






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