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NEW SpongeTowels Ultra Strong: A NEW Strong Man is Taking Over Canadian Grocery Shelves! Get Your Hands On a 365 Day Supply! #giveaway


NEW SpongeTowels Ultra-Strong.

Being a Mom means that I have cleaned up my fair share of spills and messes and I know that I have years more ahead of me. If you know me, you know that when it comes to paper towels, I can be a bit of a snob.

I need something that is going to work the first time, something that can withstand a large volume of liquid or a big mess. I also want something that I don’t need to use a ridiculous amount on because I do not like to waste. 

So, in other words, that means that I am always on the hunt for something that is strong, durable and does the job! Enter the NEW SpongeTowels Ultra Strong!

They are said to be the ultimate in strength and absorbency and will help us Canadians tackle our  toughest, real life messes and is now the strongest, most absorbent premium paper towel in the extensive SpongeTowels product line.


Durable and Absorbent.

The NEW SpongeTowels have what they call, Sponge Pockets they are a unique, circular pattern that you’ll find on all SpongeTowels products. The SpongeTowels Ultra Strong are thicker, stronger, and more absorbent.  

Now, I know that those Sponge Pockets work because I’ve used SpongeTowels before, they pick up all that excess fluid and variety of chunks that you find in most messes!

More About SpongeTowels:

Several years in the making, SpongeTowels Ultra Strong is the result of major, Canadian research and development to create the best combination of absorbency and strength.  Canadian consumers are looking for premium product performance so they can use less to get the job done.  The premium pack design maximizes shelf impact and is sure to attract consumers’ attention in store.

“SpongeTowels Ultra Strong works like cloth,” says Nancy Marcus, Corporate Vice President, Marketing, Kruger Products.  “They are thicker, stronger and more absorbent to help you clean-up real-life household messes.  Recent, unbranded research reveals Canadians prefer SpongeTowels Ultra Strong over the leading, competitive brand with purchase intent extremely high at more than 80%.  This is due in large part to our exclusive Sponge Pockets patented technology that delivers added strength, thickness and absorption.”

Ultra Strong. Ultra Absorbent.  NEW SpongeTowels Ultra Strong is now available in 2-roll and 6-roll formats in a Choose a Size® format that allows you to use as much or little as needed.  The complete SpongeTowels product line is available in leading retail, grocery and drug store chains across Canada.

See It In Action!

You gotta love these SpongeTowel guys! I always joke around that I’d love to have a whole fleet of them with me at all times to soak up any messes along the way. But, in reality, they are kinda always there in my paper towel holder–ready to soak up whatever I throw their way. So trustworthy, loyal and there to lend a hand. Like I said, paper towel snob here and I love ones that work!



Ready to WIN?

One lucky Whispered Inspirations reader will WIN a YEAR SUPPLY of SpongeTowels Ultra Strong! That’s a whole lotta awesomeness to clean up a whole lotta messes! This contest opens on February 17th, 2015 and ends on March 4th, 2015. Open to Canada only!



Want to Know More?

Make sure you head over to SpongeTowel’s Facebook to see the latest updates! You can also visit SpongeTowels.ca and get information on their entire line, including the SpongeTowels Ultra Strong.

Who in your family is the culprit of messes?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!


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  1. well, i think we are all equally as guilty of making messes – plus we have two dogs who are prone to make a mess as well!

  2. My kids tend to spill and leave big sticky messes that the new Sponge Towels Ultra would be ideal to help to clean up.

  3. I have a 4yr old…not to mention the dog….the cat….oh and I have a hubby too! Tons of messes everywhere!

  4. My husband. Just this morning I had to clean up dirty water from where he overwatered his Tomato plant he has growing by the kitchen window.

  5. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a year supply of SpongeTowels Ultra Strong.
    I am the messy culprit in my home.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I always make a mess when washing dishes as I get water on the floor so I need to clean up after myself


  7. We have three kids and the spills never end i can't wash our tea towels fast enough or keep paper towels enough!

  8. I have been trying to cook and bake more lately so needless to say, I have been making a lot of mess in the kitchen. So now it's a tie between my dog and myself! Yikes.

  9. I would have to say it would be me who is guilty of making messes. I love to cook and it always tastes fabulous but I am not neat in the least. These towels would come in very handy.

  10. Well, I have 5 sons and a husband and 2 messy cats so I'm not sure… definitely my youngest 3 boys for sure though.

  11. There are 4 adults in the household….and we are all culprits of being messy…..we go through a lot of paper towels in a run of a week…..

