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Live Life Confidently with Allergies! #PoiseMoment

Live Life Confidently with Allergies – and not just during peak Allergy Season!

Allergies are a reality for many, and they aren’t just prevalent during “allergy season.” In fact, allergy season can be any season depending on what you are allergic to. While most people suffer allergies in the early spring, allergy season is at its peak between May and October.

With the unusually warm weather we have been having lately, it’s not surprising that my allergies have stuck around even longer. Since the warmth has helped the pollen stay in the air longer and allowed allergen spores to thrive too, it’s been rough!

Then just when you think there is a bit of relief when you spend more time indoors, your indoor allergies can flare up. You don’t hear much about allergies in the cooler months, but there are many people like me out there who still suffer.

Suffering from allergies is definitely not a walk in the park. I know that it isn’t for me. When I have a stuffy head, watery eyes and that dreaded sneeze that can’t be contained, I know it is time to find some relief.

Do you know what is more intense than allergies?

Allergies combined with light bladder leakage. Ever since I gave birth to my two girls, my body has changed and I now have mild LBL. I’ve always suffered from seasonal allergies and indoor allergies. But, since my girls came along, anytime I sneeze, cough, jump or laugh, basically anytime pressure is placed on my bladder, I experience leaks.

So, it’s safe to say that having allergies and LBL is tough because suddenly, it’s not just a sneeze that escapes anymore and I’m left running off to the bathroom to manage damage control. It is hard enough to try to explain to everyone around you that you just have allergies all the time, not some contagious plague, without coupling that with the uncertainty that comes with LBL.

Read on for a few tips and tricks that I’ve used to beat the sneeze (and leaks!). Why? Because I one day I made the decision to seize the day and be confident without letting peoples questions or fear of leaks get in the way of my life no matter where I go!

Let's Get Started!
Beat Allergy Symptoms: Seize the Day, Don't Sneeze the Day!
Use Liners or Pads Made for LBL

If your allergy symptoms are coupled with bladder leakage, using a liner or pad can provide an instant sense of security. I use Poise Microliners every day for overall freshness and as a backup if I sneeze and don’t squeeze! Doing this has allowed me to gain back my confidence. What’s great too is that they’re small, thin and discrete and I just put them in my bag and go.

What Do I Do?

Above, you can see my every day carries. I’m one of those people who carries a journal because I love to jot down notes or thoughts about how my day went. That includes when I have those not so good days when my allergies flare up!

Items that I cannot do without are my iPhone and Apple Watch. Apart from using these for the obvious reasons, I also have weather and air quality alerts set up. They get pushed to my phone or watch and I know whether or not to stay inside on certain days and when it’s safe to go out! I have my earbuds to listen to music or watch movies when I get stuck inside.

To stay hydrated, I always have a refillable water bottle. Lip balm to keep my lips healthy, and tissues for my allergies. Last and most importantly, my liners. They’re small, thin and discrete and I’m protected wherever I go.

I don’t have to worry about laughing, sneezing or lifting anymore because now I am protected. It is a priceless feeling to know I have my sense of security back. I know that a lot of ladies out there use pads that are meant for menstruation and don’t know that they have options like Poise. Pads and liners that are specifically made for light bladder leakage. The best part? They have protection for all types of LBL. Mild, moderate and beyond!

Beat Allergy Symptoms: Seize the Day, Don't Sneeze the Day!

Prevent Leaks Altogether

If you prefer a pad-free solution to your bladder leaks, Poise Impressa is a great option as they prevent leakage from happening. Impressa bladder supports come in an applicator similar to a tampon. However, they are not absorbent and are designed for stress urinary incontinence that can be brought on by things such as sneezing, lifting or dancing.

Impressa gently places pressure on the urethra to offer support and assist in preventing leaks. Not only is Impressa soft and flexible, but it is comfortable and can be worn for up to 12 hours. One beautiful part of being a woman is that we are not all shaped the same. Impressa keeps this in mind and has 3 different sizes to choose from. This helps you find what works best for you! Say goodbye to uncertainty. Just insert it and forget about it for up to 12-hours of discreet protection against leaks.

Keep Your Hands and Clothes Clean

In warmer climates, fall allergies can linger well into October. Seasonal rain and wind can cause the growth of mold and spungi spores. Plus, ragweed pollen season usually ends by mid-November. After you have been outside, you can bring little pieces of pollen and allergens in with you. Take a shower and change your clothes upon arriving at home. I have always found that doing this helps me to remove the allergens from my body and reduces my symptoms.

Drink More Water

I have always found that drinking more water helps to combat my stuffy nose. Water thins the mucus and helps to relieve some of my allergy symptoms. Plus, if you’re using Impressa or liners, you can feel confident in going about your day. I usually empty my bladder before I go anywhere, just in case but, I rather be hydrated and relieve my stuffy nose while being protected.  

Get Steamy

Inhaling steam has always given me some allergy relief. I find that sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running is a great way to help. Heck, most times, I jump right in and take a warm shower afterward. When I am looking for some quick relief, I have held my head over a warm sink full of water. I use a towel over my face to trap the steam. Both of these methods help to clear my sinuses and give me temporary relief.

