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Posterjack Gallery Frames in Rich Black: The Thinking Girls Who Brightened Up My Office. #12PrintsProject


Posterjack Gallery Frames.
In rich, beautiful black.

I’ll admit, one of the best parts of being a photography enthusiast is the ability to take portraits of my girls. It’s no question that they are my reason for everything and why I work hard everyday to provide them with all they need. I thought it would be fitting to have them with me throughout the entire day, every day.

How is this possible, you ask?

For my January picture, I decided to take a current head shot of my girls. Pictured exactly as they are now. On their end, they thought it’d be funny and appropriate to give me their best version of the “The Thinking Man,” and it totally worked! Now, these pondering little girls are hung over my desk and I can look up and see their cute little faces whenever I want throughout my work day.


Brighten Up Your World.

Time is fleeting and I am glad I am able to capture a tiny moment in time of the girls. My office is still a work in progress and I still have a lot of items packed away in boxes. It’s lacking and a bit dreary. The portraits added a little more light and warmth to the room. They made a HUGE difference and I am happy I chose two 18 x 18 Gallery Frames from Posterjack, with a Rich Black frame and acrylic glass. They really do draw the eye and are a focal point.


Gallery in My Office.

The frame is strong and sturdy and the black truly is rich in color. I chose black to help the image pop since the back drop of the head shots were taken in the very office they now hang in. The black frame was needed to make the image pop and I think it did it’s job very well.

The wire that is secured to the frame is heavy-duty, it can definitely withstand the weight of the frames, which are quite lighter than they look. I also love that they come with plastic guards on the bottom corners, that way ensuring that no rubbing or shafing will damage your wall.



Professional Quality.

When the frames were delivered, they came in a big box, neatly and ever so carefully packed and secured. That shows me that the company cares about providing quality work and ensures that it gets to you safely and undamaged.

When I took them out, I literally gasped. It’s one thing to take a picture and then another to see them in a professional and gorgeous frame. It blew me away and I was sincerely impressed.


The Finished Product!

I hung the gallery frames right above my desk. Since my desk in a corner, it worked perfectly and I think it looks amazing. My thinking girls have truly brightened up my office and my day.

The 18×18 gallery frames were about $74.99 each. You have gallery quality for a great price–you really cannot go wrong! I’ve spent more on other prints and wasn’t overly happy with them. I’m much happier with these portraits. Even my husband, the printer by trade, gave them a thumbs up and admired the quality in the prints. 


Are You Ready to Brighten Up Your Rooms?

While Posterjack might do framing like Henry Ford, they truly print like the Jetsons. Posterjack’s photo-enlargement print quality is the gold standard and it’s evident in my gallery frames above.

Now when I walk into my office, I let out a “Le Sigh” because it truthfully puts a smile on my face. Ordering them online was super easy. You shouldn’t be worried about ordering online and messing things up because in about 3 to 4 steps you are ready to send to the printers! 

Posterjack’s ordering system is simple. The first step is to Select a Product then Select a Size and the last step is to Upload Your Image. It will tell you what type of quality your image is and how it would print. If it’s low-quality, you can choose another or if you don’t have an image, you can choose from their Art Shop!

More About Gallery Frames:

Yes, this is 2015. Yes, you are shopping on the Internet. Despite that, we took a page out of Henry’s book circa 1927. Gallery Frames come in four timeless colours; Rich Black, Alpine White, Espresso Brown, and Light Walnut. All of our components are made in Canada – from the hardwood frame, to the low glare framers acrylic, right down to the crystal white acid free mat board.


On to The Next!

Thank-you for following along, my first print was fun to shoot and then even more awesome to see it in a gallery frame. I’m even more excited to shoot my next picture and share it with you guys! 

For more information about turning your memories and moments in time into a realiity, head on over to Posterjack.ca. You can connect with Posterjack on FB for the latest updates or send @Posterjack a tweet and chat them up there!

What would you capture and print in a gallery frame?

Let me know, til then–cheers m’deres!





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  1. I love the color combo! I got a couple of the canvas prints done from Posterjack and I couldnt have been happier with them! I especially love the black frame

  2. My office is now the kitchen table until it can finish be renovated. I love the idea of seeing my kiddos though, they always inspire me!

  3. You're girls and photos and now your office each beautiful for different reasons – It really caught my eye – and then when you said Photojack does quality enlargements, that's also way cool. Congrats on your whole project – girls and all!

  4. What an adorably cute idea! I love the pose and your girls are precious. I need to start getting pictures into frames.

  5. I wish I had some wall space to try something like this in my office room. I love photos so much that I have run out of room to display them all.

  6. Love the pictures of the girls and they look amazing in those frames! I bet you smile every time you look at those pictures!

  7. Those prints and frames are gorgeous, they really stand out on the wall. Your little one is so adorable by the way!

  8. Omg I’m always looking for awesome frames to hang!!! These look like something I really need to look more into 🙂

  9. What a cool photo concept, and the finished product came out so special. The black framing really brings out the blue.

    1. Pops of color can make a difference without anything permanent! A few frames of your fave pics could do it for you!

  10. Those of some beautiful pictures of your girls. I have to hang up my kids pictures in my office soon as well.

  11. Your girls are so adorable. The pictures of them turned out so great, and the frames look wonderful. Really professional looking, and fit perfectly there above your desk!
    My recent post How to Make Your Boring Shower Feel More Luxurious

  12. Your girls are so adorable. The pictures of them turned out so great, and the frames look wonderful. Really professional looking, and fit perfectly there above your desk!
    My recent post How to Make Your Boring Shower Feel More Luxurious

  13. a quality frame can really make or break a picture. choosing the wrong one can be a big sore point.

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