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Get Cheap Dresses at JenJenHouse.com! Spring is Around the Corner and So Is Prom Season. #fashion


Cheap Dresses at JenJenHouse.com!

Having two girls, I am more than ready when the time will come for them to go prom dress shopping. In fact, I am excited to help them. Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy and it took me a while to get into all the girly and frilly things that go along with being a girl. But, once I did, I grew to appreciate all those pretty things.

Prom to me was a fun time to hang around with friends, get dressed up and be a princess for a day. Just pure, clean and simple fun. Planning it was so much fun and I would have loved to have the option to shop online back then. But, the thrill is still there. The thrill of finding that perfect dress.

About JenJenHouse.com:

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Say Yes to The Dress!

Although I don’t have the pleasure of having teenage daughters yet, I can’t wait to help them pick out their dress. I would love to see my eldest in a fun and playful little number like the one pictured above. It’s young, vibrant and elegant. I had a similar dress in blue for my prom and it was a blast to dance the night away in.

For those of you who do have teens, I’d love to know how you helped pick their dress. Did you go to boutiques or did you shop online?

If you’re looking for the ease of shopping online and seeing visuals of the dress right away, check out JenJenHouse.com. Even if it’s not for prom night, they have dresses for every occasion.

Did you go to prom and what did your dress look like?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!



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  1. WOW, those dresses are all amazing! If I could get a new dress, I would probably pick one from JenJenHouse! The dresses are absolutely stunning.

  2. Eeek, I can't even believe it but I'm looking at dresses like this for my daughter in Grade 6! She moves on to Junior High this year, so this is one of her big grad years. After that it's Grade 12! Stop the ride, stop the ride I want off πŸ™‚ I will pass this site on to her though. she's already looking πŸ™‚

  3. I went to the prom twice too. The first time I had a long white dress, the second a black and white dress. I guess I wasn't very adventurous.

  4. I did not go to my own prom, but I went as a last minute date a year later for a friend of my little sister. HA!!! MY dress was the only short one, but I felt like I still looked great

  5. My prom dress was not great. I chose too quickly and regretted my decision. I love all of these that you have pictured!!! Although, at first glance I thought the top was the picture from the movie "Bridesmaids". LOL!
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  6. I love the color of those dresses! The pink tones are absolutely beautiful! I have two cousins getting married this year so I will be looking for a new dress or two πŸ™‚

    1. That\’s great, I worry about shopping online but, I trust it more and more. I just take measurements. Maybe you will find one on there!

  7. Very pretty pink dresses. I don't think I would look cute in one of these but I know my teenage daughters would rock them.

  8. I can't believe how affordable these dresses are! I wish options like this existed when I went to prom!… many many years ago haha

  9. there are a lot of nice dresses and good deals there. they even have plus size dresses. but I usually buy my dresses in the store where I can try them on.

    I did go to prom. I wore a floor length black dress that the skirt flared out and it had spaghetti straps. it was a great dress and it was actually on clearance/sale for about 50$.

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