Wear Some Shades

You may look posh and super mysterious if you don wraparound sunglasses but, slip them on. They not only protect you from UV rays but, they stop those pesky airborne allergens from getting in your eyes.

Seize the Day!

No matter what time of year you suffer from allergy symptoms, there are ways to ease the discomfort and enjoy your life. Don’t let allergies and bladder leakage hold you back anymore. Now instead of sneezing the day, you can seize it.

For more information on taking back your confidence and managing your LBL, visit Poise.com. You’ll also find coupons and samples to see what works best for you. 

Now that you are armed with a few ways to relieve your allergy symptoms and a way to live confidently with both allergies and LBL, I hope you get some relief. For me, being able to be outdoors, cuddle on my pups, and sneeze without having to worry about LBL is my Poise Moment. 


Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a $50 Loblaws gift card to help them seize their #PoiseMoment. Thank you Poise! This contest opens on October 13, 2017 and closes on October 30, 2017. This contest is open to Canada only. 

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How do you relieve your allergies?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



Note: This post is sponsored by Poise. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are honest and my own.



Live Life Confidently with Allergies – and not just during peak Allergy Season! Check out these tips that can help you seize the day, not sneeze it!

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  1. Allergies, sneezing and full bladders are definitely not a good combination. I usually use allergy medication but poise pads would certainly be reassuring just in case.

  2. I also have LBL I’ve just never thought about it in the sense of allergies. I know I have to cross my legs every time I sneeze but I don’t have allergies. That has to be miserable. Something like this will definitely help with LBL.

  3. Living with allergies can be really irritable at times especially during the change of seasons but I find if we keep our humidifier going to get rid of some of the dryness in the air, it really helps to keep allergies at bay

  4. I haven’t had any Poise Moments yet and the only allergy I have is to cats. To relieve symptoms I use over the counter allergy meds.

  5. Poise has so many great products available to help with LBL. I would hate to have an allergy attack and not have my Poise pads to protect me.

  6. You are definitely prepared for allergies and beyond! I have to say I am not very organized, thanks for the tips. It is so important to feel comfortable during the day.

  7. LBL can be so frustrating to live with. It’s great that Poise offers discreet solutions for people who have it.

  8. when my allergies flare up (usually the month of March) I drink a lot more hot tea. I find a hot drink is my answer to a stuff nose.

  9. Thankfully I don’t have allergies but it seems everyone I know has some sort of allergy, to cats, trees, pollen or dust. Great suggestions for all of that deal with allergies.

  10. This is the first year my allergies have caused some issues with my LBL. For some reason my sneezing has a lot more power then it used to. Poise has saved the day for me.

  11. I am the same way!! I was fine before I had kids but since having my girls anytime I cough or sneeze … EEEK! and of course that has been happening a bit lately due to our wonderful all over the place weather

  12. I spoke with one of my doctors years ago about light bladder leakage and he assured me that more people deal with it then not. The issue is that they won’t talk about it, which is why seeing products like this on the market is a good thing.

  13. I have bad allergies so I take allergy medication twice a day. I also am careful abut washing my hands and avoiding touching my nose and eyes as much as possible.

  14. You have provided some really useful tips to tackle LBL. Once you are prepared, you need to live life with confidence and no compromises, that is how one can tackle this issue and live confidently.

  15. Thanks for sharing this giveaway. I do not have incontinence but I know of some friends who do. My cousin uses Poise liners. I will let her know about the Poise Impressa too.

  16. I don’t have a lot of allergies but I can imagine it’d be super hard to feel comfortable. I’m glad that something like the Microliners exists now!

  17. We have installed an air cleaner and filter in our home that has greatly reduced allergies for my husband and increased our air quality. Definitely a good investment! Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity!

  18. Allergies are awful, especially when they are linked to everyday things, these sound like some great ways to feel a bit more confident about how to deal with the issues that come from an allergy.

  19. For the last few years allergies have bugged me during the fall but haven’t been that bad this year. Maybe it has been because of all the warm weather this fall. Average temperatures have been in the high 70s and 80s in September and October.

  20. I can see why LBL and allergies would be a bad mix for sure! I’m glad that Poise makes so many products for women so they can just live life and have fun without worrying about frustrating things like LBL.

  21. My allergies are horrible. As in I have to carry an epi pen because I’m allergic to the outdoors here in the south. I have to be really careful! I actually had a sneezing fit this morning because I forgot to take my allergy meds last night before bed. These Poise products would have come in handy in that moment.

  22. When I have bad allergies which include a very stuffy nose and painful sinus headache, I take two Advil Cold & Sinus gel caps. They always help with my worst symptoms.

  23. I know someone in the family who has bladder leakage problems especially when she sneezes. Thanks for sharing this info.

  24. I suffer from seasonal allergies too, but this year, I haven’t had a full out attack like I usually do. I’ve just been having to deal with a lot of stuffiness. I usually take an over the counter remedy for allergies…mostly Claritan.

