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I’m Headed to the 2015 NAIAS Digital Summit with Ford in #Detroit! Please Join Me! #FordNAIAS


The NAIAS Digital Summit with Ford.

This week, I have been exclusively invited to attend the North American International Auto Show as media in Detroit. To say that I am excited and ecstatic is simply an understatement. I was completely elated when I received the invitation in my inbox. Cars have always been a passion of mine, growing up and before jumping into parenthood–all I cared about was cars!

So, being literally a stone’s throw from the Motor City the North American International Auto Show is a yearly event. We have gone every year since I was 17 years-old and it never, ever disappoints. One of my favorite displays at the NAIAS has always been the Ford display. It always showcases the cars in an up-close personal way and I have admired many Fords in my day.

Aside from admiring, I owned a beast of a gal named Betsy. She was a cherry red beauty, with all the curves you can dream of, 3.8L V-6 200 HP engine, bucket seats and all the magic that turned me into a soccer mini-van Mom. Yes, my Ford Windstar gave me many, many years of service and we were sad to see her go. But, I can firsthand vouch that Ford is quality.


Jam-Packed Experience.

According to the agenda, we have 3 days full of fun, learning and so much more in store for us. We have been invited to go to Ford’s Behind the Blue Oval Lounge and I am stoked!

 More About the Blue Oval Lounge:

Returning for its second year, Ford’s popular Behind the Blue Oval lounge will feature roundtable sessions and interviews with the Ford executive team, product experts and surprise guests, plus interactive displays that bring to life Ford’s innovations in connectivity, mobility, autonomy, customer experience and performance.

Hope You Follow Along!

This short little border city meatball is getting her car fix. Not to mention, I will be in the company of 21 amazing Canadian bloggers and media that were chosen from 160 attendees across the world. How awesome is that? Especially when I’ll be meeting some bloggy online friends for the first time and meeting new ones too.


See What’s In Store.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the cars up close without the huge crowds and attend all of the manufacturers’ press conferences.

If you love cars and want to see the new and innovative things happening, please follow along. You can follow my journey in the channels below.

Instagram: @WhispersInspire

Twitter: @WhispersInspire

Facebook: Whispered Inspirations

Hashtag: #FordNAIAS

So, I hope you will join us! 

Have you ever been to the North American International Auto Show?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. That should be a lot of fun! I've only been to the auto show once, pretty sad since I live here, lol. It was fun though.

  2. No, I've never been there. I must admit I love hearing about all the new technology that's being developed, some of it's pretty scary, like letting go of the steering wheel whilst the car parks itself! I've also seen driverless cars (experimental) not too sure of either of these, I fear I couldn't relinquish my grip on the wheel 🙂

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