  12. My son. You name it, he spills it! Just last weekend he accidentally spilled half of his bottle of water into the computer keyboard. I'd love some Sponge Towels to the rescue!

  13. My son and my dog are both equally messy. I love sponge towels! The only brand I buy! Thank you for the chance to win!

  14. I feel like I am the culprit of messes and spills! I am always missing the cup or bowl! I am seriously the worlds clumsiest person sometime so a year supply would be perfect for my lifestyle!

  15. Unfortunately that would be me. I love to cook and bake, but I am not the neatest one around. lol. Always lots of flour and stuff everywhere!

  16. My fiance and my 2 blind cats are tied when it comes to making the most messed! And it's always me cleaning up!

  17. I would Love xXx to win a year's supply of Sponge Towels Ultra Strong because it's A TIE between my daughter spilling coffee everywhere she goes and my little grandson leaving sticky fingerprints all over the house.LOL Thanks for this great opportunity 🙂

  18. I would love to win some new Spongetowels Ultra-Strong to help clean up the messes that would be a tie between my daughter spilling coffee everywhere she goes and my new little grandson leaving sticky finger prints on everything he touches.LOL Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  19. I make my fair share of messes – but I put most of the blame on two furbabies who love to barf up hairballs on my nice beige carpet.

  20. It is a tie between the pets and the teens. Cannot keep up with either one's messes. It is a true fact our paper towel holder is always empty as a result of all of them.

  21. Today it seem to be me making all the messes, I have cleaned up several in the kitchen today. Good thing for paper towels!

  22. My son, I can always tell what hes been up to by the trail of messes left behind him. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway.

  23. I have my 2 grown sons staying with me (temporarily) and they are both the Culprits to the biggest mess makers. I guess they figure Mom will clean it up lol, and thats where the Paper Towels come in handy…lots of them.

  24. Testosterone Tag Team – Husband/Son ! The messy duo – coffee spills, popcorn seeds/niblets on the carpet – gatorade spills…*Help* Spongetowels….

  25. I am the messy person in my house.
    It's easy to make a mess but it's even easier to clean it up with SpongeTowels.

  26. Uh,,, Hands down my husband is the culprit! I nicknamed him "Linus" – No matter where he goes, there is a trail of…something haha.


  28. My Husband is a huge mess maker! Once I'm done my regular house cleaning I can tell everything and every room he's been in! I don't understand lol

  29. I would have to say one of the cats. She has a tendancy to want to spill over your cups and drinks lol. Thanks so much for the giveaway !

  30. My son tends to spill whole glasses of liquids quite often-but my family are all pretty messy-this would be a great win for us!

  31. I often make a mess in my home by spilling something on the counter
    and i need some SpongeTowels to clean it up.

  32. My daughter is the messy one at our house.She leaves a trail of whatever she is drinking behind her wherever she goes.

  33. My roommate has really bad luck in the kitchen and makes a lot of spills. We also have a new puppy that is 12 weeks old and isn't yet potty trained!

  34. I am the person who makes the messes in my house.
    I don't make a lot of messes but when i do i use SpongeTowels.

  35. Definitely the pets make most of the messes, I just cleaned up the second hairball of the day 🙁

  36. Usually our four pets are the one's making the messes, spilled water dish, hairballs, knocked over glasses, dirty paws…and more!

  37. I am the messy culprit in my home
    and i use SpongeTowels to clean up my messes.
    It's the only brand of paper towels i buy.

  38. with both my husband and I in the kitchen at the same time there are always messes to clean up from the floor

  39. I have a cat who insists on dragging his dish of cat food around the room I feed him in. She drips food on the floor and spreads certain dry cat food all over the place. Thank goodness for Sponge Towels to clean up her messes.

  40. My hubby was the mess maker this morning opening up the front door and all the snow fell in on the carpet….we has a nasty storm last night and still blowing and snowing today….kids are happy no school again today

  41. I am the messy culprit in my home.
    I try not to make a mess but if i do
    i am glad i have SpongeTowels to help me clean it up.

  42. I am the messy culprit who makes the messes in my home.
    SpongeTowels are great to help me clean up my mess.

  43. The mess culprit in this home is my 3 year old daughter who feels it's her right to be able to go into the fridge & pour herself a cup of juice or almond milk. Just yesterday I had to clean up a full 2 L of almond milk that she dropped while I was in the basement getting the laundry. It was everywhere, even under the fridge. HELP!

  44. My son is still away, so it can only be me – I must admit there's nowhere as much mess as when he's home though 🙂

  45. My dad is the culprit in the house that makes the most messes. He has FXTAS which makes him shake like crazy, So holding a fork, bread, glass, cup is very difficult.

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