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How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Friendly Space

A woman smiles and holds down a hat on her head. She is in bed and has a tray of fruit and a camera on the bed. She has found a way to make her bedroom a sleep-friendly space.

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Friendly Space

For people who live busy lives with too little time to tend to the little things, their bedroom can quickly become anything but calm.

However, if you’re not careful about it, it can offer just as many distractions as our living room or kitchen areas.

It requires a purposeful effort to do something about this situation which likely isn’t helping you to sleep well.

To assist you, here are some ideas for turning your sleep space into a serene, calm one.

Replace Your Old Mattress

When you’re struggling for peaceful sleep, the obvious thing to consider is whether your mattress needs replacing.

Especially if it is an old spring mattress with metal points poking through. Maybe it sags to one side or doesn’t offer the right kind of support for your neck or back. If that’s the state of yours, then it’s likely causing you to wake up several times through the night.

When you don’t get enough REM sleep, your body cannot recharge fully. This interrupts skin repair, brain and memory organization. Plus, other activities that are essential to avoid fatigue.

If you’ve realized that your bed isn’t good enough any longer, choose the best mattress for your budget (to make it a comfortable purchase for your pocketbook too).

There are plenty of brands and sizes to select exactly what’ll be right for you (and your partner).

Declutter the Environment

Take a step back and view your bedroom with fresh eyes from the doorway. There’s a lot that you’ll see.

Usually, the overwhelming conclusion is that there’s far too much clutter that has accumulated over time.

For a place that should be tranquil and a sleep-friendly space, it’s far from it!

Getting to sleep is sometimes made more difficult due to scattered possessions causing a visual or mental distraction.

In this case, less is more.

It doesn’t mean you must embrace minimalism, but it certainly helps to declutter the surfaces.

For example, a clear dresser or nightstand. Instead of one with random items strewn across them – it provides less potential interference for your mind to get hung up on.

Remove items that aren’t necessary. When that’s not possible, use hampers, jewelry boxes or other containers to store items.

Truly, here, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind…

Add a Soft Rug to the Floor

A fluffy rug on your bare feet will have a calming effect. Being able to run your feet across it will give you the sense that you’ve reached a safe place.

After a rough day, it does wonders for your mindset when you need to ease into a new state to promote a better sleep cycle.

Avoid picking a fancy design that doesn’t offer softness or fluffy texture. Choose function over design to get the comfort that you need. 

Lighting to Suit the Purpose

In the bedroom, different levels of lighting are useful. This depends on whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning, relaxing in the early evening, or reading in bed before turning in.

Let’s run through the possibilities:

  1. Morning prep – Strong light at the dresser is beneficial for applying make-up in the morning (a full-length mirror is useful for couples too).
  2. Early evening – Full light is usually preferred here.
  3. Reading – An angled night lamp to avoid straining your eyes (but not disturb your partner who may wish to sleep).

Due to the mixed-use of the bedroom, up to three different lighting arrangements can prove beneficial.

Avoiding too much light including using a blue light filter on your smartphone ensures that too much light won’t keep you awake.

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Once you make a few easy changes, it’s possible to transform your bedroom into one that encourages peaceful sleep.

One that turns your bedroom into a sleep-friendly space.

The sooner you take action, the better.

Do you have any tips on how to turn your bedroom into a sleep-friendly space?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!

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A woman smiles and holds down a hat on her head. She is in bed and has a tray of fruit and a camera on the bed. A banner reads, 'How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Serene & Sleep Friendly Space.'

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