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5 Tips for South Vermont Tourists in 2019

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Tips for South Vermont Tourists in 2019

If the post-festive season leaves you feeling flatter than an IHOP pancake, the perfect pick-me-up is planning a vacation to South Vermont in 2019.

This year’s entertainment calendar is busting at the seams with world-class snow sports, live music and more.

With that in mind, here are five tips for South Vermont tourists in 2019.

1. The Vermont Open

Can’t get enough fresh powder, backflips, and alley-oops? Plus, if you love grooving to great tunes, attending The Vermont Open is a no-brainer.

This three-day snowboarding and music festival will be held at Stratton Mountain between March 8th — 10th. It features a range of events showcasing disciplines like the open rail, retro-pipe, and slalom.

Pro and amateur entrants race against peers while attempt to win their share of a $20,000 prize purse. Then they party the nights away with fans at live music venues like the Green Door Pub. Sounds perfect, right?

2. Bud Light Shamrock Fest

The Irish propensity for partying is so legendary. So much that the whole world helps them celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on 17th March each year.

If you’re in Mount Snow, Vermont for this year’s St. Pat’s celebrations, the best place to sink a pint of the black stuff and enjoy good craic is the Bud Light Shamrock Fest at Cuzzins Deck.

There are eggs and kegs, a pot o’ gold scavenger hunt and live music shenanigans starting from Friday 15th March.

3. Wanderlust

If your favorite pastimes are a little more chill, Stratton’s got a festival that’s tailor-made for your requirements.

Experiencing Wanderlust between June 20th — 23rd at Stratton Mountain allows you to learn the latest yoga and meditation techniques in the calm company of likeminded enthusiasts.

You can perfect your cat/cow pose and reach for Zen-like focus. Then, enjoy delicious organic meals and bust a few dance moves at the silent disco.

4. North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships

It’s easy to marvel at the flexibility and fitness of contestants on TV’s American Ninja Warrior. You may have fancied bounding over barriers and swinging from rings yourself. Flex your muscles against tough competition by entering the North American Obstacle Course Racing Championships.

Held in Stratton between 9th — 11th August. This testing event is only open to competitors who have competed in qualifying events. If you’re not champs-ready this year, get inspired by watching from the sidelines. You can even become a volunteer organizer. Visit noramchamps.com for more details.

5. Transport

South Vermont’s probably the closest and most convenient place for visitors from in and around New York to experience excellent snow. If you’re looking for an east coast escape that’s a stone’s throw away, you’ll find deals on flights to Burlington or Rutland on Kayak or Expedia.

When you’re off for a relaxing weekend, get yourself off to the right start by riding to the airport in your own car. It’s super simple and you can start by booking airport parking at Looking4.com. There are bargains for Newark, JFK and beyond.

For more travel guides, check out our travel section.

Follow these five tips for South Vermont tourists and you’re on your way. You’ll wonder why you’ve overlooked this outstanding destination until now.

Have you ever considered visiting Vermont?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!





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  1. We visit Vermont every year and are getting ready for another trip soon actually. Love the skiing there and the laid back atmosphere. The people are amazing, so grounded and fit and the food is fresh. My favourite state actually.

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