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The Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving That I Wish I Had Known! #ConceptionMisconceptions

The Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving That I Wish I Had Known! #ConceptionMisconceptions

Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving

If you are a parent, you probably went through a period where you were trying to conceive. As my husband and I tried to conceive our kids, we encountered what we discovered to be ridiculous myths along the way. While fertility is different for everyone, it’s nice to know the facts and truths behind trying to conceive. Here are some myths that have been debunked about trying to conceive and pregnancy.

To Get Pregnant, You Need to Have Intercourse Every day!

Not true! While the conception journey is different for every couple, when I conceived I was trying every two or three days starting 18 days before my next ovulation period. Tools like the First Response Advanced Digital Ovulation test can help you determine when your body is ready. Treating babymaking as a job can take the fun out of it and also make you more stressed so this can help take away some of the guesswork. Just go with the flow, seriously!

Your Mom Had You Late, So You Can Start Late Too.

We were very young parents but, before we decided to start having babies, I was always told that you have well into your forties to conceive. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, over the years, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant are five per cent per cycle by age 40. Of course, there are many factors when it comes to this and it’s always best to seek the advice of your doctor.

The Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving That I Wish I Had Known! #ConceptionMisconceptions

Vitamin D Can Affect Your Fertility.

According to Stats Canada, most Canadians are deficient in Vitamin D. While there are further studies needed to prove that Vitamin D directly affects fertility, studies have shown that poor Vitamin D status has been associated with certain pregnancy complications such as gestational hypertension and diabetes.

If you’re thinking of starting a family soon, taking a prenatal vitamin like the First Response Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies, which has 400 IU of Vitamin D and 800 mcg of folic acid, are a great start.

Even your husband can take folic acid and up his Vitamin D too. According to Men Fertility, it is suggested that taking folic acid and increase sperm count in men with low sperm counts.

Regardless of studies, Darasak and I both chose to prepare and enjoy foods that were rich in folic acid during both of my pregnancies.  This was beneficial for me since I chose to increase my folate too. For us, getting healthier and making sure we both had what we needed didn’t hurt.  As always, ask your doctor if this is something that will help.

Legs in the Air!

“After trying, stay in bed for half an hour with your legs up against the wall. This will help you to get pregnant.” Or so they say, whoever they are! I don’t know if this is true or not but, I didn’t do it for either of my pregnancies and it didn’t affect us conceiving both of them. The jury is still out on this one!

Eating certain foods will help you get pregnant faster

Now, let’s get this out there. All of us have parents who tell us things like “eating pineapple will help you go into labour.” Or “eating chicken on Tuesday will help you get pregnant faster.” The best advice is to eat a well-balanced diet to help your body function in the best way it knows how! Taking your prenatal vitamin helps your body be at its best too.

You’re Having Heartburn, You Have a Hairy Baby!

This one I heard a lot of while I was pregnant. The claim that if you’re experiencing acid reflux or heartburn, you’re going to have a baby with a full head of hair. For me, it turned out to be true but, heartburn is part and parcel with most pregnancies. Mine was probably due to pregnancy itself and my penchant for spicy foods!

Pregnant Women Can’t Exercise.

Isn’t this a crazy myth? While some pregnant women shouldn’t exercise, it does not mean ALL pregnant women shouldn’t exercise. In fact, most health care providers encourage you to be active. Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about this. Your doctor will know you and your situation best.

You’re Eating for Two

I was really young when I had my first daughter, so I grew accustomed to unsolicited advice. Since I was putting on weight slowly, I’d have strangers ask me how far along I was and said that I need to eat a little more, after all, I was eating for two.

Although your body is using a lot of energy and calories, it’s not like you are literally setting a plate for two. A lot of women tend to overeat because they believe they are eating for two. Talk to your doctor about the proper amount you should be eating, if you are pregnant. Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion on what or how much you should be eating during pregnancy.

Prenatal Care Isn’t Necessary.

This is another popular one I heard with old school parents. They say their parents gave birth at home, didn’t see a doctor regularly and their kids came out alright. Although it may seem like a lot of trips to the doctor, prenatal care is necessary to ensure you and your baby are healthy. While those early pregnancy appointments can be annoying, they aren’t in vain. These appointments help to monitor you and your baby and to ensure you both stay as healthy as possible!

The Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving That I Wish I Had Known! #ConceptionMisconceptions

You Have Options!

Now that we have some of the myths out of the way, let’s talk about tools that may help. While they may not work for everyone, integrating them into your routine is worth a try.

The FIRST RESPONSE Prenatal Multivitamin Gummies are a great way to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need. I took a prenatal vitamin for both of my pregnancies and it gave me peace of mind.

