Creative Ways to Make Your Backyard Fun and Functional During the Winter

A beautiful home in a forest covered in snow. A couple with a husky are shown. This article covers creative ways to make your backyard fun and functional during the winter.

How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Backyard During the Winter

Winter doesn’t have to mean staying cooped up indoors all the time. Your backyard can transform into a wonderland of excitement during the chilly months!

With a few tweaks and some creativity, you can turn your outdoor space into a cozy retreat full of joy and fun. 

Here are five easy ways to make your backyard fun during winter!

Create a Winter Wonderland

Grab a shovel and sculpt the snow! You can build a snowman, create snow angels, or make a snow fort. Use food coloring mixed with water to paint the snow and make it vibrant and colorful.

Don’t forget to add some fairy lights around your snow creation for a magical touch in the evening.

Live in an area where you don’t have snow? There are products available online that allow you to make your own “snow” so that your kids can enjoy a winter wonderland even when it’s 40 degrees outside. (You can also make your own with this helpful guide.)

Set Up Outdoor Games

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun playing games. Set up a small area for snowball fights or create your obstacle course using items you find around the yard. Simple games like ring toss or a scavenger hunt can also bring lots of enjoyment. 

Don’t necessarily want to throw snowballs at each other and get cold and wet? Try a snowball target practice game or competition. Set up targets using buckets, cans, or even drawn circles in the snow. Make snowballs and take turns aiming for the targets. You can assign points to different targets for added competition. It’s a simple yet enjoyable game that combines accuracy and fun.

Host a Winter Picnic

Pack some warm drinks like hot cocoa or apple cider in a thermos and prepare some tasty winter treats. Lay out a blanket, set up a portable table, or bring out some foldable chairs. Enjoy your favorite snacks surrounded by the winter scenery. 

A winter picnic can be especially fun when you have active little kids. All of the movement will keep your blood pumping, which will make sure you don’t get too cold! Just make sure everyone is all bundled up and properly covered for the elements.

Stargaze by a Propane Fire Pit

Bring warmth to your backyard with a propane fire pit. It’s a safe and convenient way to enjoy the crackling flames while keeping cozy (and it requires much less work than an actual wood-burning fire pit). 

A propane fire pit is a safe and easy way to bring the magic of a campfire to your backyard. It requires minimal setup and is generally safer than traditional wood-burning fire pits.

With just the flip of a switch, you can have a beautiful flame ready to keep you warm on those chilly winter evenings. Then, just like that, you can turn it off. 

You can do a lot around a firepit, including classics like roasting marshmallows, playing music, or telling ghost stories. But you can also spend clear evenings stargazing. 

Create a Bird Feeding Station

Winter can be tough for our feathered friends, so why not help them out while enjoying their company? Hang bird feeders filled with seeds and nuts in your backyard.

You’ll attract various birds like cardinals, chickadees, and bluejays, bringing life and color to your winter garden. 

If you want to be a pro, get a bird guidebook and try to identify the different species that visit your feeding station.

There are even interesting bird books and apps that will play bird sounds for you so that you can easily identify birds by both sight and sound. 

Enjoy Your Backyard All Year Round

While the backyard is a much more versatile option during the warmer months, you don’t have to spend the winter inside staring through the windows at a cold backyard during the winter months.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get some enjoyment out of your backyard and make your backyard fun, even when the temperatures drop. 

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What would you add to the list of ideas we highlighted above? We’d love to add more ideas to our creative arsenal of backyard winter options!

Do you have any tips on how to make your backyard fun and functional during the winter?

Let me know, til then—cheers m’deres!

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A beautiful home in a forest covered in snow. A couple with a husky are shown. This article covers creative ways to make your backyard fun and functional during the winter.

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