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Lepow Moonstone: A Mobile Power Bank to Charge Your Devices On the Go. Say Hello to Charged Devices Forever! #tech


Lepow Moonstone.
Say Good-Bye to Being Disconnected.

I travel a lot and I use my phone and tablet for almost everything. Whether it’s finding that perfect restaurant or GPS to get me there. Not to mention, being a mom and a business owner, I simply can’t afford to not be connected and risk missing a phone call, text or email. Sure, having a charger in my car or a charger for an outlet is great to have but, what happens when you aren’t in your car or near an outlet?

You are out of luck. 

Enter the Lepow Moonstone. It is a 6000mAh mobile power bank that charges smartphones and tablets on the go. The Moonstone can even charge two devices at once using its dual USB charging ports with different charging speeds. Designed with rounded edges and lacquered paint, the Moonstone has a sleek finish and is fashionable without losing its individuality. It is light and portable at only 3.2″ square and weighs 8 ounces – the perfect addition to your purse or bag. (MSRP $99.99, Available Now for $59.99, Green & Red on Sale for $34.99)


Sleek and Fashionable.

When I was asked to review a Moonstone, I was more than happy to give it a try. What appealed to me was the design, it’s sleek and attractive. It is a gorgeous little piece of technology that fits in my purse and that will always help me stay connected with the world.

They come in Glossy Black, Pearl White, Rose Red, Sunfire Yellow, Carnation Pink, Sky Blue, Apple Green and Sunkissed Orange. I received the Apple Green, I loved how it came in green, reusable packaging (wool packaging made from recycled materials) and without even opening it, I could tell that it was very lightweight.


Compact and Portable.

One of the things that I am most impressed is the size. It’s design was inspired by nature and derived by cobblestones that perfectly reflected nature’s incomparable mystery and beauty. I’ll take that. What I love is that it isn’t clunky as other brands and this is something that is a bonus for my already over packed purse. Portable, shiny and pleasing to the eye. That alone had me very interested.


Powered and Geared Up.

With the press sample that I received, I was sent some extra goodies. I’m not sure if they would be in your package if you were to order one. But, it came with a Micro SD USB, cable wrap, mini stylus, button stickers, a 24 karat plated label/sticker, a sticky pad to attach to your Moonstone and to any surface and a fun and decorative dust plug. The charging cable is included and a bag to store it all in.


Plug In.

The Lepow Moonstone has 3 ports, the first is to charge your smartphone up to 3 times, the second is to charge your tablet at double the charging speed and the third is to charge the Moonstone itself.

You will also see a button, when you press this button, you will see bars illuminate the Moonstone and show you how much charge you have. 4 bars are a full charge. I was very impressed with this feature since chargers that I’ve used before, you didn’t know how much charge you actually had and were unreliable.

It’s smart too, when you unplug your device, it will shutdown automatically and save the remaining power. When it is in sleep-mode, it can last up to 6 months. It’s also compatible with any device and that is amazing. Not to mention, you can charge two devices at once.

I have used it and with one full charge, I have charged my devices at least 3 times and I still have 3 bars. What’s even better is that I’ve done this while I am running around doing errands and they are charging in my purse as I am on the go. I’ve tried other chargers and while the clunkiness was livable, the charge wasn’t acceptable. I’m super happy with the Lepow Moonstone and so far, so good!

Charging the Moonstone takes longer than it takes to charge your devices, this is understandable considering the power it holds and how often you can fully charge your devices at a time. But, now, I never leave home without it in my purse. It is a lifesaver! You can buy yours, here.

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Perfect for YOU.

I recommend the Lepow Moonstone for those who love their music, business people and bloggers, travelers and anyone who doesn’t like to be disconnected. So, that’s umm, EVERYONE.




One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN their very own Lepow Moonstone charger. This contest opens on February 27th, 2014 and ends March 14th, 2014.  Contest is only open to US/CAN. Happy Entering!

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You can get more information by visit Lepow Moonstone and by liking them on FB, here. You can also follow @LEPOWOFFICIAL for their latest updates and news.

Have you ever been left without a charge, what did you do?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. If I happened to win this I would pick yellow, it's bright enough that I wouldn't lose it..lol it sure stands out!!

  2. This so fabulous!! I love the design, the colours, the size so it can fit in your purse.
    Although I don't see it shown, if the orange is available, I would definitely pick that. If not, than the green.
    My laptop only has enough power to last 2 hours (ggrrr) when it is not plugged in to a source – so something like this would be amazing to have.

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  4. Easy choice for me- I'd go with the Apple Green. It's bright enough that i'll be able to find it at a glance.

    – Amber

  5. I would go with Green! it's my favorite color!! Or pink, because i live in a house of boys so by picking pink i can ensure no one will ever want to "borrow" it! lol

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