The FIRST RESPONSE Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is a great tool to use if you are trying to conceive. It’s over 99% accurate at detecting a women’s unique hormone levels, letting you know your most fertile days. It also features EasyRead™ technology to display unmistakable “yes”/”no results.

The Myths and Facts of Pregnancy and Conceiving That I Wish I Had Known! #ConceptionMisconceptions

Many years ago, I used the FIRST RESPONSE pregnancy test to confirm I was expecting. Since then, they’ve launched the FIRST RESPONSE Early Result Pregnancy Test that lets you know up to 6 days sooner than your missed period.

Honestly, I took multiple tests but didn’t want to truly believe that I was pregnant until I used FIRST RESPONSE and saw those two pink lines. After all these years, I still have my girls’ tests too!


Ready to WIN?

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There you have it, now you know some great tools that may help when you are trying to conceive and the crazy things you hear when you’re pregnant. Just know that most people mean well but, it’s always best to talk to your doctor if you have any questions.

What are some conception misconceptions you hear?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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  1. Now this is informative post! I am pass this point of my life but I heard a whole bunch of these myths and I followed a few of them but most of them I did not. It is interesting where these misconceptions come from.

  2. This is a Fantastic read. I wish I had known these things prior to having our two littles. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I truly had no idea about the effectiveness of Vitamin D and how it can have an impact on your pregnancy. Very interesting! I don’t believe I get enough Vitamin D myself – will have to check out supplements for sure.

  4. There are so many myths about pregnancy out there. This is a great round up of some of the most shared myths out there. Thanks for setting people straight!

  5. There are so many funny myths out there, and some that might be a little dangerous. I hadn’t heard the one about heartburn, but I’m sure it’s scared a lot of expectant mothers!

  6. It’s crazy how many different things you are told when you are pregnant. I see a lot of pregnant women out exercising these days so I definitely think that myth is going by the wayside.

  7. One myth I heard when trying to conceive was the sex position would help to determine the sex of the baby and what sex position was better to conceive.

  8. If you are carrying low then it must be a boy is another myth that I have heard passed around.

  9. I thought seafood was good for me, but I’ve heard I should avoid it when I’m pregnant.
    You can eat some but try to limit or don’t eat high-mercury fish

  10. I really don’t remember a lot of myths about conception, but I do remember someone saying she could tell the sex of a child by holding a pin above someone’s stomach.

  11. I have a friend who has a hyper sensitive sense of smell since she’s pregnant and she can’t even sit on her new leather couch because it makes her nauseous

  12. A misconception I heard about conceiving was about how different days of your ovulation cycle can determine what the sex of the baby will be.

  13. one I heard years ago and thought it was funny is after sex to stand on your head so the sperm fertilizes the egg

  14. my doctor told me a few years ago that it would be really difficult to conceive past 35 years of age. Well that was a misconception! I have two post 35 conceived beautiful healthy children and it wasn’t difficult.

  15. Myth I heard many times is that how you carry the baby, low or high tells the sex of the child.

  16. All the myths leading up to having a certain gender …. seriously lol. had fun with those chinese gender charts but that was that. I didn’t eat anything to try to have a certain gender etc

  17. A myth I have heard is that you can’t exercise when pregnant but lots of women do it and I think it’s super great and healthy!

  18. I heard you shouldn’t eat smoked salmon while pregnant but it’s false,it’s actually good for you

  19. My first one was unplanned and I thought – getting pregnant is EASY (too easy) but then my second one took a lot of trying and one miscarriage… so I learned nothing is every too easy.

  20. I heard that stress during pregnancy is always bad for the fetus but actually they say it can be good for the fetus

  21. My OB told me to do the legs up in the air thing, so if a doctor recommends it, It must work. I was pregnant the first month, so I guess it did.

  22. I started taking prenatal vitamins as soon as we started trying to get pregnant. It is so important to try to be as healthy as you can be before you start to grow a new person.

  23. Very informative and useful! I always see pregnant women eat a lot and they said because they were eating for two!! jajaja sounds so convincing that i’ve believed them until now. The help of vitamin D and ovulation test are new knowledge for me, thou. I’ll try to remember. I’ve heard that there are some more information (don’t know whether they are myths or facts) like when you’re pregnant, if you wanna eat an amount of sour food then you’ll have a boy; sweet food for a girl. Or you can predict the baby’s gender by the shape of your stomach. I love reading some pieces of information relevant to pregnancy. Thanks for sharing some facts and your experiences. Hope to read more!

  24. I heard from a lot of people that prenatal care was not necessary. I could not have disagreed more with that. I absolutely needed it with my kids, especially my high risk pregnancy.

  25. Truly informative post specially for those who are planning to get pregnant. Great that you posted it in here.

  26. I definitely had a lot of preconceived ideas about TTC and pregnancy that didn’t materialize. I’ll be sharing this list with my friends who are TTC!

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