  25. I have dealt with LBL for over 25 years and I am confident to know that a cough or sneeze with poise I am 100% protected

  26. Allergies of anykind are sooo annoying!!! But having allergies with LBL its just awful. The products you listed are awesome, I actually havent heard of the ones that are applicator inserted! I feel like this topic gets over-looked so thank you for sharing this!

  27. I must say that I am fortunate, but my sister uses the Poise’s Original pads and swears by them when she know she is going to be doing exercise.

  28. I eat pea shoots as they naturally reduce histamine, which of course comes with allergies. I eat real food which I prepare & lessen the usual suspects when it comes to intolerances and allergy. I also wear organic pantyliners for personal hygiene. I keep the window closed when it rains as I know that mold and spores can be carried indoors by the air. What I dislike the most is that I have to pee a few times before leaving the house as I can’t empty my bladder completely.

  29. I struggle all the time with allergies.
    I use a humidifier and air purifier and do a daily nasal rinse but I still suffer.

  30. I have to keep eyedrops handy that relieve the itch when I just want to rub my eyeballs out….they are a lifesaver!

  31. I use reactine to help relieve my allergies and do my very best to wash my face after being outside helps when around pollen.

  32. I have a lot of environmental allergies, so I try to avoid the triggers whenever possible. I also have asthma and prescriptions for 2 inhalers that I use to get the symptoms under control.

  33. I find that when my allergies flare up – I am afraid to cough as I get LBL. I often go to the bathroom so that I can cough!

  34. I do react occasionally to dust, so I make sure to leave my windows open as much as possible to circulate fresh air, and vacuum occasionally :0

  35. I don’t need Poise yet (knock on wood) but when I do, I think the Impressa is a super useful product.

  36. My #PoiseMoment is when I feel confident when I sneeze or laugh too hard. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  37. I have watched a talkshow program interviewing a cosmetic surgeon. She said that LBL can now be corrected through surgery. BUt anyway, thank you for sharing these tips.

  38. As I get older I’m more sensitive to allergies it seems. I use a spray when really annoying. Otherwise I rely on an allergy med.

  39. I am loving this post! My Poise Moment is also to be confident when I sneeze (thanks to having 3 kids!) and I relieve allergies with a cool cloth over my eyes and some meds.

  40. LBL is an occasional problem for me. I haven’t used Poise yet; it sounds like a good way to reduce worry about being embarrassed by LBL.

  41. i have issues when mowing the grass or when it is freshly mowed, I sneeze like crazy, poise would make my life easier

  42. I use a prescription nasal spray and/or reacting everyday to help ease allergy symptoms. Steam is a great tip. I also have a humidifier in my bedroom.

  43. being able to wear something that when you do have that LBL moment that it doesn’t show through your clothes

  44. Poise Microliners with the lightest leak absorbency
    Lightest Absorbency
    Drips work best for my needs

  45. Since allergies in this house tend to be worse in the winter when we are stuck inside, I do lots of vacuuming to help keep allergens down.

  46. I definitely try to wash my hands when dealing with allergies and taking some generic like reactin

  47. when your out for dinner with your MIL and she wears way too much perfume and you have sneezing attacks, poise moment for sure

  48. One of the funny things I’m allergic too is christmas trees – but I have to get really close and touch them so I just do my best to avoid it

  49. I’m begrudgingly starting the whole sinus rinse thing for allergies. Ive heard such good things from both doctors and peers that I know its gotta work.

  50. What a great solution to a horrible issue we women suffer with, including me. Thanks for the new products to try and combat the problem.

  51. I am very thankful not to have Poise moments yet. I am also thankful, to know products are there for when I do.

  52. I had so many #PoiseMoment s that I ended up getting a bladder lift (I was having another surgery anyway, so it was a 2-for-1 experience). But I remember those days do clearly and know it is ‘no laughing matter’ 😉 So glad you are raising awareness!

  53. I’m very thankful not to have Poise moments yet. I am also thankful to know products are there for when I do.

  54. I have cat and dust mite allergies and both reside in my home. I take allergy medication and try to keep the dust away.

  55. i just got prescription sunglasses for the first time and now i can actually SEE outdoors! so exciting lol.

  56. I have a lot of environmental allergies and exposure to dust brings on asthma, which triggers coughing and sneezing. I have a couple of prescription inhalers and decongestants to get it under control.

  57. Poise looks like such a great product to use especially for the cold/flu season when I often get bronchitis causing such extreme coughing which puts pressure on bladder function causing leaks!

  58. Allergy treatment in this house is medications, nasal rinses and trying to eliminate allergens as much as possible.

  59. Fortunately my allergies just make my nose run – they don’t make me sneeze. LBL together with repeated sneezing from allergies would be really worrisome without products like Poise.

  60. my poise moment is going for a walk with friends, and drinking coffee, then getting into a laughing fit before we finish the walk

  61. My Poise Moment would be standing up after enjoying a long dinner, without worrying whether I’ll leak.

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