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Smartphone Smarts: Follow Through With Your Commitments, Stay Connected and Enjoy Quality Time with Family This Holiday Season! Yes, There’s an App for That!


It’s That Time of Year Again!

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s almost always busy ‘round these parts. The holiday season comes with commitments by the tenfold—every year. There’s holiday shopping, decking the halls, mailing Christmas cards, preparing invitations for parties and so much more!

That doesn’t even include the responsibilities that are the norm like karate and ballet lessons, meal planning and cooking, laundry, house cleaning, volunteer work and just plain work! Things get busy but, there are ways to keep it together and survive!

Finding Freedom!

If there’s one thing that I cannot get by without, it’s my Smartphone. It gives me the freedom to be able to be out and about running errands all while staying connected. I’m able to read my work emails, check my @mentions, statuses and send picture texts to get second and third opinions on gifts for my loved ones.

I can even look up where to find that one perfect gift for the person who has it all. Especially, since we all know those are usually one of a kind gifts found in unique specialty stores! Enter the GPS Google Maps app which is super handy for finding stores, getting to Christmas parties and so much more!

Even basic apps like Email, Chrome and Texting help me survive during the holidays. Not to mention I have my social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and Instagram to share my frustrations, victories, spread my Christmas cheer and anything cool I find along the way.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

But it’s not always stressful and it’s not always all about work. After all, the holidays are made for eating, drinking and being merry and spending time with the ones that mean the most!

Some of my favourite apps are Instagram and Pinterest, of course, so I can share my delicious food pics, holiday party shenangians and winter tobagonning fun (especially with friends and family that I won’t be able to see during the holidays). Or if there’s a holiday recipe that I am particulary proud of, I just pin it and spread the deliciousness! Of course, Snapseed is another awesome app that helps me throw in the coolest filters and effects to make my pictures more fun!

I can check into all of my purchases on eBay with the Smartphone app and buy anything else that my fancy on the go! There’s even Skype and TextPlus, which helps me stay connected with not only my friends and family but, helps me to maintain my work meetings and phone conferences when I am on the move. Not to mention, I do this for free because the apps allow it. This is perfect for family that is overseas or even clients that aren’t local.


Stay Connected.

Another helpful app that helps me stay on point is Tweetdeck. For all of my tweets that need to go out, any promotions that I need to share or articles that I want to get out there—I can easily schedule my posts with Tweetdeck. I simply write them, schedule them and then not worry about it!

The best app to keep me organized is Evernote. It is a freemium note-taking and organization app that syncs all your files to a cloud service; there’s no shame in being late to the party. So, if there’s something that simply can’t wait during the holiday bustle, I can easily access Evernote across many devices and upload files at any time.

All in all, having a Smartphone keeps me connected, engaged and organized, which leaves plenty of room for baking cookies, making snowmen and indulging in hearty meals during the holidays with the ones that mean the most!

After all, that is why we do everything we do, isn’t it?

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What apps do you use to simplify your commitments so that you can enjoy family time?

Let me know, til next time—cheers m’deres!


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by WIND Mobile via Glam Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of WIND Mobile.

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  1. I LOVE my smartphone too! Thanks for posting information on apps that help with organization. Been looking into something evernote and Tweetdeck. Have you ever used Buffer?
    My recent post Funky Legs are indeed… Funky

    1. I haven\’t used Buffer but, have heard great things! I absolutely love Tweetdeck though, it\’s a lifesaver. Especially when I\’m on vacation.

  2. This is me to a T Nancy, LOL. I have always said you could cut off my left arm, just don't take away my iPhone; it is my link to everything! I too use Instagram,, FB, Twitter, my bank for easy bill paying, eBay and the list goes on…


    1. Oooh, I forgot that one! I definitely use my banking app DAILY. I simply NEED my phone. Luckily we have tons of apps that make life easier.

  3. That is a great program! I love how you could do everything you need to in one place! I love my smartphone and couldn't live without it! It is my connection to the outside world! lol!

  4. Mobile phones definitely help out with the holiday crazies and crunch time! With a baby due soon, I have a feeling I will be making a lot of purchases via my phone!

  5. I am not that into apps. None that I have fell in love with. My smarthphone is kicking the bucket. I cannot wait to get another so I can fall in love with some new apps!

    1. I love scoping out the Play Store for new apps and the recommended ones. That\’s a great place to start.

  6. Great ideas! Although, I am quickly becoming addicted to my Instagram feed. Is there an app to get me off that 🙂

  7. Hi Nancy! Thanks for the info! I don’t think I can live without my smartphone! I do everything on it! From checking my bank info to purchasing shoes or toys and so much more! #techyforlife

  8. I don't download any apps to keep my schedule. I use the basic calendar on my phone but I am a stay at home mom so I don't have a lot of apointments I have to keep. (it helps that my kids are healthy so they rarely need doctor appointments for anything besides the occasional issue or annual checkups, vaccines.)

    I do have apps like cartsmart, snapsaves, checkout51 that help me save money and plan shopping strips but those are done when hubby isn't working and don't need to be scheduled we go when its convenient. (or send hubby alone if the weather is bad lol)

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