Infertility Options to Help You Grow Your Family

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Infertility Options to Help You Grow Your Family

Infertility can be a hard thing to struggle with. In fact, if you truly long to be a parent, it can feel like it’s consuming your life. Thankfully, there are a range of option to consider if you are having trouble conceiving. Read on to find out what they are, and for some advice on which would be the most suitable for your family.

Hormonal treatment

The first stop for many couples that are having trouble convincing is to get hormone shots. These contain the naturally occurring chemicals that the body uses to stimulate egg release. This is in the hope that more eggs are available to be fertilized.

The conception itself, however, still occurs naturally within the woman’s body. This makes this option less intrusive for couples that are just starting out of their fertility journey.


Another fertility boosting option to consider is in vitro fertilization or IVF. Eggs are collected from the woman and sperm from the man. They are then brought together outside of the body for fertilization. Then several viable eggs are implanted in the woman at once.

The idea being that this will increase the chances that at least one will take and result in pregnancy. Although it’s worth noting that it can increase the risk of multiple births as well!

For the man, the IVF process is straightforward as they only have to provide a sperm sample. However, for women, the process is more complicated as it not only includes taking hormonal treatments to increase egg release but egg harvesting. Afterwards, implantation is the next step.

However, many people feel the advantages well outweigh the problems. Making this type of IVF one of the most popular types of fertility treatments available.

Egg/sperm donation

There are other types of IVF available. These include where either the eggs or the sperm, or even in some cases both, are donated from other parties. This technique can be used to combat infertility issues. Ones like genetic incompatibility, as well as medical concerns for genetically passed on diseases.

There are medical facilities known as ‘banks’ where you can purchase both eggs and sperm for use in IVF. This makes it possible for all types of families, including single and same-sex parents to conceive.

Some families, however, choose to approach a relative about becoming an egg donor. In that case, the baby will share at least some of the genetic traits of the parent. Sometimes, couples feel this can help them feel more connected to the child once it’s born.


There is also another form of fertility treatment that utilizes IVF, and it’s using a surrogate to carry the baby. In this case, there are two options, the first using the surrogate eggs and one partner’s sperm for conception.

Although many families choose to go with a surrogate because the woman may have trouble carrying a pregnancy to term, or it may put her health in danger. In such cases, it is usually the female partner’s eggs and male’s sperm that are combined using IVF. Then the fertilized egg is impregnated into the surrogate so she can carry the baby.

Of course, using a surrogate does come with a range of challenges. The first being that the mother may be disappointed that she didn’t carry or birth the baby herself. It can also be a hugely emotional time for the surrogate as well. She will have to go through all of those physical, hormonal, and emotional changes, only to give the baby to its parents after birth.

However, if managed well, surrogate pregnancy can be incredibly effective and rewarding for all parties involved. Something that makes it an excellent option for more complicated infertility cases.


Finally, don’t forget that there are so many children without parents waiting for a family. One who will adopt, love, and accept them, as well as guide them through life.

Yes, adopting can be challenging in many ways. Especially if the child you are matched with is no longer a baby. It is common for them to have behaviours and emotions related to the rejection and other traumas they have experienced.

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However, all the different parenting options come with their own challenges, and adoption is an incredibly worthwhile option to choose. In fact, it can be the perfect solution for couples whose interfertility is preventing them from having a child of their own.

For couples and individuals that are longing for a baby, it can be so tough. Luckily, there are options for them to grow their family. It can be a very long and painful journey but, there is hope.

Do you have any tips for infertility?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. Unless you are young & healthy adoption is not really an option. Despite the amount of children who need homes. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

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