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How to Install a ProClip Custom Phone Holder for Your Dodge Challenger

The steering wheel of a 2016 Dodge Challenger. A ProClip adjustable phone holder and mount are shown. The Huawei is inside the holder.

How to Install a ProClip Custom Phone Holder

Smartphones are a useful part of everyday life. If you’re like me, you use yours daily. Not only for leisure but, to pay bills, order groceries, keep up with appointments, GPS and much more.

As a busy mom, safety is of utmost importance. I’m in the car often and safety is a top priority. That’s why I need a reliable phone holder to help keep me connected but, hands-free.

I need to be in contact with my kids, find my way around efficiently, and listen to my tunes.

It would make school pick-ups and drop-offs, driving to sports games, or just being a live-in chauffeur (part of the parenting game) much easier.

A ProClip mount and standard phone holder are shown on a wooden table. A ProClip sticker sits in front of them. A bookcase is seen in the back.

enter proclip USA

Darasak introduced me to a pretty awesome phone holder from ProClip USA. They specialize in making custom device holders that are specifically made for your type of car and phone. They have adjustable ones too!

Their custom mounting solutions will give you the perfect fit.

Which is exactly what I’m after.

Believe me, I’ve tried so many in my day and I could never find one that worked well.

It either didn’t suction properly (and left that ungodly suction cup stain on the windshield) or it would attach to the vent and shake like no tomorrow.

Let’s not forget that sometimes, they’d plain fall off.

The worst option was mounting it onto the dash. Then when it stopped working, the adhesive would be left behind.

It’s not a good look.

Custom mounting

So, when I had the chance to get my hands on one, I was stoked.

For reference, I have a Huawei P30 Pro and a Dodge Challenger.

I opted for an adjustable ProClip standard phone holder and the ProClip Angled Adjustable Mount made for a 2016 Dodge Challenger.

The perfect combo!

I’ll let you know exactly what we think about it but first, read on to see how easy it is to install a ProClip mount and standard phone holder.

I’ve enlisted Darasak to assist me, and I’ve added a ‘how-to install a ProClip phone holder’ video too!

Darasak holds the ProClip mount and shows the back of it. An adhesive strip is shown.
Darasak points to the adhesive strip on the back of a ProClip mount. It is blue and white after it is peeled off.
Darasak peels the backing of the adhesive stripe before inserting the mount between the seam.

Step 1: Remove Adhesive Stripe

This one is pretty straightforward but, always good to mention.

Peel off the adhesive strip backing. The mount is made to fit snugly and tightly but, this gives you a little extra support.

Also, if you do decide to remove it later on down the road, it won’t leave any residue.


I’m all about #moparornocar and it’s a bonus to know that the mount is an official Mopar licensed accessory.

Also, another win is that no drilling holes or dismantling of the dashboard are required. I’m all about that life.

Darasak shows the ProClip mount being inserted into the seam between the dashboard and silver lining.
Top view of ProClip mount being inserted into seam.
Top view of clip of ProClip mount going into the seam.
Side view ProClip mount going into top and bottom seam of Dodge Challenger dashboard.
The dashboard of the Dodge Challenger underneath the media screen with ProClip mount installed.

Step 2: install proclip mount into dashboard seams

Firstly, I need to mention that the quality of both the mount and the phone holder is excellent.

It’s machine-tooled from high-grade ABS plastic. It’s not flimsy or thin, it’s sturdy. I also like how it matches the car. The end result looks as if it came with the vehicle and wasn’t just slapped on.

Secondly, it is INCREDIBLY easy to install. I thought we would need a prying tool to get in there but, nope. It went in with light pressure and the result was a tight and solid fit.

The top part of the clip will be inserted between the silver lining and seam just below the media screen.

The lower part of the clip will be inserted in between the silver lining and seam just above the lower controls.

Make sure you do this slowly and carefully.

A Philips screwdriver is loosening a screw in the center of phone holder.
Darasak removes the mount from the back of the phone holder.

Step 3: Remove the anchor from the phone holder

Using a large Phillips screwdriver, loosen the middle screw. The anchor should come loose from the phone holder.

Darasak holds on the mount onto the ProClip as a demonstration of where it needs to be attached.

Step 4: screw the anchor onto the clip

Align the anchor onto the clip. We chose to place it to the far right of the clip. You can choose to place the clip further to the left but, it may block your screen.

Use a smaller Phillips screwdriver to fasten the 4 screws. The anchor should be nice and tight and not wiggle.

Darasak demonstrates on how to pull apart the arms on the ProClip adjustable phone holder.
Darasak shows how to fit phone onto phone holder. He squeezes the sides to fit the width of the phone.
After width is measured, Darasak tightened the screwdriver

Step 5: Measure the width of your phone

This standard phone holder is meant to hold your bare device. I have a super thin case on my device so I was able to get away with using a case.

First, spread out the arms of the phone holder. Leave the lower and upper screws a bit loose. Slide in your phone into the notch that holds your phone. Then squeeze the arms until your phone is secure and snug.

After that, slowly slide out the phone without moving the arms of the holder. Then tighten the two screws tightly.

Now you have the PERFECT FIT for your device. Woot!

Darasak tightens center screw to attach phone holder onto anchor and clip.
The ProClip device holder is ready to go. It is pictured mounted onto Dodge Challenger.

Step 6: Attach phone holder to clip

Just when you think it can’t get any easier, it does.

The final step is to take the phone holder, align it with the anchor and clip. Then tighten the center screw until secure.

Now you’re ready to use your new custom phone holder!

Watch the step-by-step instructions

If you want a more visual tutorial, check out this video. Plus, you can see it in action while I am driving.

ProClip on white table, there's a succulent next to it.

So what do I think?

Well, if you haven’t guessed?


After having used it extensively for the last month and a half, I can say that it is a keeper. The set up is secure, easy to use, and most importantly–it’s STABLE.

That was my biggest complaint with other device holders. I also like the position of where the phone is. It makes it easier to access and I don’t have to lean to get to it.

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Overall, I am incredibly happy with the angled mount and phone holder.

As a busy mom, it helps to keep me on-the-go and that is priceless.

I don’t worry about losing my phone when I hit a bump, have it bounce around or out of reach.

With that said, now I have my eye on the ProClip mount and holder for my Jeep Wrangler because I know they’re solid.

For more information and to get yours, visit proclipusa.com.

Now that you know how to install a ProClip custom phone holder and mount! Are you ready to install yours?

would you consider a proclip phone holder for your car?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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